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Clover - using resources wisely

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Spring Crafts: Bird Feeder. CD Dreamcatchers Craft. Find out how to make a unique dreamcatcher using old CDs, submitted by Maureen Gilbert.

CD Dreamcatchers Craft

Materials Needed: CD's (one per dreamcatcher) String (embroidery floss works nice) White glue Paint brush (for applying glue to cd) Colored sand Glitter Pony beads Feathers Drill (small holes--approx 1/8 inch) Instructions: Drill holes in a cd - about 4, more if you like, approximately 1/4 inch from the edge. Loop a piece of string through one hole at "top" of cd to hang disc. Tie strings approximately 8 - 10 inches long through 3 (or more) holes toward bottom of disc. Apply glue to entire disc (label side). String beads onto threads. Craft: Recycling project - make a photo frame from a CD case - Craft Elf. DIY - how to turn a CD into a suncatcher. D-I-Y > CD Suncatcher description: Transform a CD into a suncatcher.

DIY - how to turn a CD into a suncatcher

It's really easy. You can also check out this project in the Plastic Pizzazz Book in the This into That series. ingredients: - 2 CDs - embroidery floss - permanent markers tools: - scissors instructions: 1. 2. 3. Be Dazzled: Kaleidoscope. Paper towel tube cut eight inches (20 centimeters) long Clear plastic report cover Ruler Pen or marker Paring knife or art utility knife Four-inch (ten-centimeter) squares (one each) of black construction paper, plastic wrap, and waxed paper Scissors Rubber band Clear tape Colored transparent beads, small sequins, and shiny confetti Stickers and wrapping paper HERE’S HOW Draw an 8-by-4-inch (20-by-10-centimeter) rectangle on the report cover.

Be Dazzled: Kaleidoscope

Cut it out. Draw three lines across the rectangle as shown. Fold the plastic along the lines to form a triangular shape. The quarter-inch (.6-centimeter) strip goes on the outside. Tape the strip along the edge so it stays closed. Light travels in a straight line through empty space, but when it bumps into an object, it changes direction. Text by Laura Daily Illustrations by David Bamundo. Daisy Petal Ideas. Daisy Petal Ideas v Light blue – Honest and Fair Ø Each girl had a turn to hold the flag, start the Pledge and start the Friendship Hug.

Daisy Petal Ideas

We would take turns (being fair) and honestly report when we had completed each one of those jobs so that we could accurately tell who had and had not had turns to do these things. Ø Question and Answer Game/”Aesop’s Fable” Ø Divided up homemade pizza. Ø Read the “Honest-to-Goodness Truth” book. Ø I gave the girls a basket of various balls (the lightweight balls that come with a ball pit). Ø Helped clean-up at meetings Ø We went with another Daisy troop to Golden Pond.

Ø Earned money to buy gifts for a little boy; wrapped gifts together as a troop Ø “Color-a Smile”, each Daisy colored a picture which we sent to color-a smile who distributes pictures to people in the hospital to brighten their day Ø We participated in the Food Drive held in the fall Ø Hiking & Crossing bridges. Ø Each girl tried or did something that was difficult for her.

How to Earn the Green Daisy Petal Use Resources Wisely. Earning the green Daisy Scout petal-use resources wisely-is perfect for not only saving the Earth, but for saving your troop’s treasury money.

How to Earn the Green Daisy Petal Use Resources Wisely

By recycling common household products, you are teaching the girls a valuable lesson on how to make something from nothing. There are several crafts that you can do to earn the green Daisy girl scout petal. All of them cost very little to make. The only thing you will have to do is contact the parents of the girls in your troop ahead of time so they can help you collect and prepare the items you need. All of the activities would also be great for celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. Plastic Planters Before the meeting, ask the girls parents to cut a two liter soda bottle or plastic milk or ice tea container in half. As the leader, you will also need to buy or have on hand:

DAISY PETAL HELPS. Daisy%20Petal%20Program%20-%20Green%20Petal.