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HD 101: Overscan and why all TVs do it. The concept of overscan seems particularly difficult for geeks to comprehend -- normal people usually don't care to even understand it -- and some even get down right confrontational when they first learn that all TVs do it.

HD 101: Overscan and why all TVs do it

But the fact is that even the latest LCDs and plasmas don't show all 2 million pixels of a 1080p signal out of the box. Instead about 3 percent of 'em are cropped off the edges (as illustrated by the red line in the image above) and the remaining pixels are scaled to fill in all the pixels of your HDTV. 720p Movies (by date uploaded) User experience is everything.™ What's Really Wrong with the Healthcare Industry - Vijay Boyapat. On May 3, 2010, I gave a talk to a class of students studying public health policy at the University of Washington.

What's Really Wrong with the Healthcare Industry - Vijay Boyapat

I began the talk by asking the students how many of them believed that the current healthcare system in America was flawed; everyone in the class raised their hand. I then asked how many of them believed that the recently passed healthcare legislation, supported by President Obama, was a step in the right direction in reforming America's healthcare system.

Once again, everyone raised their hand. SKYBROADBAND - A SKYCABLE Service. MM Postpaid Packages - SkyCable - Philippines' best cable servic. AFFORDABLE TOWNHOUSE in BETTERLIVING - Parañaque - Houses - Apar. Brand New Townhouse in Moonwalk, Paranaque - Parañaque - Houses. Cathedral Heights Townhouses - Quezon City - Houses - Apartments. Kapitolyo brand new Townhouse for SALE Pasig City Metro Manila P. Copied from BRAND NEW KAPITOLYO TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE 4 UNITS LEFT!!!

Kapitolyo brand new Townhouse for SALE Pasig City Metro Manila P

Beautifully made house at a very good location - Manila - Houses. Brand New House Duplex (for sale per unit) - Muntinlupa - Houses. GURODAM. An enterprising Gundam fanatic appears to have finally contrived a use for all the plastic sprues collected as a result of the hobby, and the results are quite uncanny…


The Gates of Hell Just Opened In Guatemala. Sony PSP 2: What We Know About the New PSP. Lego F-15 Hunting Down MiG-29s. How To: Recover From a Soda-Spill Disaster. Twelve Awesome Afternoon Projects for the Extra Day of Your Long. What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills. Joulemeter: VM, Server, Client, and Software Energy Usage - Micr. The Joulemeter project is developing methods to improve the energy efficiency of computing devices and infrastructures.

Joulemeter: VM, Server, Client, and Software Energy Usage - Micr

It provides a modeling tool to measure the energy usage of virtual machines (VMs), servers, desktops, laptops, and even individual software applications running on a computer. The visibility provided by Joulemeter is being used to improve power provisioning costs for data centers, virtualized power budgeting, desktop energy optimizations, and mobile battery management. About Joulemeter Energy costs have become increasingly important to computing, since they directly impact the power provisioning cost for computing infrastructures, the operating expense for both data centers and enterprise buildings, as well as battery life for laptops and mobile devices.

The Joulemeter project focuses on the following aspects related to energy optimization: 5 Common Mistakes Aspiring Travel Photographers Make (+ How to A. Product. Product. Product. Product. Product. Book highlights world's most unfortunate web addresses. Online Store - Razer Orochi™ B. You’re a little company, now act like one. I talk to a lot of companies that are still hunting for customer #1, or a few sales have been made but the ball isn’t rolling yet.

You’re a little company, now act like one

Most of them are making the same mistake: Their public persona is exactly wrong. How to pick the perfect name for your blog or startup. We talked to bloggers, linguists and naming experts to get the scoop on finding a name that will work on the web.

How to pick the perfect name for your blog or startup

Begin by brainstorming a list of keywords that relate to your blog, website or company If a name is meaningful to you, it might work even if it doesn't meet the other criteria Nothing kills a name faster than finding out someone else already has it Frances McInnis is a journalist and crossword enthusiast based in New York City. She has written about culture for Momentum Magazine, business for Resource World Magazine, and a mess of assorted topics for The Huffington Post. Pack 2010: Our List of Essential Windows Downloads. STUDIOS V3.0 - PRODUCTS » Gaming Mice » ROCCAT Pyra Wireless.

World first: The Pyra is the first product to feature the innovative Easy-Shift[+]™ button, which doubles the number of mouse functions.

STUDIOS V3.0 - PRODUCTS » Gaming Mice » ROCCAT Pyra Wireless

WIRELESS, WITH 1000HZ POLLING The Pyra offers you total freedom as there’s no cable restricting your movements in any way at all. Gone is the lag problem that other wireless mice with a low data transfer rate sometimes suffer from. With a polling rate of 1000Hz, the Pyra is like a wired mouse in terms of its response time. In combination with robust 2.4GHz wireless technology, your gaming experience will always be interference-free. Will Android become the dominant mobile OS? Can Google's Android strategy be compared to Microsoft's tactical offensive against Apple in the late 1980s?

Well, a team of financial analysts at Trefis claim to have identified "strong parallels" between Google's strategy in the smartphone market and Microsoft's campaign against Apple which helped Windows become the dominant operating system in the PC market. "Microsoft licensed its OS to any PC manufacturer that was interested and Google is doing the same with its Android operating system and mobile phone makers. This suggests that iPhone's market share may not increase as much as we forecast," a Trefis spokesperson explained.

"[Now], in the late 1970s, Apple launched the Apple II computer which become one of the most successful computers (in homes and schools) throughout the 1980s. In the 1990s, however, the situation changed and Apple started to lose market share to PC makers running Microsoft's Windows operating system...and declined to less than 5%.

" Share photos on Twitter. Faith in numbers: Six more tech cults. Call it what you will -- fandom, devotion, obsession -- certain technologies have a way of inspiring an extremely loyal following.

Faith in numbers: Six more tech cults

So committed are these devotees, you might as well call them technology cults. Sometimes these cults are inspired by elegant lines of code. Microsoft is Best Positioned For The Future. HTC Droid Incredible Review. The HTC Droid Incredible: with a name like that, expectations are high for HTC’s latest Android release.

HTC Droid Incredible Review

It’s comparable to the HTC Desire, but it packs some extra features and it’s the only device of its kind, at least for now, that’s geared for the US market. Meaning, this is the first time we’re seeing Android 2.1 with HTC’s stunning Sense UI on such a powerful device in the States, so that alone certainly has Verizon Wireless subscribers in a frenzy. Verizon looks to capitalize on the “Droid” craze with the HTC Droid Incredible, but does it live up to its title? Read on to find out! Although the Incredible comes with a slew of features regarding its hardware and software, the packaging it comes in is rather bare bones in nature.

Alienware M11x gets overseas Core i3 / i5 / i7 and NVIDIA Optimu. iPhone 4: are you getting one? iPhone 4 vs. the smartphone elite: EVO 4G, N8, Pre Plus, and HD2. Question of the Day: iPhone 4 or HTC Evo? Roundup: The iPhone 4, Re-Revealed. iPhone 4 vs. EVO 4G... fight! The Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Life. Luke, I'm Your Mother. iPhone 4 guide: preview, pricing, availability. In a lot of ways, Apple's iPhone 4 announcement was short on surprises. We've been playing with the new iPhone OS 4 (now dubbed iOS 4) for a while, and photos of the hardware had been widely disseminated, a rarity for an unreleased Apple product. Still, Apple managed to fill in the gaps and build up the hype, and there's plenty to know about this handset that extends beyond what you can glean from bricked hardware of dubious provenance. Follow along with us as we break it all down, including detailed impressions from our hands-on time with the device.

Hardware. Apple iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G. The Business of Software - Easiest path to $2000 a month? You have some really great comments here, and while many stated they not trying to discourage you, I think it's really important that the hard hitting doses of reality mentioned here is something you take to heart. The first issue that comes to mind here is that if you can build something up to $2000 a month in your spare time (we're talking about spare time here, that's the extra Life Energy that few people have LEFT OVER at the end of the day. Family time, personal down time, eating time. Life is really busy and most people don't have a heck of a lot of energy or time left over at the end of the day.)

If you somehow have extra time and are full of vigor and have lots of extra energy in time on your hands to come up with $2000 worth of income through spare time, then you're definitely at the point where would make incredibly good and smart sense to quit your day job and go full time and turn that into another $6000 or even more per month. Business - Software developer offers small businesses more room. MANILA, Philippines ? Small and medium business now have more room to expand as an international business software developer launched its latest application which promises ? Accelerated innovations, comprehensive functionality and superior user experience.? Eat less, live longer? - health - 03 June 2010. iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide. Business - Visa keeps you credit worthy - iPhone 4 announced. Apple Presents iPhone 4. 10 of the Best Android Apps. How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries.

25 Most Innovative Products 2010. By LAPTOP Staff on May 25, 2010. Asking Questions More Effectively. The ability to ask questions effectively is one of the most important skills in business as is the ability to actively listen. Phone Finder results. Star Wars Mighty Muggs Checklist. Hasbro Mighty Muggs Checklist. Darth Vader Wavs Mp3s Movie Quotes Movie So. Geeky Temptation: 16 Slick, Sick, or Stunning Workstations. Bags – KEEN. United States. PRE-SELLING UNITS NEAR ABC 5 TV STATION THE MONTVILLE PLACE QUIR.

FOR SALE BRAND NEW 8 UNIT DUPLEX HOUSE IN BETTER LIVING - Paraña. Mozilla Firefox. ROTTEN TOMATOES: Total Recall: Jackie Chan's Best Movies. Video: OneNote 2010 Syncing. How to Install SQL Server 2008 R2. The Spyder III, the World's Most Powerful Portable Laser, Is a R. GE Engineer Crushes Your Childhood Dreams. Microsoft explains mystery Firefox extension, "fixes" update. Building the Foundation of Tomorrow's Immune System. The Complete Visual Guide to Deep-Sea Vehicles. Wood tray for CRT and LCD monitors [ PROMO ] Greenwoods Pasig 3.5M Affordable Asean Home - Pasig - Houses - A. RUSH SALE! 3 STORY TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE @ FAIRVIEW QC - Quezon Cit.

MURANG PABAHAY DESENTING BUHAY - Manila - Houses - Apartments fo. QC TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE - Quezon City - Houses - Apartments for Sa. AZURE URBAN RESORT RESIDENCES a manmade BEACHFRONT - Parañaque - 27 Creative and Futuristic Cell Phone Concept designs. 5 Great Sites for Exploring Cities Around the Globe. Singularity University, Where You Major In Immortality. 5 Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home. Writing great documentation. So you want to be a consultant...? 20th Century Fox 75th Anniversary. How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Windows Laptop.

Queadluun-rau « An Eye for Things. How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen. Why I Quit A Six Figure Job - TwoShay. TRON Controllers Make Any Game a TRON Game. The Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool. Easy Fruit Fly Trap. Just Do It: Move to Silicon Valley - Jake's posterous.

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