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Keyword Targeting Guidelines, Keyword Placement. Without SEO, websites can’t do much on the internet.

Keyword Targeting Guidelines, Keyword Placement

They will, in fact, fail to garner any attention beyond a bare minimum level. Quite clearly, SEO is important but the question is, what in it makes it so? Well, the answer is – keywords. How you use keywords makes a huge difference to the success of the website. The value of keywords gains altogether a whole new dimension, and bigger value, when you look to leverage organic search results to drive in traffic. In a website, there are lots of places to put keywords and boost its value on the internet. As a result, you need to understand keyword targeting guidelines; you need to know how to use keywords on a page. Keyword Targeting Guidelines So, you have all your keywords sorted out after a meticulous keyword research. 1.

The page title is the most influential place to have your keyword phrase. 2. The page description does not influence your position in the search results. 3. 4. A. Best Alternative Analytics Tools To Google Analytics. There is absolutely no doubt about the predominant position Google Analytics enjoys worldwide in the space of web analytics.

Best Alternative Analytics Tools To Google Analytics

A majority of websites, blogs (some 60% of all existing ones) and marketers use this tool to enjoy its insightful and decisions-making data. More so, its popularity also emanates from its ability and flexibility to work well for websites or blogs of any nature, thus giving it a colossal edge over the rivals. At the same time, Google Analytics is free and it gives data which are of a great help in optimizing a site and acquiring key insights on various metrics. It’s easy to set up and provides a support through a huge user base. In essence, this feature-rich tool makes you aware about users’ finding and using your site besides bringing some helpful demographic data about them. However, despite all this, you may have reservations and skepticisms about using Google Analytics! Here Are Some Best Alternative Analytics Tools To Google Analytics Clicky Piwik PRO KISSmetrics. How to Make a Robust Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy.

So, you have already brought all those designing changes to make the website look great on mobile devices.

How to Make a Robust Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy

And you’re confident that favorable results will show up sooner rather than later. But sadly, it does not happen like that. You must look beyond responsive design. Only design and technical changes won’t force search engines to send users to your website. Your website must add value to users or consumer by delivering relevant content. You should know that the tastes and preferences of consumers are evolving.

Simply speaking, the change will be needed in the marketing strategy. Marketers today understand that consumers have evolved a lot, or in fact, evolving by the minute. Understand consumers’ cross-device journey Marketers should understand that mobile or smartphone is not the only device consumers use when they traverse through the marketing funnel. Understand users’ interactions with your website and content Tap into your data to analyze the consumer Conclusion Sharing is caring! How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box? Google Answer Box – Overview The only way to be featured in the Google Answer Box is to have an SEO optimized, high authority page with well-structured, quality content that’s relevant to the question.

How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box?

In many cases, a web page that’s ranked #1 in organic search engine results will win the Google Answer Box. However, it is possible for pages ranked lower on the first page to win the box if the web page content has better structure, quality and are more relevant than the #1 page search results. Steps For Optimizing and Ranking in the Google Answer Box Choose a topic that answers a question and is useful to readersSeek out queries that already use the answer box.

Key Factors for Winning the Google Answer Box Rank in the top 5 on the search engine results pageHave at minimum of 1,000 links – many sites have more than 10,000Have between 1,500 – 2,000 words on the pageHave a low bounce rate and good user engagement Using Schema Markup Code In-depth Quality Content This one is key to success. Author. Start Your Digital Marketing, SEO Project With Us. Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO Company India. Social Media Marketing & Optimization Services, SMM & SMO Agency. PPC Marketing Company, Google SEM Advertising/Management Agency. Online Reputation Management ORM Services. Local Business Solutions Company India.