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A list of various phantom islands recorded throughout history. How to Set Up Your Own DIY Bio Lab. So you would like to try your hand at some biohacking.

How to Set Up Your Own DIY Bio Lab

Professional labs cost hundreds of thousand of dollars to build from scratch, but you can get started for around $500 or less with a little improvisation and patience. Large Equipment Let’s start with the pieces that will take up the biggest chunk of space in your lab: refrigerator, freezer, autoclave, and incubator. 1 - Wikipedia. Etymology[edit] The word one can be used as a noun, an adjective and a pronoun.[1] It comes from the English word an,[1] which comes from the Proto-Germanic root *ainaz.[1] The Proto-Germanic root *ainaz comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *oi-no-.[1] Compare the Proto-Germanic root *ainaz to Old Frisian an, Gothic ains, Danish een, Dutch een, German eins and Old Norse einn.

1 - Wikipedia

Physicists Say They've Created a Fluid With 'Negative Mass' Researchers in the US say they've created a fluid with negative mass in the lab... which is exactly as mind-bending as it sounds.

Physicists Say They've Created a Fluid With 'Negative Mass'

What it means is that, unlike pretty much every other known physical object, when you push this fluid, it accelerates backwards instead of moving forwards. Such an oddity could tell scientists about some of the strange behaviour that happens within black holes and neutron stars. But let's take a step back for a second here, because how can something have negative mass? Hypothetically speaking, matter should be able to have negative mass in the same way that an electric charge can be either negative or positive.

On paper that works, but it's still debated in the science world whether negative mass objects can really exist without breaking the laws of physics - something that's not helped by the fact that the very concept is hard for us mere humans to wrap our heads around. Researchers capture first 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies. Researchers at the University of Waterloo have been able to capture the first composite image of a dark matter bridge that connects galaxies together.

Researchers capture first 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies

The scientists publish their work in a new paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The composite image, which combines a number of individual images, confirms predictions that galaxies across the universe are tied together through a cosmic web connected by dark matter that has until now remained unobservable. Dark matter, a mysterious substance that comprises around 25 per cent of the universe, doesn't shine, absorb or reflect light, which has traditionally made it largely undetectable, except through gravity. "For decades, researchers have been predicting the existence of dark-matter filaments between galaxies that act like a web-like superstructure connecting galaxies together," said Mike Hudson, a professor of astronomy at the University of Waterloo.

Explore further: Team puts dark matter on the map. 'I don't understand how such a place became normal in the Australian psyche' To my dear students, as of this month, I have resigned from my teaching position at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre after nearly three years teaching you.

'I don't understand how such a place became normal in the Australian psyche'

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being students any teacher would hope for. I will miss you. I won't miss the teaching conditions. How to build a static website with Jekyll. Jekyll is a free and open source static site generator.

How to build a static website with Jekyll

Like a content management system (for example, Drupal and WordPress), Jekyll can be used to build websites with rich and easy-to-use navigation. 3 Linux Foundation networking projects that your business needs to know. It's difficult to achieve critical mass for an open source project—even the largest enterprise IT vendors have challenges.

3 Linux Foundation networking projects that your business needs to know

It requires product management skills when there's no actual product. In addition to traditional product management expertise, open source projects must have an active community. I'm a firm believer that enterprise IT shops will soon find themselves in a position where open source becomes a necessity for delivering IT infrastructure. Highly publicized companies like Capital One, Comcast, and Walmart are all increasingly embracing open source. Rude Tweet At Trump From The Stratosphere Is Quite Poignant. Adobe Has Raised Creative Cloud Prices In Australia By Almost 250% Since 2014 When Adobe switched all its Creative Suite programs -- Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Illustrator and the rest of the gang -- over to Creative Cloud, we were worried what a subscription model might mean for prices.

Rude Tweet At Trump From The Stratosphere Is Quite Poignant

Adobe software has always been expensive, but at least it was one upfront cost. As it turns out, we were right. Another annual price increase for Creative Cloud is happening a month from now, and it represents the latest jump in a nearly 250 per cent price rise for some Creative Cloud plans since it started. Wonder Woman Deserves Better. RIP Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, The Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon. Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away on February 4th, on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his mission to the moon.

RIP Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, The Sixth Man To Walk On The Moon

The Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, he was the 6th astronaut to step foot on the moon. He was 85. Mitchell was born on September 17th, 1930 in Hereford Texas, and later attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he studied Industrial Management. Sending E-mails in Python using SMTP. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a protocol, which handles sending e-mail and routing e-mail between mail servers.

Sending E-mails in Python using SMTP

Python provides smtplib module, which defines an SMTP client session object that can be used to send mail to any Internet machine with an SMTP or ESMTP listener daemon. Here is a simple syntax to create one SMTP object, which can later be used to send an e-mail − import smtplib. How to start learning a new programming language. So, you've decided that you want to add a particular programming language to your repertoire. Now what? In this article, I outline 12 suggestions for study techniques. Remember that everybody learns differently. How to install and use MuseScore to create your own music. Last year in March, I wrote about MuseScore, a great open source application for musical notation. At the time, I was still using version 1, but since then I've upgraded to 2.0.3, and I've found that MuseScore version 2 provides a refined user interface and a healthy dose of polish to nearly every feature. MuseScore is a stable, long-lived application, and that's a good thing because it means you can spend your time writing music instead of worrying about weekly updates pushing you toward the "cutting edge.

" Best Computer Diagnostic Tools For Windows And Ubuntu. There are many times when we face issues like the blue screen of death, laggy interface, frequent system crashes, etc. All problems are a consequence of some hardware related issue that may have arisen on our computer. Various computer diagnostic tools are available which help you test your machine for any hardware errors. But many of these computer diagnostic tools might not be able to pinpoint the exact problem on our machine. So, in this article, we’re going to tell you about some effective computer diagnostic tools which will help find the error in your RAM, hard drive, CPU, etc.

100 Favorite Poems of Britain__BBC. Details Created: 10 September 2013 100 Favorite Poems of Britain To coincide with the National Poetry Day 1995, the BBC’s book programme, The Bookworm, conducted a poll to discover the nation’s favorite poem. Below is the result, from twelve thousand votes, in order of popularity. Researchers Reveal AIs Are Turning Racist And Sexist, You'll Be Surprized To Know Why? Short Bytes: A paper published by a team of researchers has revealed that an AI system trying to learn a human language can adapt implicit race and gender bias, as observed in humans. The system can associate women with words pointing to family or house instead of work, or white names linked to more pleasant words than black names. Why OOP is required in a programmer's life - Coding Security. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Human Action: A Treatise on Economics. New, old, and reliable machine learning libraries for Python. How to root out corruption in your image folders.

Businessinsider. Last year, a strange self-driving car was released onto the quiet roads of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Spin-stabilized magnetic levitation - Wikipedia. The Gyroscope Levitation of Eric Laithwaite. Bell correlations measured in half a million atoms. Researchers harness mysterious Casimir force for tiny devices.

Getting something from nothing sounds like a good deal, so for years scientists have been trying to exploit the tiny amount of energy that arises when objects are brought very close together. Slashdot. Physicists observe 'negative mass' Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY. Some Windows command line tricks you may not know - Coding Security.

Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date Announced — What New Features To Expect? Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age. 7 considerations to make when securing your Raspberry Pi. How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows. Icelandic language at risk; robots, computers can't grasp it. Top open source photo organizers. So You Want To Become A Successful Programmer? Here's A "Secret" Skill. Top 3 Forensic Tools For Linux Users. Earthbag Homes: The Ultimate Bullet-Proof Retreat… Cheap and Easy to Build! Brian Greene: Time Travel is Possible. Earthbag Homes: The Ultimate Bullet-Proof Retreat… Cheap and Easy to Build! The Economy and Success According to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh · The Mind Unleashed.

How to run android on your laptop - Coding Security. Medieval medical books could hold the recipe for new antibiotics. Medieval Medicine for Modern Infections: Could Ancientbiotics help in the fight against antimicrobial resistance? Bald's Leechbook Now Online - Medieval manuscripts blog. NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free. NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free. NASA in PMC.

Work in the World of Tomorrow: AI to Replace 7% of Jobs by 2025. On the Dawn of Capitalism. Researchers Have Found a "Reset Button" for Aging Cells. All the Terms Of Hacking World You Should Know. Dome Sweet Dome. Living in the round... The Incumbent Problem. Physicists just came up with a mathematical model for a viable time machine. Ancient Texts Reveal: Earth Was Ruled For 241.000 Years By 8 Kings Who Came From Heaven. Eridu.

Adapa - Wikipedia. Alulim - Wikipedia. John McAfee Teases Photo Of His "World's First Truly Private Smartphone" In 1975, a cat co-authored a peer-reviewed physics paper. This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More… - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. Why Is C Programming Language Continuously Going Down?