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Peter Fleischer, the chief privacy counsel at Google. BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory. From WikiLeaks Unless otherwise specified, the document described here: Was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks working with our source.Was classified, confidential, censored or otherwise withheld from the public before release.Is of political, diplomatic, ethical or historical significance.

BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory

Any questions about this document's veracity are noted. The summary is approved by the editorial board. See here for a detailed explanation of the information on this page. If you have similar or updated material, see our submission instructions. Release date December 12, 2009 This file contains a deleted BBC news article on the toxic-waste dumping of commodities giant Trafigura. Trafigura and their lawyers Carter-Ruck had been pursuing an ongoing libel case against the BBC over a news story from on the case that aired in May 2009[1]. Until this week the story was still available on the BBC website.[2] Dirty tricks and toxic waste in Ivory Coast By Meirion Jones and Liz MacKean BBC Newsnight A terrible smell. Twitter Tapping. TheNextWebUK: Virgin Media becomes the f... Virgin Media ISP test filesharing monitor. 27 November '09, 12:28am Follow Virgin Media has become the first ISP to officially announce testing of a ‘deep packet inspection’ technology that will measure the level of illegal file-sharing on its network.

Virgin Media ISP test filesharing monitor

The system, called CView, is provided by a company called Detica and can then look inside those packets and analyse what is licensed and unlicensed. Information on licensed content is to be provided by the record industry. CView is the first commercially available solution to provide a metric highlighting the volume and nature of Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing activity on an ISP network,” says its owner, Detica. But it, “does not, and cannot, identify individual Internet users,” it states flatly, boasting it’s, “The only accurate way of providing a ‘digital piracy’ index to both ISPs and CPs is to measure the actual P2P activity taking place within an ISP network.” To think I was just about to sign up with Virgin after announcing it would be bring Tivo to the UK. via The Register. ZDNetUK : Virgin Media to monitor tr...

Val van de muurHerdacht. Vanmiddag werd de val de van de Berlijnse muur herdacht.

Val van de muurHerdacht

Voor het Linnaeusgebouw was een stuk (houten) muur opgetrokken, beschilderd door graffiti-artiest Rob Arts en een twintigtal studenten. Het plan was op vanmiddag de jaartallen 1989 en 2009 symbolisch uit de muur te hakken. Helaas waren ‘vandalen’ de herdenkers voor: afgelopen weekend is de 1989 al ontvreemd. BBC Opera browser 'censors' Chinese content. Web browser Opera has closed a loophole which allowed Chinese users to access sites banned by the government.

BBC Opera browser 'censors' Chinese content

At the weekend mobile users of the Opera Mini browser were asked to upgrade to a Chinese version. According to the BBC's Beijing Bureau, this version no longer allows access to sites such as Facebook. Previously traffic ran over Opera servers bypassing the so-called Great Firewall of China, making the browser popular with Chinese users. Opera confirmed that it had started directing users of the international version of the mobile browser to the Chinese version on 20 November. "The difference between the Chinese and the international version is that the former connects to compression servers within China.....benefits are higher speed, lower costs and an overall improved mobile web browsing experience," the firm said in a statement. Zoekresultaten opera china. Volkskrant archief search. I am Chinese! Press Releases. Opera Software (opera) Opera blokkeert vrije toegang in China - Digitaal - Wijzigingen in de Telecommunicatiewet maken dat iedere website de verplichting heeft te informeren over het gebruik van cookies.

Opera blokkeert vrije toegang in China - Digitaal -

Ook dient toestemming gevraagd te worden voor het specifieke gebruik van cookies. We beseffen dat dit lastig en zelfs klantonvriendelijk kan overkomen. Bij voorbaat onze excuses hiervoor. Cookies helpen om u een optimale gebruikerservaring te bieden bij het bezoeken van onze websites. Met cookies kunnen we het gedrag van bezoekers analyseren en daardoor onze webpagina verbeteren. Klik hieronder op "Akkoord en naar" om deze keuze te bevestigen. BingTries ToBuyNews. Rupert Murdoch is pointing a gun to Google’s head, and Microsoft is helping him pull back the trigger.

BingTries ToBuyNews

For the past few weeks, Murdoch and his officers at News Corp. have been very vocal about their distaste for Google and their desire to lead other media companies in a boycott of sorts. Murdoch keeps threatening to stop letting Google index the and his other media sites, and wants other news sites to join him in this self-imposed silence. The folks at Microsoft’s Bing think this is a great idea. Not only that, but the FT reports that Microsoft is in fact in discussions with News Corp. and other publishers about the possibility of paying them to remove their sites from Google’s search index. This report comes on the heels of a meeting in Europe where Bing dangled the prospect of premium spots in search results to publishers and outright money for search R&D. Bing can’t buy all the news, it can only buy certain brands. Even Google couldn’t afford to strike such deals. Waar is mijn eten?

Student dood door ontploffende kauwgom. Censure. Web anonyme.