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Rarefly is a website designing, E-Commerce provider, graphic design, digital marketing and branding company in Chennai, India. We are the most reputed web designing company in Chennai, since 2006. We are dedicated to offer tailored end to end solutions that exceed the clients’ expectations.

Web designing company india ,Texas. We believe in unique and tailored website design services for every client - if that is what you are looking for!

web designing company india ,Texas

With a billion or even a trillion websites out there, marking a digital footprint that stands out from the crowd turns out to be really a difficult task. Rarefly, with a combination of expertise and the latest tools available, makes it easy for you with highly affordable website designing service in Chennai, India. We, with our client centric approach, consider every aspect of designing a website for a client, understand their goals and objectives, identify their needs and requirements, before we start the initial process. With a diversified portfolio in web designing sector and clientele across the globe, including Texas, US, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable web partner. Your ultimate website will have the perfect mix of - strong content, attractive layout, impressive visuals, and user-friendly navigation. Get in touch with us! The Jedi Of Website Design And Technology - Rarefly - Quora.

Blog Archive » Top 5 WordPress Themes for Corporate Websites and Their Features. Blog Archive » Corporate Branding Strategies For Startups. “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook The brand is the perception of the company more than just a logo or a name.

Blog Archive » Corporate Branding Strategies For Startups

It is the way people and potential customers judge the enterprise. A brand is intangible and does not discuss the products or services rather it projects the personality and image of the enterprise. People value the company on the basis of its branding. With such importance derived from public perceptions, there are many uncontrollable factors that can impact the marketing strategy if the branding foundation is inadequate.

Planning: Distinguished planning is essential before strategizing branding tactics. Blog Archive » Top 10 Best WordPress Themes. High quality looks and high quality content are crucial for the existence and visibility of a website.

Blog Archive » Top 10 Best WordPress Themes

Good websites that display good themes engage the audience in creating potentials out of them. WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms that offers innumerable themes that can provide high grade functionality and can be visually appealing. The top 10 WordPress themes of 2016 are: Formulated sometime in 2012 AVADA is one of the best selling themes with workable design ambitions. It is high resolution, widget ready and owes compatibility to almost all browsers.

Blog Archive » The Most Effective Ways Of Driving User Engagement On To Your Website. There are several definitions of user engagement.

Blog Archive » The Most Effective Ways Of Driving User Engagement On To Your Website

Users are said to engage with the website when they take any action on it such as filling up enquiry forms, signing up for newsletters, posting a comment etc. The time that a user spends on the website is also termed as engagement. The more engaged users are to a website, the better the conversion ratio. Abandonment rates are low and there is a high potential to increase in sales. A web designer is constantly striving to improve designs to attract user engagement and create responsive web designs.

Here are some effective ways of driving user engagement on to a website: Blog Archive » The Top 10 Trending CMS (Content Management System) There are several content management systems available that are open source and amazing features.

Blog Archive » The Top 10 Trending CMS (Content Management System)

It is just about learning more about the availability of existing software against the ones that are popular and considered default my most web development companies. Not that the popular ones are not good but awareness to new and obscure technology can bring favorable changes in terms of flexibility and design. Here is an attempt to bring some of the top trending CMS. The list is based on the overall rating of the software, its security offerings and ease of use. Blog Archive » The Strength of Concrete – Is It The Best Open-Source CMS? Posted by admin | Posted in Content Management System, Website Development | Posted on 11-04-2016 And so the world is agog with WordPress.

Blog Archive » The Strength of Concrete – Is It The Best Open-Source CMS?

Why it has been so – has been discussed elaborately and rightly so. Blog Archive » 7 Creative Ways For An Attractive PowerPoint Presentation. Presentations are visual aids to express a topic of choice.

Blog Archive » 7 Creative Ways For An Attractive PowerPoint Presentation

Blog Archive » Bootstraps – The 2-Minute Solution for A Website. In general in the world theme selection, layouts, building websites and back-end coding and hosting, the Bootstrap plays a great and fast role at that in the creation of a website.

Blog Archive » Bootstraps – The 2-Minute Solution for A Website

One of the most preferred frameworks by any web design company Bootstrap is easy-to-use framework and compatible with all browsers. Crafting site designs are easy and can be mobile optimized in just a few hours. Here are some of the features which make it one of the fastest solutions for creating a website: Compatibility: Compatibility always tops the list of concerns when new frameworks and platforms are introduced which claim to provide proven flexibility options. Responsiveness: Blog Archive » NEW AND INNOVATIVE WEB DESIGN TRENDS 2016. Posted by admin | Posted in Design, web design | Posted on 15-02-2016 Since the advent of the worldwide web, the number of websites has drastically increased over the past two decades indicating the power of web technology.


This also simultaneously increased users around the world demonstrating the evident power of information and subsequent accessibility to it. As the world started shrinking their screens, creating the right kind of web design became an undeclared guideline only to enable users to draw their attention to specific information that they require. Blog Archive » The Importance Of Digital Marketing. Posted by admin | Posted in digital marketing | Posted on 28-01-2016 The internet is no longer a technical wonder.

Blog Archive » The Importance Of Digital Marketing

It is now a business MUST. People have continuous access to information anywhere and at any time. The mobile revolution has provided individuals with the convenience of readily available information at their fingertips. As the world gradually shifts from analogue to digital, users are consuming digital data forcing businesses to adapt to digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization for greater visibility and business conversions. 80% of the digital customers do an online research before buying from a company. Blog Archive » OPEN SOURCE CMS – Preferences. This blog explores the big question – why would open sources be preferred as against a custom CMS? Websites have to be developed keeping in mind SEO and online business growth strategies.

There are many technological platforms available to choose from depending on business requirements. Corporate E-brochure India, Gulf. With the World Wide Web ruling the entire world, the need of the day for any business to succeed is anything that start's with an e-! Call it e-mail or even e-brochure! Gone are the days when people believed in word of the mouth and trusted companies. Nowadays, with even the new born kids having a digital footprint in social networking sites, E-corporate brochures have gained a major significance.

We, at Rarefly, with expertise and excellence, assist you in having your existing brochures and catalogues converted into E-brochures Design and help you share it to promote your business. With a highly talented and creative team, we have gained a rapport as the best E-brochure designers USA. Starting with the outline of concepts as well as messages of your e-brochures, till the final marketing, Rarefly, the most trusted company for designing Corporate E-brochure, Chennai, ensures top-notch services. Affordable PPT Presentation Texas. Presentations help you build a brand image easily and in an interesting way. When you use presentations representing your company to the audience who are learning about your business for the very first time, it makes a lot of difference than when you use brochures or other text-only material. Pictures do have an impact; but when you use a presentation, you can make a long lasting impression.

Rarefly has experts who design professional and appealing yet affordable PPT presentation. There are several key areas which need to be taken care of in order to get your corporate presentation have a great impact on the viewers. Branded Merchandise Services Chennai. Corporate gifting, employee-rewards or promotional giveaways for any event or corporate merchandise has to leave an imprint on your business memorably and deliver your brand message across your customers, employees, clients and vendors.

In fact, every printed card or a leaflet or even the stationery, has to get your brand message precisely to reach your customers and increase their confidence in your business. We, at Rarefly, with a thoughtful and proven approach, focus on your business needs, identify your goals and serve you with the best tailored branded merchandise services to meet your requirements. With a team of dynamic designers, fuelled with a thirst for creativity, we believe in creating amazing pieces with the high quality services that portray the best about your business to your customers and help them see what your brand exactly is.

We, with a rich experience in working in different industries, have our wings spread with clients in Texas, USA and Chennai, India. Affordable PPT Presentation Texas. Mobile Website Designing services india. Many are still debating whether having a mobile website is necessary or not. It has to be decided on a case by case basis. While some companies might find it ideal to have a separate mobile website, for some businesses, it is good for certain types of businesses to have a responsive design for their websites. Portfolio – Web Site Design, Logo, Graphic. Loading the next set of thumnails... Blog Archive » GUI Testing – Popular vs. Practical. Blog Archive » Web Applications Going Mobile Is The Way Ahead. Blog Archive » Logo – The Heart Beat Of A Business.

A logo speaks more than a thousand words. Blog Archive » E-Commerce, Facilitating User-Friendly Trade. E-commerce websites can be boring. At least that’s the impression. Web Application Development. As web application development evolves, it’s playing an increasingly important role in the business world. More and more, application development directly contributes to a company’s competitive advantage. Business presentation services USA,Gulf. Corporate Presentations help companies reach out to audience in an effective way. Blog Archive » Why E-Mailers Are Still The Most Important Marketing Collateral?

Businesses and people all over use E-mail ID as their primary digital address till date. Even though social networking websites has taken bigger share when it comes to personal space and for bonding over internet, E-mail remains as the primary communication channel for businesses and official sharing. When it comes to marketing collaterals viz. Newsletter, presentations, E-mail still dominates as the highly used marketing collateral. Blog Archive » Indian Digital Marketing Trends For 2015. Digital marketing is an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry. The moment you catch the tiger by the tail, there’s a new tiger whose fugacious tail requires catching. Rarefly » Blog Archive » Tips and Ideas for Simple Yet Stylish Corporate Stationery.

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Portfolio – Web Site Design, Logo, Graphic. Tips For Excellent Logo Graphic Design. Rarefly » Web Applications. The Next Dimension of E-commerce is here – Social Media Shopping! An Insight On The Basics Of Web Application Development. Wordpress Joomla Magento, CMS Development Portfolio Company UK India. Rarefly » Blog Archive » Why E-Commerce Websites Should Have Their Own Blog? Ecommerce Portfolio, online shopping cart. Rarefly » Blog Archive » Web Development Trends For Futuristic Businesses. The Importance Of Requirement Gathering In Design Projects.

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