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Rauch Precision LLC

Rauch Precision is a veteran owned company that is a manufacturer of sewn goods that relate to long range shooting and hunting.

Discover The Many Advantages Of Using A Silencer Cover While Out Hunting. How To Better Your Aim And Shoot Accurately At Long Range By Using Precision Accessories Like The Uniquely Designed Pig Saddle. Buy SS Loophole Slings From Rauchprecision. Hog Saddle Tripod Course From Rauchprecision. The Basic Field Skills Course gets the Hunter off the stand and out of the prone and teaches them the skills needed to confidently take long distance shots from tripods, the off hand, and improvised positions.

Hog Saddle Tripod Course From Rauchprecision

Learning these skills will allow you to take a shot from any place regardless of your situation so that you will no longer be limited to the "perfect" spot to take the shot. Having these skills and confidence will increase your opportunity for a successful hunt. There is nothing worse than spotting your quarry and being unable to get to a postion fast enough or lack the confidence to take the shot from a supported position. Course Overview The course will be taught at South Hills Ranch by highly trained and professional instructors who have both a passion for hunting as well as long distance precision shooting. Course Requirements Rifle Scope with Ballistic Drop Compensator or MOA or Mil Turrets 120 rounds of ammunition (minimum) Sling Shooting bag/sock Suggested Packing List Sturdy Boots. Buy Hunting Shooting Bags For Shooters From Rauchprecision. Excellent Shelf For Predator Hunting! We offer all fabric colors and patterns in our Pro Series.

Excellent Shelf For Predator Hunting!

If you are looking for a specific color or pattern you didn't see on the main page please select an option from the drop down menu. And as always, if you are looking for something custom please contact us! The Pro Series is a specially designed cover meant to address the needs of the PRS/NRL shooter with its ability to mitigate mirage and stay in place during rapid fire stages with high round counts. Your suppressor heats up an average of 17 degrees each shot. Buy Quality Suppressor Wraps From Rauchprecision. Get Original Tripod Saddle From Rauchprecision. MOD7 HOG Saddle Specs: · CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum · Black oxide stainless steel bolt and guide rods · Hard anodized finish (a resilient surface which serves as an excellent base coat for custom camouflage paint) · 1/4-20 stainless steel mounting threads and 3/8-16 back up threads · CNC machined torque knob assembly with retention button screw to prevent disassembly in the field (opens 1/4in wider than previous model) · Stainless steel noise dampening tension spring · 1/4 inch thick, recessed urethane pads specifically engineered to absorb rifle recoil and reduce muzzle jump · Anti-rotation slots to accept tripod QD plates that have video pins.

Get Original Tripod Saddle From Rauchprecision

The Purpose of a Suppressor Cover. The Importance Of A Tripod And Saddle For Hunting. Important Aspects To Consider When Opting For A Custom Suppressor Cover. Everything You Should Know About Custom Sniper Tripods And How They Can Improve Your Aim And Accuracy While Out Hunting. How Does A Suppressor Cover Work. Finding the Best Tripod to Suit Your Needs. Rifle Tripod Kit. This is OTB which stands for "out of the box" because it comes ready to use right out of the box.

Rifle Tripod Kit

Designed to be ready for the hunter, sniper, competitor, this set up includes a Pig 0311-G Field Tripod by ShadowTech, a Pig Saddle, and your choice of Kryptek Highlander or Multicam Tripod Concealment Sleeves. Everything you need to get started. Lightweight Tripod Kit for Long Range Shooting. This is the same Tripod kit as our standard OTB which stands for "out of the box" except it is our lightweight carbon fiber version.

Lightweight Tripod Kit for Long Range Shooting

This set up includes a PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Tripod by ShadowTech, a Pig Saddle, and your choice of Kryptek Highlander or Multicam Tripod Concealment Sleeves. Everything you need to get started. Tripod Shelf – Extra Gun Rest. Custom Suppressor Wraps. Pro Series All Suppressor Wraps are made to order, please allow a 3 week lead time.

Custom Suppressor Wraps

Lead time can change due to demand. The Pro Series has been in development for over a year and is designed to meet the needs of PRS/NRL type shooters. The Pro Series is comprised of an inner core that can handle 500 degrees of continuous heat and can handle heat up to 800 degrees while keeping the outside under 400 degrees. The outer layer can handle temperatures up to 400 and can be used as a stand alone cover for light use. Rauch Precision LLC. Inner Material: Carbon based textile Outer Shell: Heavy Canvas Strap: Nylon Shock Cord: 1/8" Thread: Nylon.

Rauch Precision LLC

BMOD Suppressor Wraps. PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Tripod. The PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Tripod is a great match for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to shed pounds when ounces matter most.

PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Tripod

With the hunter, backpacker, and outdoorsman in mind, the PIGlite-CF4 maintains the shooting specific features of our PIG0311-G Field Tripod while saving weight where it counts. Compatible with both ball heads, and directly mounting the HOG or PIG saddle, the PIGlite-CF4 is a great tripod option for those looking to gain that edge in the field. From glassing hillsides to operating in confined spaces, the PIGlite-CF4 will excel in creating a stable platform. Tripod Rifle Rest. How to handle the heat with a suppressor cover and shoot safer and better every time.

How the correct use of the right equipment will enhance your long distance tripod shooting experience.