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Ranjan Das

With an enriching experience of 20+ years in the field of marketing and strategy, having worked with 70+ topline MNCs, Mr. Ranjan Das has developed as an enterprising innovator in the industry, who has been involved in launching 12+ global brands in India

Nostalgia Marketing Can Be Your Next Hit Campaign. Aren't childhood memories among the most cherished?

Nostalgia Marketing Can Be Your Next Hit Campaign

Whenever one goes down the memory lane, it is always a treat! Be it the movies you used to watch on a shared television or the outdoor games you used to play in peak summers, old is always gold! How #CancelCulture Can Affect Your Brand. If you operate in this age of social media, belong to Gen Z or are surrounded by one, you must be aware of the #CancelCulture.

How #CancelCulture Can Affect Your Brand

Every week, platforms like Twitter see Cancel Culture Hashtags trending over some bizarre issues. These issues are sometimes related to a person, other times a brand. The Cancel Culture does not spare anyone. The recently launched ‘Jashn-E-Riwaaz’ campaign by FabIndia on the occasion of Diwali faced a backlash and dragged them to the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The Cancel Culture hit them hard as #BoycottFabIndia trended on Twitter when Netizens slammed the brand for. Influencer Marketing- A boon for industries. As the digital era continues to grow on us, influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most successful ways to market products and services.

Influencer Marketing- A boon for industries

Brands often benefit from the massive reach and following that influencers gain over time and use it to their advantage. It is one of the most cost-effective ways that acts as social proof, builds credibility and trust and in turn increases sales. How Simple Tech Solutions Enhance E-Commerce Sales. God often dwells in small things and so does success for e-commerce brands.

How Simple Tech Solutions Enhance E-Commerce Sales

After the first two COVID waves, on one hand, e-commerce saw many big challenges on various fronts while on the other hand, even bigger opportunities opened up. No matter how big these challenges are, more often than not, the solution is simpler than one thinks. These simple (tech) solutions are usually a result of intelligent applications that aim to cut the confusion, the number of clicks, steps and difficult processes, leading to shortening and simplifying of the whole process and consequently, the time taken to get the result. Humanizing technology is the key that ensures e-commerce goes beyond barriers of language and literacy, benefiting both the brands and consumers in a win-win equation.

Oblivious Internet Celebrities. Do those bizarre Insta-reel tunes play in your head while you are sleeping at night?

Oblivious Internet Celebrities

Are your friends also dancing to the ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ remix by Badshah? Is your influencer family member trying to make a reel go viral? Well, then you most definitely know what it’s like to live in and around a world that makes almost anything blow up over the internet. Be it the iconic guy nearly having a panic attack while paragliding or ‘Mature Bag’ and related tips for people to have a better personality, the internet, specially short-video platforms like Instagram, MX TakaTak, Josh, Moj are a hub of such bizarre viral trends and people coming in every day.

People go viral for all sorts of reasons which cannot really be logically defined. Is Business Possible without Social Proof? Human beings are social creatures.

Is Business Possible without Social Proof?

We like to be a part of something bigger, part of a clan where we feel we belong and are accepted. This applies to all facets of life, including our consumer behaviour and buying decisions. We tend to look up for reviews, ratings, testimonials on a high involvement purchase even if it's a known brand. Why? Because people want to know and are influenced by what others like and purchase. Turn things around with a social media audit. Today social media holds the power to turn things around like nothing else.

Turn things around with a social media audit

While our country was suffering left and right in the middle of the pandemic with a lack of resources, it was social media that came to the rescue of millions. If social media has the potential to change lives, it most definitely has the potential to turn businesses around. With the increase in the relevance of digital media and marketing in the business landscape, social media has come to play a major role in the success or failure of a business. With staggering statistics that show the direct connection between businesses and social media, it is essential to be aware of how well your brand’s social media performs and the potential it holds to take your business to the next level.

How to crack B2B Influencer Marketing. Every time the word “influencer” is mentioned, we probably think of a food blogger or a fashion influencer with millions of followers on Instagram reviewing cafes or products , giving shout outs and organizing giveaways.

How to crack B2B Influencer Marketing

Now you must think that influencer marketing only works in the B2C arena but to your surprise, it can be a highly effective marketing tool used in the B2B space as well. B2B influencer marketing can be challenging in terms of finding the right influencer, the correct means and ways to communicate with your target audience,their content, the relevance of it with your products and services and the expected results but if you are able to formulate an effective influencer marketing campaign, it can do wonders for your brand. So who should you approach for influencer marketing in the B2B space? What kind of platforms should you use? What kind of content should be created?

Why Marketing the Product is Greater than the Product Itself. Today, just having a great product does not guarantee success.

Why Marketing the Product is Greater than the Product Itself

Rather, it almost means nothing as today most of the products have a competitor brand that offers the same benefits. However, what makes a product stand out from the rest is how well it is marketed. Marketing covers multiple aspects around a product and how it is presented and perceived by the consumer, therefore, a good marketing strategy fetches the brand's long-term benefits. Marketing the product is essentially more important than the product itself at every stage of its lifecycle.

Pick any industry and you would find that a well-marketed product has surpassed all the other competitors. A Guide To Manage a Brand Crisis. One thing that a brand would never wish upon itself is a campaign gone wrong or a miscommunication that may turn its existing and potential customers and advocates against it.

A Guide To Manage a Brand Crisis

Such a situation, when it arises, is called a brand crisis. It's a common phenomenon as no brand is perfect to be immune to it and in the age of social media, news travels faster than ever. Controversial headlines catch the most amount of eyeballs and one wrong step by a famous brand is the talk of the town. Why is Netflix the only ad-free platform? We all know the frustration of an ad popping up in the middle of our favourite song on Spotify or the 30second unskippable nightmares on youtube before our favourite video. As if that wasn’t enough, we have ads on the various OTT platforms in the beginning and middle of various shows, completely ruining our weekend binging plans. But one platform that is absolutely advertisement-free is NETFLIX. But if that’s the case, how does Netflix sustain and earn revenue?

Let’s find out. Niche Marketing and the World Around It. Have you ever heard of a business that solves a problem that you did not even know existed or maybe did not see as a problem? Or maybe someone telling you “find your niche” and related statements? Well, niche products and services cater to a subset of the entire market with very focused products and services that fulfill their very specific needs and requirements. In simple terms, a niche market is a very small segment of the market that has very specific requirements that they want to be met. Consumers of such products and services do not mind paying a little extra than usual since they are aware of the personalization & customization that these offerings cater to. Niches are not just for small indie brands with quirky merchandise but big corporations can and should also adopt niche marketing to stand out from the rest. How to make virtual events more engaging? How to make virtual events more engaging?

Virtual events emerged as a harbinger of hope for businesses and individuals during the pandemic. They presented a brighter future for organizations and the way forward as everybody sat at home. Business functions continued and so did the need for gatherings and events for various occasions. Virtual events like webinars, online conferences, virtual award shows etc. are seeing growth and these virtual events will probably shape into hybrid events that service the audience online as well as offline. These virtual events will not only stay relevant but also grow from this point onwards as they are scalable, more cost-effective, resulting in higher ROI, time-saving, and reach a wider and more diverse audience. Why do Market Leaders Advertise? Marketing is an ongoing process and does not stop at any stage of a business, product or service. Right from the launch of a startup and its offerings, to when a company is a market leader and beyond, marketing plays an essential role in keeping the brand alive and relevant amongst the audience.

This is why marketing is a continuous and important process. One would see the big players like Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, Google etc., launching brand marketing campaigns even today, irrespective of their position in the market. Recently, we saw WhatsApp launching its integrated marketing campaign- ‘Message Privately’ which is live across Facebook, Instagram, TV, Radio, OOH and Digital. BuyingEngine Founded to Improve Consumer's Buying Experience and Benefits. How would you like to sum up Buying Engine’s journey, right from inception till now? BuyingEngine© has been an enlightening, awakening and gratifying journey so far.

The journey that started in 2019 with an aim to improve buying experience of all online consumers, has taken a much larger perspective. Business Sectors that boosted during pandemic. Emerging Technology Trends In E-Commerce. Why are Digital Marketplaces the Future of E-commerce? How Social Commerce is driving Sales Growth. Why brands should create unique and customer-oriented marketing solutions. Fans or Brands, Why The Olympics is Essential for All. How to choose a digital marketing agency for your start-ups in 2021? Digital marketing for professional services: how to succeed in 2021? India- A promising field for digital payments growth. Cryptocurrency- The future of payments or just a bubble? Ecommerce- Consumer and Investor choice in pandemic. Crisis Marketing- Brands that aced it and missed it. Recency Bias and how it affects our marketing efforts. Traditional Marketing: What will remain relevant for the times to come?

Are your Segmenting your customers or Stereotyping them? What is CLV and how does it benefit your business? Hybrid Retail Experience- The Future of Retail? Shift in the Media Consumption Habits. Purpose-driven marketing for a sustainable business model. Why are Affluent Indians moving Abroad? Is LinkedIn turning into Facebook? Artificial Intelligence- Better Customer Experience enabling Better Business. The Changing Shape of Indian Startup Ecosystem. Myntra Logo: Are individual opinions worth billions of spends?

Experiential Marketing- An experience like no other! A Guide to what drives Millenial Marketing. Category Creation- A Smart Business Strategy. A Take on Snackable Content. How to market your brand during pandemic. Pandemic Packaging. DealComeTrue’s ‘Bold’ Step Now Validated By Jio-Facebook Partnership! Post Covid-19 Opportunities: Automobile Industry. Post COVID-19 Opportunities for Lawyers. Untitled.