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Rashi Chaturvedi

The Leadership Odyssey From Darkness to Light. Industry Snapshot: E-Commerce. Introduction The E-commerce industry started off late in India but it has dynamically changed the business scenario in India.

Industry Snapshot: E-Commerce

With better and convenient shopping options, the e-commerce industry offers the power to provide an innovative, sustainable, consistent and seamless shopping experience. In 2016, about 69 million customers made online purchases and this number is expected to cross 100 million by the end of 2017. India is the fastest growing e- commerce market with an annual growth rate of 51%, surpassing China's E-commerce growth of 18%, Japans' 11% and South Koreas' 10% to reach $64 billion by 2021. The Indian e-commerce market is growing at a five-year CAGR of 31.2 percent. As per ASSOCHAM – Resurgent India Study predicted that the E-retail market is likely to jump to 65% by the year 2018 and might touch $17.52 billion. Industry vs. The Indian economy has been consistently showing good signs of growth, with the average GDP growth rate at 7.5 during 2015-16. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. Aspirants Dilemma: Should I prepare for 1 more year? With the B- schools results out, most MBA aspirants with multiple acceptance offers from B- schools are facing a common dilemma of choosing between B- schools.

Aspirants Dilemma: Should I prepare for 1 more year?

For many aspirants in such a situation, the general choice discussion revolves around two definite factors- prestige and price. However, there are also some aspirants who have offer letters from good B- schools and yet they may not be satisfied with their performance and believe that they can do much better with some more practice and preparation. The question that is put forth, is then – Should they believe in their potential to perform or just accept the offer and compromise on their dreams a little? Time Management strategies for CAT aspirants. Common Admission Test or CAT, as it is commonly called is a demanding exam.

Time Management strategies for CAT aspirants

It not only tests your potential to answer tough questions but also your mettle to overcome time constraints and ability to perform under pressure. Time management is considered a crucial aspect of the CAT exam. Poor time distribution for each section can either result in poor preparation or unattempted questions during exams that can seriously hamper the overall CAT score. Keeping this in mind, it is vital that MBA aspirants learn time management skills to manage time effectively before and during the exam, to ace the CAT.

Through this article, C2NO team would like to share with the aspirants some tips and tricks to help them ‘Bell the CAT’: Corporate Scholarships in Indian B-Schools. SEO Trends 2017 - What Changes to Watch out in 2017. Ever-changing- This is actually the word that numerous have used whenever describing the realm of SEO.

SEO Trends 2017 - What Changes to Watch out in 2017

Previously recent years, lots of developments and modifications in the area have greatly changed the part of SEO in the area of digital marketing. And therefore, most of the trends and shifts of yesterday is now a staple in the market today. 2017 is currently here and lots of SEO practitioners are becoming curious once more for that trend which is certain to shape the SEO landscape not just in 2017 as well as the years to come as well. Take care of the latest techniques and ensure that your technique is in line with the ongoing trends on the market. Listed here are the key takeaways through the infographic below that you ought to consider if you need to make the most from your SEO efforts in2017:

Link Building Guide for 2017 - An Infographic Presentation. Websites don’t simply magically appear and rank on Googles very first page.

Link Building Guide for 2017 - An Infographic Presentation

Nearly all websites which do rank are there for a good reason, and you may bet that the driving factor for all those rankings revert to some type of link building. If you’re seeking higher rankings plus more traffic to your small business within this era, you must concentrate on applying link building strategies for your site. The more high quality backlinks you have directed toward your website, the more reliable as well as authoritative you appear, not just to readers, but to the very engines which bring those readers aimed at your website. The entire process of earning these types of links is recognized as link building.

5 ways an MBA can enrich your life. MBA is a degree that is globally recognised to identify people who are skilled and trained for careers in business and management. Many people consider a degree in management as their chance to enhance job prospects and build lasting contacts. However, an MBA has much more to offer and the benefits are not strictly limited to the business world. Listed below are just some of the ways an MBA can positively influence and enrich your life: · Build Leadership Skills MBA can help you explore your hidden potential and help you develop leadership skills. . · Better Communication Skills A degree in management can make you an efficient communicator. . · Develop New Perspectives. MICA: UpGrad for Digital Marketing. The digital marketing platform is in serious need of trained professionals and strong talent.

MICA: UpGrad for Digital Marketing

Cofounders of UpGrad have recently mentioned in a joint statement that “currently there is a scarce of 25,000 experts in this field, which may grow upto 1.5 Lakh in the next three years”. So, to provide traditional techniques and tools in marketing, online education platform UpGrad has tied up with marketing and communications school MICA, to offer a five-month online post-graduate programme in digital marketing and communication, which will cost about Rs.70,000. This programme will help students to understand the concepts of digital marketing and will provide case studies that represent real life challenges.