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How IoT app help you in your daily life? How to Make Sure Your Sent Email Doesn’t Go to Spam - Latitude Technolabs. It’s raining mail!

How to Make Sure Your Sent Email Doesn’t Go to Spam - Latitude Technolabs

The dreaded spam folder. One thing all businesses try to avoid when it comes to sending out emails. Winding up in the spam folder can drastically diminish total number of email opens, which in turn affects the number of clicks back to website. In a lot of email clients, such as Gmail, the spam folder is sometimes hidden underneath a drop-down menu. A lot of times emails end up in spam due to email authentication not being set up properly, or DNS changes were made and never updated.

According to research by CISCO Systems, no less than 86% of the world’s email traffic is spam. CAN-SPAM Act law that was enacted back in 2003 and sets national standards on commercial email. What else can a business person do to keep from getting marked as spam? Businesses primary focus should be to maintain a healthy list of contacts, send content they truly want, engage your contacts, and encourage them to interact with your campaign.

Primary Email Authentication Methods 1. 2. 3. 4. IOS 12 Features - Latitude Technolabs. Apple unveiled its next-generation operating system iOS 12 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2018, in San Jose, California.

IOS 12 Features - Latitude Technolabs

How to Install? Public beta can be installed. To download the beta, go to while on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and tap “Get started.” User will then be asked to enroll their device which will require signing in with user Apple ID. Afterward, user have to download the configuration profile. Android App Development – Kotlin - Latitude Technolabs. A programming language, Kotlin is developed from JetBrains (the developer team behind the Android Studio), and maker of the world’s best IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

Android App Development – Kotlin - Latitude Technolabs

Undoubtedly, the open source Kotlin community is constantly growing, and most discussed subject in tech events among Google Developers. The annual release of Google is designed to demonstrate best practices for creating an app used by thousands of attendees to get important updates and navigate the I/O conference. After the developer conference, Google releases the source code for the I/O Android companion app. The version of 2018 is notable for a “comprehensive rewrite” featuring Architecture Components, Material Theming, Kotlin and other modern elements which follows Android team’s “current recommendations for building modern apps.”

Empowering Businesses With React Native Apps - Hype or Hope? The business of eCommerce exhibiting a healthy year-over-year sales growth has left the brick-and-mortar companies in awe, as the physically buying seems to have decreased and mobile apps are taking over the online buying game.

Empowering Businesses With React Native Apps - Hype or Hope?

A dramatic shift is occurring in the tech industry on one end, the physical storerooms are struggling to survive and on the other side, the React Native apps are influencing the tech industry. It is safe to say – the simple way to easily reach the users, engage them, improve the experience, make them buy, retain them forever, and rack up the business ROI (Return on Investment) is just “Completing the E-commerce storeroom with a React Native app”. There are a lot more reasons and benefits which strengthen the argument that React Native App is a need of the hour to make business stay on top amidst the fierce competition.

Latitude Technolabs is the best Web and Mobile app... - RathodN. What is iBeacon Technology? 5 Benefits Of Beaco... - Latitudetechnolabs - Quora. 6 Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: To Expand Your Business in 2019. Best Web & Mobile App Development services in India. The Scope of Augmented Reality in Top Industries. Augmented Reality is a unique in many ways than just Entertainment apps. And the giants in the technology industry have realized its potential. The application of Augmented Reality is limitless. Here’s a look at the top industries in which Augmented Mobile Apps can be game changer. Healthcare: Medical practitioners can practice within a controlled environment and dissect a human body to understand their functions better. Education: There are endless ways of implementing augmented reality in classrooms.

Military: Augmented Reality can help soldiers to view detailed check potential enemies, checkpoints, and weapons information with ease. Top 4 Benefits Of Chatbots That All Successful Companies are Utilizing. The business operates on productivity, planning and, of course, connecting more customers.

Top 4 Benefits Of Chatbots That All Successful Companies are Utilizing

A happy client is a brand promoter. This is only possible through effective product support, customer support and improved customer and business relationships. Chatbot wins the race in maintaining a steady relationship between customer and company, there are many benefits of chatbots that outstrip humans. Chatbots are programs powered by AI to simulate a user real interaction with users via a chat interface through messaging applications, websites, mobile application, and smartphones.

Best start-up solution provider company India. Xamarin app developers in India? Xamarin is a great tool that enables development of native mobile apps using C#, a modern desktop and web development language, without compromising the performance.

xamarin app developers in India?

And more importantly the apps run on any leading mobile platform. Xamarin is adopted as the new standard of enterprise mobile app development, as it enables businesses to run their apps on all major devices – iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with 100% fully Native apps from a single code base. Leading front-end development company in India. We offer a plethora of front-end development services that evolve with the ever-changing needs of your business.

Leading front-end development company in India

Being early adopters of technology, we have the potential to provide a thorough and detailed approach to building customized cross-browser, cross-platform websites, web apps and mobile applications. Hire Dedicated developer in India. Iot Mobile app development service in India. Enterprises are increasingly tapping in on IoT solutions and services to improve their efficiency and business models.

Iot Mobile app development service in India

At Latitude Technolabs Private Limited, we offer IoT solutions and develop mobile IoT apps, which ease this endeavor, leading to better customer engagement and operational efficiency. We are an IoT App development company that offers top-class IoT solutions. We help create unparalleled IoT mobile apps for all industries and purposes. Our elite team is vastly experienced in offering IoT solutions for unique ideas and new trends in the market.

We make sure that app runs seamlessly on devices such as Android wear, Apple iwatch, and others. Latitude has developed numerous app of which one was featured on CBS News, NY. Cloud app Development solution provider in India. Digital Marketing, SEM & SEO Services Company Ahmedabad, India. Web Development Company Ahmedabad, India. Enterprise Mobility - Mobile app Development Services Company India. The Scope of Augmented Reality in Top Industries. Build Future of Computing with Augmented Reality App Development. Untitled — Latitude Technolabs Services - Are You Finding Web... Latitude Technolabs Services. Are You Finding Web & Mobile App development Company? Latitude Technolabs Private Limited is one of the pioneer web… Latitude Technolabs Services - - RathodN.