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Ranjana Jha

Passive Income Generation Opportunities. The advent of internet has marked a change in the general perception of people who were jostling hard to make their two ends meet. Along with seasoned of professionals from varied fields, internet offers a wide array of options for individuals who wish to earn a bit of extra money but lack prior experience. As the most viable option available, passive income may help their financial cause considerably. Passive income or more often referred to as residual income is generally defined as money received from an activity or activity source in addition to conventional employment sources.

Stated another way, your conventional mode of income enables you to buy a cake and the passive income adds the icing on the cake making it wholesome, satisfying and lucrative. The very essence of passive income is that it enables you to receive an income stream even when you hung up your boots or are unable to work temporarily. Create a Blog Site: Read More: Step By Step Guide to Monetize Your Blog Create a CD: Various Ways to Make Money Through Online Marketing. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician. Later when I entered adolescence I made up my mind to become a Special Agent/Detective. The reason for both my aspirations was one. Both Magicians and Special Agents Detectives have a secret that no one knows about and the people are always in awe of these mysterious people. Today, I can say that I am doing something which comes really close to the profession; I wanted to be in, as a child.

Many people in today’s urban life take cues for their lives by taking their queries to a search engine, atleast once a day. What they don’t always know about is the sheer amount of effort it takes to get a website ranking high enough to gain visibility for their exact search query. So in a way, everything looks automatic to the people but in reality, we are behind the curtains, doing the coin tricks.

So what are the things that we can do by learning these tricks? Blogging – Blogging is the emerging star in the world of web. How do you get started? Traffic. Online Earning Opportunity for Freshers. Making money online until the last decade or so meant having your own website and employing a web designer or a marketing genius to sell your products on the internet. Not anymore. The emergence of a brand new generation of dotcoms has empowered people to get paid for their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes.

A sustainable source of income can be raised today by using legitimate companies having dependable business models that allow you to get paid for a wide range of activities online. We present some of the most pragmatic options below, which can make earning from home via the internet a possibility. Using freelance websites When looking at some of the real and legitimate ways to earn from home, freelance websites are the first to come to your mind. In order to be a successful freelance writer there are several important things that must be kept in mind. Freelancing on the internet is not limited to content writing alone. Read More:Websites for Part Time Jobs in India.

Affiliate Marketing: A Rewarding Career. We are all conscious and aware of the growing internet users and the extent of dependence on it. Digital marketing has a big role to play here since it connects businesses to their customers via the virtual medium. The emergence of digital marketing saw a burst of avenues paving way for new business opportunities and job roles. One such emerging business opportunity is affiliate marketing which has become very lucrative. What is Affiliate Marketing? While most people are aware belonging to the industry are aware of it, here’s a concise idea about affiliate marketing, for those who aren’t aware.

It’s inspired from the oldest kind of marketing, previously done offline, where you refer a product to someone and when he/ she purchases it you make a certain amount of commission. This same idea is used in affiliate marketing which a small change. How does it work? For someone who wants to engage into affiliate marketing, he/she has to get a website made. Skills required for Affiliate Marketing. Websites for Part-Time Jobs in India. Marriage, childbirth, retirement, etc. all bring about various changes in an individual’s life, especially women, which compel them to call off their professional life. Even if they have an urge to resume their profession, they hold back because they are not able to commit the amount of time and energy that a full time job requires. While part time jobs have been around for a while now, there were very few means to land a decent role that matches your qualifications and skills and lets you work as per your comfort.

However, times have changed and today more and more companies and businesses are looking for a workforce that can be hired for short durations and let off when the work is done. Despite the new forums and portals that have emerged where such part time job seekers can find suitable roles, they vary in terms of suitability, i.e., while one portal may be a good go-to for writers, the other may be better for website designers. So what kind of part time job are you looking for?