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Make an Excel Pivot Table using VBA - Download files at! Excel Formulas. Hospital Quality Dashboard. What would you see on a Hospital Quality Dashboard?

Hospital Quality Dashboard

New online measurements show how consistently hospitals took recommended steps to keep patients from acquiring infections. To combat surgical infections, for example, one best practice recommends that patients be given an antibiotic within one hour before surgery. ExcelUser—training about reports, dashboards, charts, & formulas. Excel Dashboard for Hospital Bed Management. Dashboard Topic: Demo of an Excel Dashboard for Hospital Bed Management.

Excel Dashboard for Hospital Bed Management

Strategic management of hospital beds has become a high-pressure requirement in today’s world of health care facilities needing to do more with less resources. Like it or not, hospitals make money by determining the “right” kind of patients, procedures and getting the occupany and turn-over rates right. Yes, it seems cold-hearted, but strategic management of resources such as beds is what drives the profitability of health-care facilities.

Now, in defense of hospitals, I recently had the experience of bringing someone with an arm injury to the emergency room. This person was concerned because of her lack of health insurance.