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About Dynamic Properties. As of Windows Internet Explorer 8, dynamic properties have been deprecated and are only supported for Web pages displayed in IE5 (Quirks) mode or IE7 Standards mode.

About Dynamic Properties

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 offers an easy-to-use new feature that enables Web authors and developers to vastly improve the appearance and rendering of their Web pages. Using the power of dynamic properties, it is now possible to declare property values not only as constants, but also as formulas. The formulas used in a dynamic property can reference property values from other elements, thereby allowing authors unique flexibility when designing their Web pages.

A few examples of the things you can do with dynamic properties are: Innovative Web authors can easily expand beyond this list of simple examples and create impressive and clever Web pages by exploiting the capabilities of dynamic properties. This article covers the following topics. Benefits of Dynamic Properties Implementing Dynamic Properties Click to view sample. Video Screencasts. #130: First Moments with Grunt There are all these tasks that we need to do as front end developers.

Video Screencasts

Concatenate and compress our files. Run our preprocessors. Optimize images. Run tests. . #127: Basics of JavaScript Templating A template is a chunk of HTML that you need to inject onto the page. . #126: Using Modernizr Should Modernizr be part of every modern web project? Double Body Background CSS Trick. So, you just created this awesome fancy background for a website. The top part of the background is large and in charge, while everything below it is going to be a repeating background that goes all the way down to the bottom of the page and helps define your website’s borders. The goal is to make sure the top background sits on top of the repeating background so that you cannot see the repeating background until the top one is done, but how do you utilize 2 centered background images without the browser creating a horizontal scrollbar?

For an example of what we’re creating, click here. You could just use a transparent PNG background that repeats over top of the large background using DD Belated PNG, but that would be much more load intensive than we want to shoot for. This can actually be done very easily with CSS. First of all, the structure of the HTML is simple. 01.body { 02. background:#fff url(background.jpg) repeat-y top center; 03. margin:0px; 04. padding:0px; 06. 08. height:395px;

CSS Dock Menu.