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Online Marketing Tips - Google Adwords, Analytic Certification Answers. Your Indexed Pages Are Going Down – 5 Possible Reasons Why. / What is Digital Marketing and Its Fringe Benefits. Digital marketing is way to create relationship between company and customer. We use laptop, smart phones, tablets and various marketing channels & tools that are regularly used by end users to engage them. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps, video & audio clips, text messages and social networks. Digital marketing turning out as a one-stop solution among marketers as it allows them to track their Return on investment more accurately compared to other traditional marketing promotional channels.

Now a days companies are going online promotion instead of offline promotion to promote own business, products and services. The ROI of online marketing is more in compare to tradition promotion techniques. There are huge job opportunity in digital marketing. There are three digital marketing trends: 1. Key of success in Digital marketing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

About the company Follow us at : Become a Digital Marketing Professional in 90hrs., Noida. Become a Digital Marketing Professional in 90hrs. Partners. Why Digital Marketing - Online Digital Marketing Training. Digital Marketing is a concept, Promoting a business online using different-2 Internet Marketing Strategies. The rapture of Digital Marketing start-up in 1990’s and take-place in the market in 2000’s and in now-a-days, has become an obligatory part of many business or organizations. In earlier traditional, the forms of marketing included Commercials ads, bill-board ads, through radio, newspaper etc.… however, all such marketing channels have time & money constraints. But, with the emerge of digital marketing, companies can expand the desired information any-time and any-where. Similarly, the customers or users can receive the updates, sales & promotional offers, fresh articles/blog posts, direct in their in-boxes or get in a single touch.

Such information could be related to business, education, current affairs, entertainment, sports, shopping or anything else. Scope: Specific benefits of digital marketing include: How to increase website traffic ? How to increase Web site Traffic: Generally, Traffic is determined as the number of visitors visit to my web-pages. Basically Web-traffic is popularity of a website or individual page or sections within a site. This can be done by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web server log file, an automatically generated list of all the pages served. Web traffic is measured by the following types of information often collated, while monitoring a web traffic: The number of visitors.The average number of page views per visitor – Indicate, average visitors visit internal pages, possibly they like or find it useful.Average visit duration – Total time of a user’s visit.

As a rule, more time they spend the more they’re interested in your product/services.Average page duration – How long a web-page is viewed for. Increase web-site traffic is more important, as you can’t have conversions without visitors. Different types of traffic? Keywords Research Analysis. Keywords Research Analysis What are keywords? Before knowing about Keywords Research Analysis, we should know “what’re Keywords” are some sets of words or phrases on which you wants your business(website) to be rank. In general, it’s a user searched query, it make possible for users, to find you on search engine. We should target rich & relevant keywords which looks very close to a business, so that site can be appear in SERPs when someone search for the similar terms targeted as your keywords(if someone interested in products and services).

Importance of Keywords in SEO: Do you know, on what keywords your website is currently ranking? Basically keywords are most important part for every business, because they drive big amount of potential web-traffic to a business for free of cost. Guidelines of using keywords: Before using any keywords for SEO, there are the following guidelines to understand: Different types of keywords: There are three major types of keywords: For Example: And… You’re done!

Search Engine Optimization- SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Introduction to search engines, web traffic, and keyword integration, on page and off page optimization. SEO (Search Engine Development) is the term used to depict the marketing method of setting up a site to upgrade its possibilities of being positioned in the top consequences of a web index. This course gives you a thorough comprehension of the standards of Search Engine Optimization and shows how to execute these systems and begin to get your site to #1 in Google. In the wake of going through this course, members will have an unmistakable comprehension of what they need to do to execute a brilliant SEO technique for your business. You will see how Google and the other internet searchers work and be in a position to begin the procedure of getting your site to #1 in Google.

What Is SEO: SEO is an amazing marketing technique to generate quality leads, which will be very helpful in growth of a business. How SEO is important in Digital Marketing: Ⓜ kya khoob likha hai kisine.. pls read once!! आगे सफर था और पीछे हमसफर था.. रूकते तो सफर छूट जाता और चलते तो हमसफर छूट जाता.. मंजिल की भी हसरत थी और उनसे भी मोहब्बत थी.. ए दिल तू ही बता,उस वक्त मैं कहाँ जाता... मुद्दत का सफर भी था और बरसो का हमसफर भी था SEO Onpage Offpage Techniques. SEO (search engine optimization): Basically, it cover On-Page Optimizations and Off-Page Optimizations or Promotions of a website.

ON Page vs OFF Page Optimization: SEO Onpage Offpage Techniques, On-page cover all those activities performed in a web-page to optimize as per search engines guidelines. Or we can say, It refers to how well your website’s contents is presented to search-engines, it’s a methodology of making a site as per search engine norms or structured in a well manners (such as Website architecture & design, URL structure, Keywords targeted, Tags optimized, Web-page Content optimized, Image & links optimized etc.) fully perfect, functional, or effective as much possible.

Conclusion: Proper On-page & Off-page optimization work will increase web-ranking and give a better position to your website in SERP as well as increase web-traffic(visitors) on your website. Importance of On-page optimization in SEO: On-Page Activities Checklist: Importance of Off-page optimization in SEO: Competitive Analysis & Strategies. Competitive Analysis: As we know, to run a business is not so easy in nowadays, whether it’s offline or an online business.

There’s always a big competition in the market, because of increase in number’s of similar businesses in the same industry. So it’s important to investigate your competitor before you start your company’s marketing. but it’s always a critical part of marketing, really.. Basically, the term “Competitive analysis” is identifying competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own business or products & service. This analysis report provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify the opportunities and threats. “Initial competitive analysis” is one of the most important activities for any SEO process. In short, this strategic technique used to evaluate your outside competitors. What things, we should look into while initializing competitive analysis? Keywords Research Analysis. Google Search Operators | Online Digital Marketing Training. Google Search Operators: You can use search operators and other punctuation to get more specific search results.

Search operators are words that can be added to searches to help narrow down the results. [Note: When you search using operators or punctuation marks, don’t add any spaces between the operator and your search terms.] Google Search Operators are: A search operator is a character or string of characters used to refine your results by excluding pages that include query specific terms. In a search engine query it’s referred to as a search parameter. And some major Search Engine Parameters or Google Search Operators are: [site:, related:, OR, info:, cache:, allinanchor:, allintext:, allintitle:, allinurl:, define:, filetype:, id:, inanchor:, intext:, intitle:, inurl:, link:] Some Major Google Search Operators are: [site:] – Get results from certain sites or domain.

Advance Operators: [allinanchor:] – It return pages that contain words you specify in anchor text. How to increase website traffic ? Why Digital Marketing? | Online Digital Marketing Training. SEO Onpage Offpage Techniques. Online digital marketing training • r/news. Learn Digital Marketing Course Online | OnlineDigitalMarketingTraining.Com. Thanks to everyone... thank you soo much !! Ashwani. Apex TG India Pvt Ltd. Wordpress SEO Tips. Content Marketing Techniques. Content Optimization and Planning: “Content Marketing Techniques & Strategies are skills that’s in high demand in now a days, but finding resources to learn it is difficult – Learn how to create an effective content strategy so that you can build an online audience presence with the our Content Marketing Techniques & Strategies.”

As per Google’s constant algorithm changes, SEO is no-longer just increasing visibility in SERPs. It’s about having unique & relevant content in your web-page, that answers to search queries and engages visitors for long time. Google always rewards great content by providing higher search rankings in SERPs and more traffic, and also provide some additional opportunities to convert visitors into your regular customer. Content Marketing Techniques & Strategies: At the time of Content Writing, Optimization or executing Content Marketing Techniques, We should take-care of such points given below: