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Pelican Dairy a Turkey based dairy products manufacturing company export and import an array of dairy products all over the globe.

With a wide network of agents and suppliers all over the world, we ensure that only the best and freshest of our products reaches the end consumer, and at competitive prices. Our focus is mainly on confectionery and milk products. Ranjanmalhotra - How to Start a Home Based Food and Bakery Business. You are an unexceptional baker and love to bake the desserts and decorate them.

ranjanmalhotra - How to Start a Home Based Food and Bakery Business

Have you ever thought to combine your hobby with a profit making career? It will give you the joy of baking along with a solid punch of regular income. But it is not that easy; a wholesome set of planning and its professional execution is necessary for starting a home based food and baking business. Also a business has to pass through many legal permits, inspections and formalities along with the facing the market competition and the customer's preferences. Here, in this article we are going to discuss the step by step process of setting up and operating the home based bakery business.

What type of you want to start: At the very first stage you have to clear your mind about the type of business. Why Chocolate is The Best Gift to Someone You Love: Business Articles. People of all the ages, love the chocolate, not only to eat but also for gifting to their sweethearts also.

Why Chocolate is The Best Gift to Someone You Love: Business Articles

There are classic milk chocolate, sweet white chocolate and exotic dark chocolate in many delicious varieties such as plain, nuts, wafer, caramel cream and many more so that you can express your love in your favorite flavor. But have you ever thought that why this sweet dessert is the most popular and preferred gift for both the giver and the receiver. Let’s try to find out the reason: Love is a sweet emotion and nothing can please your sweetheart than this sweet delight. Milk and Dairy Products for Good Health and Nutrition. From the ancient time milk and dairy product are the main part of our daily diet.

Milk and Dairy Products for Good Health and Nutrition

They are considered healthy and nutrient rich. They serve the human body by providing a good amount of calcium, protein and Vitamin D,Aand B12along with phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Dairy products are the biggest source of natural calcium and Vitamin D.The regular intake of milk, cheese and yogurt helps the body to maintain the calcium level so that it can build the bone mass and lead to a healthy life cycle of bones. Some key advantages of milk and dairy products in our diet are: Some of the milk products such as butter and cream cheese are notregarded as the dairy products as they do not contain their specific level of natural calcium inthem. Now, what is the ideal consumption of milk and dairy products in our healthy diet?

One cup of low fat or fat free milk contains approximately 305 milligrams of calcium that is somehow 30% of your daily recommendation. The Popularity of Dark chocolate. The global market for chocolate and confectionery is experiencing a dramatic increase in the demand of dark chocolate.

The Popularity of Dark chocolate

With the remarkable 9% annual increase in the sales, dark chocolate is gaining popularity and preference among theusers. Without any noise, dark chocolate is catching up the market and popularity of traditional milk chocolate.The reports indicated that the growing health awareness among the chocolate lovers is the main reason behind this boost in demand as the nutritionists advocate the health benefits of dark chocolate. It is assumed that the bitter cocoa or the dark chocolate helps in achieving good health by enhancing cognition and improving metabolism.

The fact has been established by many researches that flavanols, a substance found in cocoa beverages or dark chocolates helps in maintaining the normal blood circulation and keeps the mood happy and pleasant. But there are some limitations or the challenges in this way. Children Baking Business a Primary Step to Teach them the Market Basics by Ranjan Malhotra.

If your teenage child loves baking and can make some really nice cupcakes and cookies, he or she can turn this free time hobby into a part time business.

Children Baking Business a Primary Step to Teach them the Market Basics by Ranjan Malhotra

Baking without any support and selling them is a superb entrepreneurial idea for a youngster who learns the lesson of production, inventory management, selling and marketing and completion basics. How it works: A young baker can set up his or her shop by placing all his creations on a table in front of the house or any place with many people are around such as parks. To get customer’s attention the setup should be added with a banner or some colorful balloons.

Selling the products door to door is also a better strategy. This production and selling venture can be either solo or two more friends can run it in partnership.