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While Eluveitie always belonged to the fastly growing European folk metal scene, they always brought some fresh wind into it: Eluveities sound is authentic, traditional Celtic folk music combined in a unique way with modern styled melodic death metal. With their new Album "Everything Remains (as it never was)" they have managed to deepen every aspect of their already inimitable style and maybe more than ever can only be described by their own description "The New Wave Of Folk Metal". Originally formed by mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann in Winter 2002/2003 as a mere studio project, the first MCD "Vên" was recorded in spring 2003 - already unique in it's way of having folkmusic on an equal footing with the metal sound. Eluveitie | Bezpłatna muzyka, koncerty, zdjęcia, teledyski Eluveitie | Bezpłatna muzyka, koncerty, zdjęcia, teledyski
Eluveitie use traditional instruments amidst guitars and harsh vocals. The lyrics are often in the now extinct language Gaulish. The name of the band comes from graffiti on a vessel from Mantua (ca. 300 BC).[10] The inscription in Etruscan letters reads eluveitie, which has been interpreted as the Etruscan form of the Celtic (h)elvetios (“the Helvetian”), presumably referring to a man of Helvetian descent living in Mantua. History[edit] Eluveitie Eluveitie
ELUVEITIE - Thousandfold
Eluveitie - Uis Elveti
Eluveitie - Gray Sublime Archon
Eluveitie, Bloodstained Ground
Eluveitie The Dance Of Victory
Eluveitie - Brictom