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Providing revenue maximization solutions to travel and hospitality companies. We are the only provider to offer the entire gamut of solutions to both travel and hospitality players.

Why I still believe in travel, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld. 2020 Marked the 40th anniversary of the World Tourism Day, an occasion that celebrated the adoption of the United Nations statutes created for promoting tourism drive harmony, economic progress, and development of human rights across the world.

Why I still believe in travel, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld

Fifty years later, the industry once again, is trying to build itself up as it recovers from the single biggest setback since the Second World War. Today, my team and I are working harder than ever to help every hotelier, every travel-seller, intermediary, tech-provider and telling them that ‘WE BELIEVE IN TRAVEL’. Our optimism in travel stems from the role it has played in human evolution since centuries, driving economic growth in developing nations, fostering diversity and bringing each of us closer together, and building a more tolerant society that works together for a better tomorrow.

Why 1989 holds the key to hospitality's recovery. The current crisis has given me the opportunity to reflect on a few things (and I am not talking about which Zoom shirt to wear).

Why 1989 holds the key to hospitality's recovery

Are we going through the worst phase of modern history? It definitely feels like that - at least for the travel industry. Will we recover and come out stronger? Absolutely. RateGain on LinkedIn: #RateGain #algorithm #data. RateGain on LinkedIn: #RezGain #BetterTomorrow. See the Green Shoots of Recovery with Smart Distribution’s latest addition “Future Demand” Seven Tactics to Keep your Hotel Distribution Healthy & Profitable. Bespoke Strategies for Opening the Doors to the European Market. A New Era of Exploration is Coming to Hoteliers. Stay Tuned! Perspectives with Paul Anthony, Commercial Excellence & Global Partnerships Sourcing Director, Hotelbeds.

RateGain Launches AirGain2.0 to Enable Airlines to Maximize Revenue in the Post-COVID world. UNWTO Recognizes RateGain for Creating Solutions to Aid Tourism’s Recovery. RateGain Announces Partnership with Arvoia to Help Car Rentals Maximize Revenue and Optimise Experience. RateGain Announces Partnership with TARMAC to Help Latin American Airlines Recover Faster. Delivering Duty of Care in the Age of Corporate Rogue Travel. Travel Management Companies (TMCs) came into existence to help large corporations, streamline, operationalize and seamlessly manage corporate travel process.

Delivering Duty of Care in the Age of Corporate Rogue Travel

A TMC can negotiate the best rates for a corporation, handle procurement, the right itinerary, freeing up employee’s time to focus on their core responsibilities i.e. to focus only on their work and realizing the objective of their travel. Centralized travel booking also means higher visibility to the corporate, helping with the responsibility of duty of care, also helping create key efficiencies and savings. TMCs are also tasked with the important assignment for risk assessments and providing support in real-time. This is a critical part of ‘duty of care’, the moral and/or legal obligation of corporates to ensure the safety or well-being of their employees. Rogue Travel: Trends, Causes and Implications While the idea of letting the experts take care of travel management is ideal, the reality is far from perfect.

Delivering Duty of Care in the Age of Corporate Rogue Travel. Busting a billion-dollar digital myth for cruise lines.Way to effective Revenue Management. Cruise brands have an enviable position: with strong brand equity, a loyal customer base and a superior product, they enjoy massive profitability in the so-called Golden Age for Cruise Lines.

Busting a billion-dollar digital myth for cruise lines.Way to effective Revenue Management

Among the three largest operators worldwide, Carnival earns $31,181 per minute, while Royal Caribbean takes in $16,165 and NCL books $9,273. Buoyed by massive superships that command a premium, operating profit has nearly doubled in the past four years. With each new vessel, the industry manages to absorb the new inventory without having to reduce prices or sail with lower-than-desired occupancy. Cruise lines have expertly navigated these waters, welcoming a record 27.2 million passengers in 2018. Enhancing Car Rental Revenue Management with AI-driven Dynamic Pricing. The car rental industry today is enjoying a boom amid rising disposable incomes, improved air connectivity across smaller cities, and healthy growth in business and leisure travel.

Enhancing Car Rental Revenue Management with AI-driven Dynamic Pricing

The U.S. market had its best year ever in terms of revenue in 2018, clocking a 4.8% jump in top line to over $30bn. Even more impressive was the fact this record revenue was realized on smaller fleet base, with revenue per unit hitting an all-time high of $1,131 per month. Who is winning the experience game in travel and hospitality? The travel and hospitality industry is in the middle of a digital disruption.

Who is winning the experience game in travel and hospitality?

With convenience as their primary consideration, customers are going digital to book everything from in-flight meals to guided tours, and to provide them the best possible experience, companies are turning to technological solutions. The tour operator-OTA-vacation rental rivalry for the customer’s heart is playing out against this backdrop. If OTAs have moved a step ahead of the others in flight and hotel bookings, hotels in many geographies are struggling to maintain their lead over vacation rentals. Tour operators, once the only option for the traveler, may have lost ground but are the best equipped to provide all hospitality services under one roof.

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Hotel Rate Parity Performance Report - LATAM - March 2018. OTA Rate Parity Channel Manager System and Best Rate Guarantee Compliance. Hotel Rate Shopping Software for Competitor Pricing Analysis. 7 Top Trends In Hotel Distribution Today. ‘A Thousand Words’: Why Great Visuals Speak Directly, Fluently and Effortlessly. The future of distribution strategy at your doorstep. AirGain, the Airline Competitor Intelligence New Time-Table Feature & Flight Comparison to Empower Airlines with Competitor Intelligence on Various Time Windows. Travel Industry is Already Using Geo-based Competitive Price Tracking; Act Now Before Its Too Late.

8 Easy Tips for Hotel Revenue Managers to Cope With Rate Parity Issue. Code Itineraries: A road map for the travel industry to unlock one trillion dollars in value by 2025.