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Introduce gamification to your internal customer support activities - kapdesk. Customer support gamification essentially is all about adopting a mindset and the concepts that follow – and it’s referred to as game thinking. Using the mechanics of game thinking, your executives can solve complex problems and engage your customers effectively. Pleasing and keeping your customers engaged and loyal is a strenuous task, since they need to be motivated to continue being in touch with you. You can overcome these challenges by giving incentives to your customers, such as a gift card or introducing a loyalty program. However, this has been exhausted by every other business out there.

If you really want to increase interactions with your customer, then you will have to give them recognition. How gamification works in a workplaceThe problem with many things done for customer retention today is that it does not really scale very well. This is not really a good move when it comes to keeping your customers motivated. The idea of gamification is to keep things exciting and awesome. Looking deeper into your Twitter interactions can help you turn your shortcomings around - kapdesk. Providing support on social media can be both fun and a headache. Social media opens the door for your customer support system to interact with a large number of customers at any given time.

But, amongst the many social media platforms that are available today, Twitter comes across as the most intriguing and interesting one. Twitter facilitates instant interactions and these interactions can come from a wide variety of different users at any given time. Add to the fact that the information being shared must have a limited number of characters. Due to all of the above factors, information flowing through Twitter is constant and at times is used as an intermediate channel, since conversations may also be directed to other channels for more clarity. Track conversation around the brandOnce it is clear as to what role Twitter plays in providing customer service, you should focus on tracking your conversations.

Is your audience able to relate to the messages that you are relaying? Mobile support is paving the way for instant issue resolution - kapdesk. Mobile is ubiquitous in the world that we live in today. People use smartphones and keep their smartphones with them all the time. And, it is also being used for customer service now. Many of your customers will turn to social media when they are faced with a particular problem regarding the product or service. And, when they fail to get an appropriate response, they will resort to using the same social media platform for venting out frustration. Since, everything today is online and mobile, this can be used as an advantage by your customer support system. How? Let’s find out. Employ the right channel You should have a multitude of channels that you can use to provide customer service to your customers.

Employ the right toolsThe tools that you employ when going mobile are as important as the platform you are using. Deliver fast customer serviceCustomer service has been changed due to the mobile economy. Empower your call center agents with a prosper escalation framework - kapdesk. Irrespective of how efficient and proactive your customer care system is, there will always be cases where you will have to be on your toes and manage accounts of customers that are going through escalation. The process of escalation management can be a stressful and strenuous task. Hence, it is important that you have a formal process, that will enable your business to painlessly deal with the escalations and handle them as effectively as possible.

When dealing with an escalation issue there is no objective escalation procedure for a guaranteed successful resolution. Although, there are certain guidelines that you can follow which will ensure that your overall chances of success increase when you are dealing with complex internal processes: Get executives to participateThis is something that every escalation procedure must follow. Also, in-order to manage the process in a smooth manner, you should have an Escalated Accounts Manager in place. Ever wonder why bad customer service is even a thing? - kapdesk. Customer service is a difficult task to master and, one negative incident is more than enough to lose a customer, forever. In this article, we will explore the common characteristics that lead to bad customer service. Bad customer service can lead to huge losses, and in order to avoid that, it is important that alternatives are put in place. With the right alternative and ticketing system in place, you can serve your customer better and more efficiently. 1.

Failing to greet customers when they get in touch with you Failing to acknowledge your customer that is getting in touch with your business will make them feel alienated, and will make them feel that they are not valued. 2. It’s common knowledge that your agents don’t like being shouted upon. 3. No one wants to spend their time on the phone talking to a customer care executive. 4. This point is more in line with the above point. 5. This is more apt for businesses that are providing products and services that are of technical nature.

Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining traction in the digital world, and customer service can benefit from it - kapdesk. Customer service is a practice that has rooted itself in every business’ operations in the modern world. Whether you’re an airline company that is managing thousands of customers every day, or an FMCG company that is delivering millions of products, having a proactive system that understands the success of each product or service can be of tremendous help to the business. Not only can they gauge customer expectations much better, but also continuously keep improving their catalogue. While modern systems are good enough to handle a large number of daily complaints and feedback, businesses need to start realizing that perfect customer service follows from the minimization of these customer enquirers. And that can only be achieved by getting it right the first time – essentially, it means solving problems before they can manifest themselves.

IoT is increasingly being touted as a major tool in the future of customer service systems. And for good reason. Catering to Higher Customer Expectations. How can you use a team inbox to improve your agents' productivity? - kapdesk. All businesses today are using email aliases to manage a vast array of inquiries coming their way. These inquiries could either be from colleagues from other departments or from people with queries regarding the company’s products or services. However, the email applications present in the market today don’t make it any easy for teams to collaborate with each other effectively. This usually leads to breaking of heads and wasting of time trying to configure email and give their customers a better support experience.

But, you don’t have to put up with all of that if you have a team inbox with you. What is a team inbox? What happens when you don’t employ a competent email management system? When the traditional email is used to resolve critical issues that are affecting the company’s performance, then using emails is like waiting for a disaster to happen. Also, ineffectively using email can lead to well-thought solutions not being delivered to the customers. Having customers contact you through multiple platforms should always come as good news - kapdesk.

Each of your customers is unique, and that requires you to see to their needs differently. They all have their own and personal preferences, along with their likes and dislikes. So, connecting with them in the same way would be an exercise in futility. This is exactly where multi-channel customer service or ticketing system comes into play. The importance of a multi-channel customer service should never be underestimated. However, what’s important is that their choice of platform is available to them, which will allow them to get in touch with your customer service agent as easy as picking up a phone or typing out a message on a computer. But, it doesn’t end here; on the contrary, this marks the beginning. For a communication that is appropriate and responsive, follow these tips. Put IVR to good use Your consumers want to be heard, and nothing can deliver this to them other than voice services.

Use SMSes for improved customer experiences Customer expectations are always on the rise. Support your customers whenever and from wherever they want - kapdesk. It’s no easy job to scale a business with a growing userbase, but it is something that any successful business has to deal with. With scaling, amongst a variety of other new problems, comes the trouble of dealing with the customer support of a constantly growing and evolving business.

This implies that your support team will always be growing. During this process, it is important that you don’t lose sight of how important a customer service team is for your business. The value of a competent customer service team, backed by a customer service system, should never be underestimated. Here are some tips to have a customer support system that is capable of supporting your customers at any given time. Outsourcing is not always the right optionThis might not be common knowledge, but outsourcing your customer support might lead to your business missing out on valuable feedback. Competent customer support representatives will understand and respect your clientele. The content marketing practices that you ought to know about! - kapdesk.

Every business’ success depends on the amount of efforts that they are putting into marketing. But for them to succeed, they also need to take their marketing to the next level. You might be wondering what else you can do in order to give your marketing the boost that it needs. There’s always the possibility of adopting a marketing CRM software, using which you can equip your marketing executives with a mobile CRM to its best effect. There is no need to wonder about it anymore, as we are going to discuss some of the marketing practices that you need to be working on, which will benefit all the kinds of businesses, irrespective of size and industry vertical.

Get to know about your clients before you move ahead with marketingYour business has to be structured around your customers, and every idea that your business is planning to venture into should be based solely upon the customers your business is serving. But here’s the deal. What can you do in such a scenario? Big Data – the perfect tool for maximizing the value of your customer support - kapdesk. If you haven’t heard about ‘Big Data’ and targeted advertising, chances are that you have been off the grid. If not, then you already know about the gradual progress that big data has made and the amount of traction targeted advertising has gained as its effect. Marketers have been swift to take advantage of the features that targeted advertising and big data have to offer. But, what exactly is big data? What is big data? What’s important though is not the amount of data that’s coming your way, but what your business is planning to do with that data. Big data enables your business to analyze emerging trends and gain better insights into customer behavior, which in turn will lead to better decisions and strategic moves that will benefit your business in the long haul.

This is usually accomplished by using the browser history, a record of your online behavior and other key metadata. Well, there’s no need to worry. Integrating Google Analytics into your knowledge base can make all the difference - kapdesk. A knowledge base is very valuable for any organization, and this fact is irrefutable. Having the most relevant and useful information in your knowledge base is very important if you want your business to prosper. The challenge of getting visitors to your website and making them consider your product is a humongous challenge. And this can be made easy if you have a good knowledge base to start with. There are a multitude of ways using which you can improve and develop your knowledge base. Your knowledge base is going to change as you keep evolving as a business, and will continue to get refined in this process. Moving forward, the major differences that you will find in your knowledge base will be due to the result of utilization of data points – as your customer support team gets more and more data to work with, the better your knowledge base can be.

It is common knowledge that Google Analytics is the industry’s gold standard when it comes to data analytical tools. How is this useful? Make your email magical using a ticketing system! - kapdesk. Every organization aims at delivering a customer service experience that’s exceptional, but this service shouldn’t come at the expense of your executives being tied to their desks.

Not only does this end up becoming an extremely inefficient way of delivering customer service, but it is also very boring. Although your executives can rely on mobile applications to deliver good service to the customers, it requires them to carry certain devices that have the app installed in them. This leaves us with email, which is universally accessible using most, if not all, devices. But, the question that begs an answer is, how much can you accomplish just by providing your service through email? Email notifications to the rescueIt’s not uncommon for a ticket to stay idle in an inbox for a prolonged period of time simply because the executive didn’t get a timely notification, and hence wasn’t able to get back to it. This at times could be the difference between winning a customer over and losing one. The “Hello” that never gets old - kapdesk. Your products’ usability and brand value are important factors that influence your clients’ decisions before they make a purchase.

What is equally important, if not less, is your reach and the quality of your post-sales support. They are crucial elements, and play a pretty vital role in bringing you more clients. After all, nobody wants to stay with someone who won’t stay with them after the transaction is completed. If your customers have an assurance that their post-purchase journey will be as exciting and courteous as the pre-purchase, it can become the key definition of your brand and help you obtain and keep more customers. Even today, with multiple channels available at your disposal, many of your clients prefer to get in touch with you using the phone. In such a scenario, where your clients might be trying to get in touch with you for a multitude of reasons, it is important that you offer the best phone support possible. But, is this really a good option? Customer loyalty starts with a smooth support channel! - kapdesk. The customer support channel of your organization is like a funnel, in a metaphorical sense.

The different departments within your organization – such as sales, marketing and accounting – work hard to ensure that the customer becomes a part of your business. But, it is the journey through the post-sales funnel that decides if they will stick with your company. The smoother their journey, the longer they will want to stick with you for business.

A well-designed support will encourage brand loyaltyWhen your support funnel is designed as per your internal as well as external requirements, then your customers can be directed towards the right solution with minimum effort on your clients’ part. Not only you will be saving time by directing users to the appropriate solution, but you’ll also be making things easier for your executives. Incorporate self-serviceYour customer will always look forward to using the self-service option when they encounter any difficulty. Your knowledge base can have a direct impact on your customers’ experience - kapdesk. It’s time for you to align your support, sales, and marketing teams - kapdesk. What you should know before integrating social media in your helpdesk - kapdesk. Kapdesk | Customer Service Software & Helpdesk Support.

Every business must have customer happiness as their end-goal - kapdesk. With great service practices, comes a great customer support platform - kapdesk. Don’t make your customers wait too long for a reply - kapdesk. Focusing on the customer is not enough, it’s time you focus on the employees - kapdesk. The secret sauce to instant resolution of tickets - kapdesk.

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Employee Management Software, Staff Management Software, Employee Scheduling Software. Customer Management Software, Contact Management Software, Customer Management, Customer management Tool. Measure the performance of your customer service team - kapdesk. The Do’s and Don’ts for customer support crisis management - kapdesk. The importance of auto-response for email support - kapdesk. How analytics can help businesses? - kapdesk. How can social media help your business grow? - kapdesk. 7 unique ways to build customer loyalty - kapdesk. Providing awesome social media customer service - kapdesk.

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