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Rank Me Online is your artificial intelligence driven tool to get an overall picture of how well your brand is performing. It helps in monitoring online reputation, connecting with your current and potential customers, discovering influencers and managing campaigns.

Manage Online Reputation, Multiply Brand Voice. Social Media Monitoring Tool: AI-Powered. Social Listening: Never Miss a Mention. AI-Powered Competitive Analysis. Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing often goes hand-in-hand with two other forms of marketing: social-media marketing and content marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Most influencer campaigns have some sort of social-media component, whereby influencers are expected to spread the word through their personal social channels. Many influencer campaigns also carry a content element in which either you create content for the influencers, or they create the content themselves. There has been a lot of written and discussed around influencer marketing. It is probably one of the important marketing strategies to engage, when going into new markets such as the United States, on a limited budget.

Spend some time in learning about influencer marketing, influencer discovery, locating, and reaching out to the key influencers in the US who can help you succeed. Manage Online Reputation, Multiply Brand Voice. Quora – An another platform to generate leads. How Quora generate leads for your business Quora is a social media platform for asking Questions and answering questions.

Quora – An another platform to generate leads

Quora can individually be best and effective tool for Lead Generation. People generally ask knowledge-based questions, one can be expert and answer the question as well as ask the questions from experts at a time. Rank Me Online-Social Listening, Monitoring & Analytics Tool. Natural Language Processing Demo API from Rank Me Online. Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube Profile Analytics. User-generated content Vs Brand promoted content. Which is a better content marketing strategy? As the term describes itself, brand promoted content refers to the content type that is being promoted by the brand itself communicating its products/services, features, policies and everything that is related to a particular brand.

User-generated content Vs Brand promoted content. Which is a better content marketing strategy?

In simple terms, it refers to all the advertising and promotional activities carried out by a brand in the form of ads, images and videos in the form of social media posts, reviews, articles, blogs etc. with the intent of wider reach, visibility and sales resulting in maximizing revenue and return on investment.

Being highly traditional in nature, brand promoted content has somewhat lost its grip among its audience, in this increasingly saturated market. Today, users are bombarded with ads and information all the time, to such an extent that many of them resorted to solutions such as ad blockers. According to an infographic published by GlobalWebIndex, states that 47% of internet users globally use an adblocker today. AI-Powered Competitive Analysis. Genuine Influence Ranker.

AI-Powered Review Analyzer in Social Listening. Analyze Amazon and Google reviews, Blogs & Quora Answers. Influencer Profile- Swati Gandhi. Win digital/creative mandates using tailor-made market intelligence reports. Influencer Marketing. Manage Online Reputation, Multiply Brand Voice. AI-Powered Social Media Monitoring. Rank Me Online-Social Listening, Monitoring & Analytics Tool.

Influencer Profile- the_sassssy_chick. Fashion Food Beauty Lifestyle Mail or DM for collaboration/Paid Promotions Engineer/Freelance Model “ Industry – Fashion Followers – 9.2k Following – 922 śhřëé is a fashion influencers having a substantial following.

Influencer Profile- the_sassssy_chick

Social Media Intelligence Blogs. Behind The Scenes: Discover Why RankMe's Sentiment Analysis Algorithm Is One Of The Best In Business! How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Maximize Growth? Origin of Hashtags Hashtags were brought to Twitter on August 23,2007 by Chris messina.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Maximize Growth?

Before hashtags, pound sign has been used all around the world. So basically the purpose of using hashtags is to draw attention and to promote. Hashtags got their begin in Twitter as a way of making it easier for people to find, take after, and add to a discussion. How did a Restaurant Double it's Business Using Social Listening? 1.

How did a Restaurant Double it's Business Using Social Listening?

Setup Tracks for The Funked Place and three competitors to gather all customer feedback available online. 2. Identify the main areas important for any business in this industry. Here, in the case of The Funked Place, the key areas are: a. B. C. Role of brand analysis tools in Retail Industry. Yes, these tools are useful for any and every brand.

Role of brand analysis tools in Retail Industry

No matter you belong from which type of company whether it is FMCG firm, Retail industry, E-commerce, Educational institute, university or college, big corporate or Small Medium enterprise. If you have sufficient online presence, these tools can give you sentimental analysis, customer’s insights through reviews and complaints available on the web, highlights which things are going well and which things need to be closely monitored and developed, reputation score, comparison analysis with your competitors and brand name mentions on anywhere on the web etc.

Old is Gold and So is Historical Data: Historical Data Insights. Even if most of our customers are amazed by the fact that they will get real-time alerts, to assist them in their monitoring adventure but there are some who were interested in knowing if they can see the previous mentions of the last six months or one year.

Old is Gold and So is Historical Data: Historical Data Insights

And we are happy to say that- yes, now you can!!

How Data Analytics helps Marketing Agencies

50 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags help social media platforms categorize your content so that your content can be easily discovered by your target audience.

50 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

The more visibility you get, the more likely you are to get followers and increase your community. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you use hashtags strategically. Best Social Listening Tools 2019: Detailed Comparison. After comparing the prime features and pricing options of all the three social listening tools it can be seen that Rank Me Online is the one with the most offerings considering the price and the features.

Best Social Listening Tools 2019: Detailed Comparison

Some of the features such as API access, unlimited users, mentions archive, daily reports, PDF/Excel export, Boolean search, custom reports and review analyzer are on offer by Rank Me Online right from the basic/start-up plan. Number of mentions is something where Brand24 shines out every time but misses out on many features in the basic/start-up and pro/monitor plan. Same goes for Mention, as it is the one with comparatively less offerings but has kept its pricing highly competitive. To sum it up, it can be said that Rank Me Online meets the needs of small businesses, mid-size companies, as well as agencies. Social Media Intelligence Blogs. 6 Ways to Leverage Social Listening for Lead Generation in 2019. Influencer Marketing. Online Reputation Management. Online Reputation Management. AI-Powered Social Media Monitoring.

5 Easy ways to fix your Brand Reputation. Author Profile Jyoti A tech enthusiast, firm believer in metrics of customer obsession and net promoter score as majorly important in driving business, she loves to write and read articles, ideas in similar areas Connect at Related. Influencer Profile – Julie Parisian. How did a Restaurant Double it's Business Using Social Listening?

How did an Online Furniture Rentor Converted Competitor's Customers to their Own Using Social Listening. Priyanka Enters in Active Politics. India Strikes Back – surgical Strike 2. Reasons Why brand monitoring is important for Hospitality Industry? The Importance of online reviews existence and their management is growing in the hospitality industry. Before visiting any place or any hotel, customers are used to checking their star ratings and especially read their descriptive online reviews which help them to select the best hotel according to their budget and suitability.

Hoteliers can’t ignore the role of online reputation management. Negative reviews can impact the reputation of the business. It should be monitored and settled before it ruins the reputation of an image of a business. Customers are very selective when it comes to hospitality. 5 Reasons why real estate industry need to maintain an online image? Earlier big real estate developers used to go for Questionnaire surveys to know the feedback of their clients so that they can improve their services and make sure that the same mistake will not be faced by the next and new customers but due to advancement of technology and moving the business to digital world, the way of dealing in business and getting the feedback has been changed .Now customers are more likely to check reviews before buying even Items of clothing from any new website, and real estate incurs huge investment as well as involves high risk.

Here comes the role of BRAND MONITORING. As a business, if we open the chance of posting reviews then there are equal chances of getting of negative as well as positive reviews. Top 5 Brand Monitoring Tools we love. Social Media Intelligence Blogs. 4 Reasons why reputation monitoring is important for Healthcare Industry? With computerized innovation continually building up, the healthcare service scenario is changing, creating modern consumer behaviour. The sudden hike in the innovation of portable or mobile phones and open healthcare gadgets give clients more control over the choices of their care like never before. 8 out of 10 people check online reviews or doctor’s feedback online before visiting any doctor or physician because those people are concerned about their patient’s health.

Sometimes, people look for freelance doctors or health specialist and choose the right one according to their ratings and reviews available on the internet. So, people check your brand reputation on the internet before deciding to do business with you. Quora – An another platform to generate leads. Social Media Intelligence Blogs. Who won the e-commerce battle of 2018? They didn’t stop at that. Challenges in Evaluating Marketing Activities' Performance. 5 things to keep in mind when you are attending a conference. Created by the people behind Web Summit, RISE conference is known to be the largest tech conference in Asia.

7 Signs Your Competitors Are Using Social Listening Better Than You. It’s imperative for any business to stay ahead of their competition and, luckily, today’s technology allows us to keep an eye on them more closely than ever before. If u want to stay ahead of your competition, you must understand the importance of using social listening effectively. You never know what you might find online. How Data Analytics help PR Agencies. Forbes once listed Public Relations Executive as the 6th most stressful job in the world. 5 Reasons Small and Medium Businesses Should Care About Analytics. Many small and medium sized companies have no clue which of their marketing tactics are driving traffic to their sites. They simply throw digital marketing tactics at the wall and hope something sticks. Old is Gold and So is Historical Data: Historical Data Insights. Selected by Social media✌, ranked by our AI?, check out who is winning Delhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - Social Media Monitoring, Marketing and Analytics Blogs.

MONITOR YOUR BRAND, MONITOR YOUR COMPETITORS, BE A TRAILBLAZER - Social Media Monitoring, Marketing and Analytics Blogs. Rank Me Online - Best Social Media Monitoring Platform​ - Social Media Monitoring, Marketing and Analytics Blogs.