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CLC bio: Download. Evrogen. Our Values Reliable Results: We use proven biotechnological approaches (Suppression Subtractive Hybridization, SSH; Bacterial genome subtraction; Mirror Orientation Selection; Step-out RACE, etc.) as well as novel proprietary techniques (DSN-normalization, fluorescent technologies) to deliver reliable, reproducible results.


Quality Service: We are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers with the help of talented inventors of Evrogen technologies and knowledgeable support team. User Friendly: Mercodia - Diagnostic immunoassay kits. Innovative technologies for protein analysis. Your Trusted Partner in Biotech. Isconova. Global Health Care & Medical Research.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Welcome. - Q-MED. SVANOVA Biotech AB - products for diagnosing infectious diseases in livestock. Kemwell Biopharma. AstraZeneca. BiogenIdec Sweden AB - Välkommen. Uppsala BIO is a life science pathfinder. Välkommen till VINNOVA - Vinnova.