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I am an Ecommerce development Professional having 5+ years of experience in PHP development. Have good hands on experience with HTML, CSS, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento development.

Where to hire affordable Shopify experts Nov 2019. Get A Competitive Advantage with PHP Web App Development. The digital retail is a flourishing industry with millions investing every year.

Get A Competitive Advantage with PHP Web App Development

With a progressively upside trend, several technical geeks are coming up with the best solutions to support business set up online. Considering various software available to build websites online, PHP is the best option to choose from. If we look at PHP usage statistics, almost 80 percent of all web services have been written in PHP. Although many marketers are stressing out the flaws and areas of improvement for PHP and its related frameworks. Still, there are several aspects of PHP that are worth appreciation. iPhone App Development. Where to Hire Best iOS Developers in 2019 - Learn Now. Looking for PHP Framework? Here’s what you get with LARAVEL 6. PHP is the most commonly used scripting language worldwide, to build web solutions.

Looking for PHP Framework? Here’s what you get with LARAVEL 6

It puts its users at complete ease with its framework that cuts down on development cost and time. With such readily available PHP framework, you can avoid writing repetitive code while building exceedingly fast applications (RAD). Talking about Laravel, it is an open-source PHP framework that is well-known to develop MVC based applications. It is completely compatible with web hosting accounts. In September, it released its latest version Laravel 6 that focused on various improvements and additions to serve its users finer. In this post, I will be listing down those enhancements and other features that you can explore with Laravel 6 in regards to your website development. Principles of iOS App Development You Need to Know.

Native app development can be a complex process, whether for Android or iOS platforms.

Principles of iOS App Development You Need to Know

That is why it is important to look for a developer who has hands-on experience in mobile app development. Native app development can be a complex process, whether for Android or iOS platforms. Iphone App Development Experts - Contact Now - Florida, US. Custom PHP Web Development Services - Contact Now melbourne 183038. Hire iOS Developer at affordable price - Contact The Brihaspati Infotech. Nav Post ad Backpage daytona Post ad Nearby Cities.

Hire iOS Developer at affordable price - Contact The Brihaspati Infotech

Headless Commerce - It's Time to Rethink Your eCommerce Strategy. Find out what a headless commerce is, the difference between monolithic CMS vs headless CMS, and the pros & cons of headless CMS.

Headless Commerce - It's Time to Rethink Your eCommerce Strategy

This article will also talk about a few popular platforms & which CMS supports headless commerce. Ever since the introduction of eCommerce, it has been growing at a rapid pace. Let's have a quick view of some of the statistics: "The total value of global retail eCommerce sales will reach $3.45T in 2019. - Source: Statista" "E-commerce retail sales are expected to account for 13.7% of global retail sales in 2019. - Source: Statista" "80% of Internet users in the US have made at least one purchase online. - Source: Statista" From the above statistics, one thing is pretty much sure that we will be going to see tough competition among the popular eCommerce brands.

In addition to this, customer expectations are also uniformly changing, and they expect more seamless experiences across all channels and touchpoints. Custom Shopify Wholesale App - Best Shopify Wholesale Pricing App. Categories E-commerce | Others | Shopify | Yii Shopify merchants often spend several hours thinking to upscale their business.

Custom Shopify Wholesale App - Best Shopify Wholesale Pricing App

As a product owner, you must be investing in advertising or referral programs, to promote your store to new prospects. Ever given a shot to the wholesaling? If not, this could be the best time to take them into the loop. iPhone App Development Experts. iPhone is a brand known to launch a premium range of mobile devices every year which are powered with a fluidic iOS operating system and thus is purchased by a large group and loyal customers.

iPhone App Development Experts

Over time it has become a preferred choice of consumers as it supports a large appstore with 10,000+ readily downloadable iPhone apps. Thus, it comes as a thriving open opportunity for businesses to reach users through an iOS mobile app and increase their sales and revenue. Choose The Brihaspati Infotech as your mobile app development partners to set up powerful iOS apps. When you hire iOS developers they ensure to deliver futuristic and feature-rich iPhone application while following a very transparent approach.

Hire Shopify Developer – Dedicated Shopify Experts India. Shopify (an ideal platform for small to medium sized online businesses) is the most popular & powerful turnkey e-commerce platform that offers an intuitive and professional experience to run an E-store.

Hire Shopify Developer – Dedicated Shopify Experts India

With Shopify, you could be running an E-commerce store in a short span of time. Shopify ecommerce comes fully packed with powerful features like Unlimited products, Multiple sales channel, Fraud analysis, Discount codes, Integrated POS, Financial reports and very strong Community backing. PHP Web Development- Best Laravel eCommerce Packages in 2019. eCommerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year with no signs of slowing down in the near future.

PHP Web Development- Best Laravel eCommerce Packages in 2019

As per Kinsta, it is estimated that by the end of 2040 almost 95% of purchases will be done via eCommerce. Keeping such figures in mind, many retailers opt for online website set up. To support their needs, there are multiple web platforms and scripting languages available. Picking up PHP web development itself becomes an adventurous journey for retailer as he will get with multiple frameworks to choose from.

BigCommerce Theme Development Services. Developing eLearning Portal: Using WordPress LMS Integration. Categories Web Development | WordPress With the advent of technology, where everything has revolutionized, a new-age learning called ‘eLearning’ has come into effect.

Developing eLearning Portal: Using WordPress LMS Integration

The evolution of this Internet-based learning has made a huge impact on the ways information is delivered and accessed today. Not only in providing academic courses but also corporate training at enterprise levels, eLearning has become the most desirable means of providing knowledge. From the viewpoint of the user, eLearning has provided an ease of getting information anywhere without the need of ‘being there’. However, as an eLearning provider when you are all set with your modules developed, you might be wondering about what to be done next? What tools at your disposal will deliver these modules to the learners/users? Well, here’s a catch. Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) can solve your problems.

Before plunging into its implementation and core benefits, let us understand: What exactly is an LMS? 1. 2. A comprehensive approach towards ‘WordPress Custom Post Types’ Undoubtedly, WordPress is doing well in CMS game over the past several years. With its flexible approach to technological advancements, it has gained appreciation of 1000s business owners. Custom post type mechanism has added fuel to its growth and popularity among individuals. Re-discovering WordPress Theme Development With ReactJS. With Wordpress REST API now available, developers are able to use UI frameworks like ReactJS for superior custom UI development. But is ReactJS the ultimate UI kit for Wordpress? Let’s find out. Categories ReactJS | Web Development | WordPress WordPress is one of the most extensively used content management systems. It powers over 25% of the world’s largest ten million websites and over 59% of all websites using a CMS.

Some prefer it for the availability of countless themes and plugins using which you can set up websites in minimal time. Php development company - the brihaspati infotech. WordPress Development Services - Custom WordPress Development Company India. Poptype. Top Challenges to Consider while Building a Web Application. Setting up online website (either personal or commercial) is seeing a great proliferation and that too at an aggressive rate.

And, when it comes to developing a successful and profitable web application there are various factors that define success. Today consumers are well-versed with technological advances so they want the best of it. Keeping various things in mind, I have curated a list of different challenges faced by vendors while building a compelling web application along with the appropriate solution below:- UX or UI Small UI elements that we utilize to build the front-end of our web applications make the biggest impact on our end users. So, you also need to take care of this need in your web applications. Major Considerations while Converting WordPress Website into eCommerce store Article. Presently, WordPress is powering more than 30% of the websites worldwide out of which many are successful blog websites and other selling stores.

Apparently, it is a powerful CMS that is quite scalable and flexible to serve variant needs of clients. In regards to eCommerce needs, WordPress allows you to integrate appropriate plugins that enlarge its default functioning and framework to serve the shoppers. However, from the retailer’s point of view, there are always some aspects that he/she may not have taken seriously while running a WordPress website for a blog or personal use.

And, the same shall definitely bother your online trade once setup eCommerce store on the WordPress setup. PHP Development Services - Custom PHP Development Company India. Shopify RMA App: Building Return Merchandise Authorization App in Shopify. Categories E-commerce | Shopify | Web Development As an eCommerce merchant, you might have been encountered with several instances where your customers were not satisfied with the products, didn’t like the color of purchased items, or they found the received item was broken. The sole solution to tackle such scenarios is to allow your customers to have products returns, refunds, and store credits. However, while dealing with the returns and exchanges, a major challenge for E-commerce merchants is to ensure that the return requests are genuine and not deceitful activities from hackers or hidden identity thieves.

Besides, there are some customers who try to return items that were not bought at the merchant’s original stores. So, e-commerce companies needed a system which can authorize product return and exchange requests to protect their assets. This is where the Return Merchandise Authorization system comes into action. Developing Custom Bigcommerce Payment Gateway for Green.Money and Connexure. With no support from BigCommerce, developing a custom BigCommerce payment gateway brings a handful of challenges. Find out how we handled these challenges with this article.

Migrating to WordPress: 301 Redirection & Preserving SEO. Custom Shopify Payment Gateway Development For Paycertify. Categories E-commerce | Shopify With a user base of over 600,000 businesses in over 175 countries and being preferred choice of Red Bull, Nestle, Kylie Cosmetics, and others, Shopify is one of the most successful CMS solutions to run Ecommerce stores.

Being an economical, easy to use, and self hosted CMS, Shopify allows merchants to build professional eCommerce websites in minimal time. Wordpress Migration and Integration Services. Custom Shopify App Development: Shopify Countdown Timer App With Announcement Bar. Actionable Tips to Secure your WordPress Website! Undoubtedly, today’s digital space is full of many lucrative opportunities along with a constant fear of security hacks and data thefts. Many of us often struggle from various security related issues like identity loss, admin hack, chargebacks, and so on. WordPress Migration Company India. Fashion and Apparel Industry: Growing needs and eCommerce. Global Apparel industry is the only one that is rapidly growing at a healthy rate despite every past global economic downturn. It is always of a great importance to every nation’s economy in terms of investment, employment, and profits.

As per Cumulative data collected by Shopify on Fashion and Apparel industry, the global revenue is projected to increase from $481.2 billion (current year) to $712.9 billion by the year 2022. In today’s digital world, consumers are no longer interested in stepping out of their place and buy products for them. Moreover, internet and technology have affected the world of apparel and textiles. Ecommerce Shipping Labels In BigCommerce: A Complete Guide. WordPress Migration - WordPress Integration Services India. Hire Shopify Experts from The Brihaspati Infotech for a robust eCommerce web development.