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Paper Flower Tealight. Battery powered tea lights have been popular for a couple of years now.

Paper Flower Tealight

They are great party decorations because unlike regular candle tea lights, these are safe. This paper project decorates a tea light with a paper flower design made out of card stock and is easy and fast to make. These flower would look absolutely gorgeous on a buffet table or as a table decoration. All you have to do is cut out flower parts and hot glue them onto the plastic led tea light. Just follow the directions below and soon you will have really cute and easy to make decorative party lights. 1.Download the tea light flower project template here. 2.Cut out 7 petals from light colored card stock. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ping Pong. Soda Can Tab Lamp Shade. Chopstick lampshade tutorial. A few weeks before I left for my Chile vacations MIL took me to one of my now favorite stores 99c! It’s crazy how much stuff they have all for 99c. And even tho I would not buy things I need quality, why not get the ones I need quantity?

I got 2 bags of 50 chopstick for $1.98 pretty good huh? – But the best part with what I made with it, a pretty lampshade for my craftroom =] - Old lampshade wires or thick wire to make your top loop - 1 or 2 chopstick bags (50 units) depending on the size you want – I used 1 1/2 bags - hemp twine - Ruler, pen, hot glue & scissors Step Uno - First you will need to start marking your chopsticks, I marked 1/2″ on the top and the bottom, do that very light on the back of the chopstick (the plain side without the center crack) but depending on how you want it to look you can do it the other way, I just really liked the pattern left when they were all together.

Step Tres - Repeat the same process for the bottom, I found it easier to do 3 at a time. Light Shade. Contributor Post by Chelsea of Lovely Indeed Hi all!

Light Shade

Chelsea here from Lovely Indeed, happy to be joining the amazing DIY squad at Poppytalk! I'm a big fan of recycling and repurposing, so I decided to get to work on some cardboard boxes I had laying around the house. As it turns out, cardboard makes a pretty sweet little pendant light. First, gather your materials. Corrugated cardboard, 25" wide and as tall as you'd like your lightSpray paintYard stickBox cutterGlue gunPendant light cord (this one from Ikea is only $5!) Step 1: Start by spray painting one side of the cardboard. Step 2: Mark the cardboard at 5-inch intervals lengthwise with the box cutter. Cassette Tapes as Lighting. If you’re a product of the 1980s, it’s safe to say that cassette tapes were a way of life at one point or another.

Since cassettes probably aren’t going to be making a comeback the creative minds of “ Ooo My Design ” have figured out various way to re-use the nostalgic plastic tapes. One of those ways is through lighting for any space . From pendants to floor lamps and light up cubes, there are even “special editions” that feature clear cassettes for the ultimate luminous glow. They’re all tied together and can be taken apart if you’ve got the urge to listen to some of your favorite 80s bands. Each piece is unique and handmade with an emphasis on the iconic ‘technology’ of yesteryear.

Via: DesignTaxi. Flower Lights. By Kelly on Sep 18, 2012 So, I compromised on my Must Post Halloween Projects Now desire.

Flower Lights

A DIY in Halloween colors but one that could be adapted for any and every party: DIY fringe string lights! Oh, if only I could tell you how long I’ve been wanting to do this. It’s so simple and, yes, removable so you can switch it out for any holiday, birthday or other bash you may be throwing. Nothing like pulling those Christmas lights out of storage before December rolls around, right? Supply List: Fairy Lights. I’ve been contemplating getting a set of flower fairy lights for quite some time now. But then I decided that making a set would be more fun. Flower Lights. There are so many fun crafty things that can be done with paper pulp egg cartons.

Flower Lights

When I came across these unique purple ones in the trash at my office (yes, I dug them out of the trash), I just knew they could be turned into something really spectacular. My idea? This paper pulp egg carton flower pendant light. I think this flower pendant light would add a pretty feminine touch to a girl’s room or any room that needs a pretty, feminine touch . This pendant light gives off a soft, beautiful ambient light. Project Cost: Approximately $30 Tools & Materials: 15-foot extension cord,One strand of 50-count miniature white Christmas lights,Paper pulp egg cartons (at least 80 cups, plus a few extras to allow for errors),Metal hardware cloth with 1/2-inch grid,Approximately 50 4-inch zip ties,Scissors (they need to be sharp!)

Instructions: Prepare the flowers (you’ll need a total of 40 flowers): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2. 3. Feather Lights. On a toujours besoin d'une jolie guirlande pour décorer un coin de mur, un événement, pour constituer un joli fond où faire des photos, souvenirs d'une belle journée !

Feather Lights

Un tuto rapide et peu onéreux que les mamans apprécieront de faire avec leurs enfants (enfilage de morceaux de pailles comme la technique du collier de pâtes!).