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Impressive Healing by Turquoise Gemstone. Fluorite Gemstone Beads. Gift a Rose Quartz Gemstone Instead of a Rose! What’s pink and bright and smooth and beautiful?

Gift a Rose Quartz Gemstone Instead of a Rose!

It is nothing but a Rose quartz gemstone. It is fair, lovely and gorgeously attractive. Even if someone sitting on another table in the restaurant you are at is wearing a Rose quartz gemstone, it grabs your attention. To be honest, it is not the stone that impulses you to look at the person, it is the energy. This stone is said to have the energy of love. This season, if you are planning to gift roses to someone, we would suggest you gift a Rose quartz gemstone. . • It is not gender based: It doesn’t matter if you want to gift a Rose quartz gemstone to a man or a woman, it has the same benefits for both the genders. • It can be worn by anyone belonging to any zodiac sign: From Aquarians to Scorpios, any zodiac sign can wear a Rose quartz beads to enjoy its wonderful and positive energies.

Faceted Nugget Gemstone Beads. The shape of gemstone plays a vital role in deciding its look.

Faceted Nugget Gemstone Beads

It’s the design that catches up the attention. A good design will make the wearer feel special and leave the onlookers stunned with its charm. The designs keep evolving with time; jewellery designers are constantly coming up with innovative shapes and patterns that look unique and stunning. One such cut that has caught up the fascination of jewel lovers from around the world is the Faceted Nugget Shape. Its beauty lies in its uneven shape, making it look simply alluring and unique.It unravels the splendor of stones hidden in artistic shape. 5 Misleading Facts about Faceting Techniques. The art of cutting gemstones is as old as fashion itself.

5 Misleading Facts about Faceting Techniques

While most gemstone owners in the past preferred to keep the original, natural contour of the stone. However, a chip made strategically, resembling a geometric shape turns the stone into a brilliant, glittering item that can be adorned around the neck, arms, wrist, and ankles or on clothes. Labradorite Gemstone Beads. 3 Modern Fancy Cuts for Every Gemstone Collector. 6 Tips for Gemstone Buyers against Fraudulent Items. Black Spinel Loose Gemstone Beads. Top 6 Reasons to Buy Lab-Created Gemstone Jewellery. Top 15 Benefits of Green Apatite Gemstone. Carnelian Gemstone Beads. 8 Things to Look in Aquamarine Beads. Top 5 Crystal for Happiness, Health & Wealth. Gemstones are not only beautiful but are known for their powerful healing qualities.

Top 5 Crystal for Happiness, Health & Wealth

They have become an integral part of the modern spiritual world. Almost all the leading spiritual gurus and astrologers advise adorning crystal to fill life with happiness, health, wealth and peace. Every gemstone has its unique powers, getting the right stone will help you get the desired result. Here, we are going to tell you top 5 gemstones that will make you wealthier and happier. Precious Multi Gemstone Beads. Top 8 Benefits of Copper Sapphire Gemstone. Copper Sapphire is one of the rarest gemstone.

Top 8 Benefits of Copper Sapphire Gemstone

The reddish brown tone gives it an extremely attractive look. The stone’s super healing properties and attractive sheen makes it a favorite of gem lovers and precious gemstone collectors from around the world. If you are looking for a stone that is unique, affordable and has magical healing properties then copper sapphire is the answer. Let us take a look at its top 10 healing properties that makes it standout from the rest of the healing stones.

Moss Aquamarine Gemstone Beads. The World of Diffusion Sapphire Gemstone. Lemon Quartz Gemstone Beads. A look at Top 5 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World. Since the ancient times, gems and jewels act as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

A look at Top 5 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

There are numerous gemstones available in the world. They are classified on the basis of various factors, and this in turn plays a great role in determining their price. Some stones emit sparkle and a different hue altogether. Consequently, they have turned out to be the rarest and also the most expensive ones on the earth. They are expensive not only due to their rarity or color, but also because of their characteristics and powers. Wholesale Garnet Gemstone Beads. Top 5 Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone. Mexican Fire Opal Gemstone Beads. Top 8 Gemstones Ideal for Aries Sun Sign. The zodiac sign Aries belongs to the people born between March 21 and April 20.

Top 8 Gemstones Ideal for Aries Sun Sign

The main birthstone associated with this zodiac is bloodstone, which can protect an Arian from threats and dangers both from outside and within the body. The stone is very much related to Mars, which symbolize the red color. On the other hand, some astrologers are of the view that Ruby Gemstone is closely to Mars. This is the reason why if you belong to this zodiac, you can choose any of the stones. However, if you are a man, bloodstone is a good option, while Ruby is a good option for women. 1. The ideal gemstone for Aries, it can help in achieving goals in life. 2. Another gemstone for Aries is Carnelian, it can greatly reduce a bad character in a person. 3. People, with Aries sun sign can look forward to enhancing their confidence levels with the help of garnet beads. Turquoise Gemstone Beads. Semi Precious Multi Gemstone Beads.

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