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Ranjan Malhotra

I'm a reader, researcher & writer. I am fascinated by "art" and "technology". I spend most of my time on the internet reading news and writing articles and love to share my expertise among readers.

Find your own cricket academy – Sportsshala Blog. With the establishment of so many sports academy in our nearby localities, it’s really difficult to find the best one.

Find your own cricket academy – Sportsshala Blog

Offering different indoor and outdoor sports, these academies have become a favorite hotspot among many youngsters and professionals. Knowing the many health and mental benefits that any sports provide, now people have more inclination towards playing sports. Massage Therapy. How Can You GUARANTEE Yourself a Fantastic Sports Massage?

Massage Therapy

At My Therapist Group Frankston, we guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic massage or its free! If you are not completely satisfied within the first appointment , we’ll give you your money back there and then – No questions asked! What is Massage Therapy? Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Clinical Pilates. What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates differs from regular Pilates as it separates your physical problems from your symptoms. We use using a unique clinical prediction tool. It has been shown and scientifically proven that sub-grouping patients into specific biased exercise types is has a much better outcome prediction than generalised “core stability” Pilates. Seven ‘Jara Hatke’ Apps for Vacation Planning. Short on ideas for your next trip?

Seven ‘Jara Hatke’ Apps for Vacation Planning

If you and your friends are doing more planning and less action, then it’s time to stop doing everything on a WhatsApp group. Google Play Store has some great travel apps, here are our top picks for planning an exciting summer vacation. Tripoto The app is a platform for travelers to share their experiences, giving you first-hand accounts of places you’ve wanted to visit, or places you didn’t even know you wanted to visit. Discover the best locations, the best activities, the recommended budgets etc. with Tripoto trip reportsand the only thing left to do is to grab your backpack! Capture Great Low Light Photos: 7 Tips to Enhance your Party Shots! How often have you ended up with dark corners and blurry faces when clicking a shot in low light with your smartphone?

Capture Great Low Light Photos: 7 Tips to Enhance your Party Shots!

Some moments in life are meant to be cherished forever, don’t let a blurry camera shot ruin them for you. Here are a few tricks to help you capture brighter and clearer pictures with your smartphone camera the next time you take a shot under low light conditions. Tap to set the focus right A tap on your phone screen before clicking a picture will help your phone camera to set the correct exposure and focus for the subjects of your shot. Step-by-Step Guides to Start Your Career in Sports – Sportsshala Blog. Are you among those with an inborn passion for sports?

Step-by-Step Guides to Start Your Career in Sports – Sportsshala Blog

If your answer is yes, sport is the best platform to make your career in India. Some sports are team-oriented like football, basketball, and soccer, etc. whereas others like golf and tennis are focused more on individual performers. Best Smartphone Under Rs 10000, Lava Android Camera Phone. Latest Mobile Phones with 3GB RAM at Best Price - LAVA Smartphone. Best Affordable Android Smartphones by LAVA Mobiles by Ranjan Malhotra. India's overall internet coverage has increased exponentially in the last few years and the country has become a land of opportunity for smartphone makers around the globe.

Best Affordable Android Smartphones by LAVA Mobiles by Ranjan Malhotra

Indian phone manufacturer Lava International offers a number of viable alternatives in a smartphone space generally dominated by Chinese companies. Let's take a look. Lava X50+ An updated variant of the bestseller X50 by Lava, the X50+ comes with enhanced software and expanded internal storage. The Lava X50+ has a massive 5.5 inch display for you to consume media and games with much more immersion.

Best Top 10 Cricket Coaching, Kids Training Academy & Club Gurgaon. Over the last few years, the craze for cricket in India has increased manifold.

Best Top 10 Cricket Coaching, Kids Training Academy & Club Gurgaon

Youths from all walks of life are showing interests to make their career in it. In India, cricket is considered not just a sport, but a valued religion. To cater to the increasing demand of the sifting scenario, Sports Shala has taken it upon to itself to promote excellence in budding cricket aspirants. Store Locator – Bikanervala Dubai, UAE. Finding The Right Sports Shoes. Whether you are a beginner or a marathon runner, happy feet make all the difference.

Finding The Right Sports Shoes

For people who are into sports and fitness activities, purchasing the right kind of shoes is as important as purchasing a new car or house. In addition to keeping your feet comfortable, sports shoes also help improve your posture, movements and overall performance. Before buying a pair of sports shoes, few basic things should be kept in mind. First of all, you should know your feet. We all have 10 toes and two heels, but they all come in different shapes and sizes.


Sarees. My Therapist Group. LACIRA EUROPEAN STYLE- Designer Ladies Handbags Online in India. 7 Days No Question Asked Returns Policy We want to make sure that you have complete peace of mind before and after you place an order with us.

LACIRA EUROPEAN STYLE- Designer Ladies Handbags Online in India

You can easily return your products from the returns page, within 7 days of delivered product for full product price refund (Except shipping charges). Medical Mingle > Ranjan. A healthy body is the key to success, if you are living in continuous bodily discomfort your ability to focus diminishes. The pain and discomfort keeps you from being productive and at times leaves you desperate and frustrated. Lower back problems are one of the most common health issues people face today. Due to a changing lifestyle and work habits these problems are more widespread today than previously.

One of the problems associated with lower back is Sciatica Pain. Essentially it is a symptom of an underlying condition — the Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our body — when the nerve is affected by an internal or external pressure, a person might experience anything from minor discomfort to incapacitating pain. Some of the symptoms include pain in one side of the leg or buttock, a burning or irking sensation down the leg, numbness, a searing sensation that restricts movement or pain while sitting for long periods.

My Therapist Group

RELAXO FOOTWEARS LIMITED. LACIRA | ONLINE STORE FOR WOMEN CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES. Kaizen Kulture. TAF Wellness. Jaypee Hotels & Resorts. Why Jaypee Hotels Make For A Pleasant Staying Experience? When it comes to choosing some of the most cherished, and luxurious Indian hotels to stay either as a business or leisure traveller, more and more people these days are picking up Jaypee Hotels over others for a number of valid reasons. Jaypee luxury hotels are stand apart for their signature cuisines, world class hospitality, and superb team of thoroughly trained staff, latest accommodation facilities, strategic location, and personalised service besides other awesome benefits. Read more why staying in any Jaypee hotels is worth the invest made.

The Smoker's Forum

Best Way to Get Maximum Discount on Shoes. For What Reasons You may Need the Services of a Private Investigation Firm. Though you can handle many investigations on your personal level, still there are some specific and critical situations when we need the services of a private investigation firm. Actually, hiring a private investigation firm offers you many benefits such as time saving, professional approach and deep understanding of investigative methods. The followings are the ways in which a Houston Private investigation firm can help you. Personal help Private investigation Background search: It includes the background checks of persons or the companies by the law firms, corporations and also the private citizens. As the private investigative firms have instant access to public records, they are hired for getting details for court filings for court cases as well as many civil charges. Surveillance: If someone asks for the surveillance of his or her spouse / partner, definitely he or she is 99% sure about being cheated, but looking for the proof so that the partner could be confronted.

Step by Step Plan to Lose Weight. 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses In 2016. 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses In 2016. Perfect websites, keywords & SEO services to expand your business. With the use of organic SEO techniques you can optimize your website for online marketing without burning money on paid online advertising. The organic SEO is a good way to build initial traction with your target audience before you consider moving to the aforementioned paid modes.

Organic SEO keywords and content requires tweaking your website’s offerings in a way that suites the users best. Once you have done that, a crawler or bot from search engine’s servers goes through your website and reports back to the search engine. Need to Look Trendy & Smart? Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business - Digital Obsession. It takes time to conclude about the effectiveness of a SEO company and see results because the web world is ever changing and evolving. For e.g., Google introduces about 500 changes in algorithm every year, about once every day. It is remarkably easy to get short term results by ignoring the quality work but such instant and short lived boost in website ranking and visibility is not good for customer’s websites operation in long term. There are so many SEO agencies operating in the market, and every agency claims that it is best SEO Company in the market.

Sometimes, such claims make it difficult to choose the right company and you may even fall for the wrong one. Hence, it is very important to make a smart choice while selecting the SEO Company that suits your business needs and increases the profitability. Key Pointers to Select the Best Provider of PPC Service India. Easy Way to Weight Loss with Correct Diet Delivery.

Cloudera Developer Training programme- Xebia Training. Safety among youth survey - Breakthrough. Research to identify sexual harassment - Breakthrough. Professional Learning is Necessary & Continuous Process for IT Professionals. Gender Discrimination in India: Causes and Solutions - Breakthrough. Big Data and Hadoop Training Certification Courses - Xebia India.

Xebia India

The Investigative Firm. Pelican Dairy & Food LLC.