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AWS Database & Server Migration Service. AWS server migration services automate the migration process to the AWS cloud from the previous on-premise solutions such as vSphere, Azure virtual machines, or VMware. It is an agentless service that enables the migration of workloads to AWS server easily. Also known as AWS SMS (Server Migration Service), it replicates the server VMs as cloud-hosted AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) ready to be deployed on Amazon EC2.

Amazon cloud services server makes coordinating large scale migration easier by enabling the automation, scheduling, and track replication of live server volumes. By allowing AWS server migration services to manage your server, you can: Simplify the migration process When migrating a group of servers in the AWS Management Console, using the AWS database or server migration services makes it a lot easier and simpler. Test server migrations incrementally. AWS Web Application & App Hosting Services. AWS Relational & Redshift Database Services. Amazon Relational Database Service makes relational database easy to set up, operate, and scale in the cloud computing. Organizations enjoy low costs in resizing the capacity of hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backing up of files. This all happens when they automate time-consuming administration tasks. I2k2 Networks offers RDS solutions giving you the liberty to focus on your applications by maximizing their performance.

You can also access Database search engines such as; MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Amazon Aurora. Amazon Web Services India. AWS Media & Video Streaming Services. AWS Cloud Computing Consulting. Explore End-to-end AWS Cloud Consulting services that Realizes Value & Reduces Risks.

AWS Cloud Computing Consulting

Our cloud experts understand the goals of your organization and deliver the cutting edge solutions that align with your business through detailed assessment and planning modules. We hold a very impressive track record in feasibility and technical assessment, re-evaluation, improvement, and automation of business process continuity and architecture. AWS Database & Server Migration Service. Amazon Cloud Support India. Private Cloud Server Service and Solution. A cloud computing model that includes a distinct and secure cloud-based environment for a specific client to operate is referred to as the Private cloud.

Private Cloud Server Service and Solution

The cloud is accessible only by a single organization under the private cloud model that is why the organization has greater control and privacy over their data. Private cloud solutions has similar advantages to that of the Public Cloud. The hosting has a distinct and secure cloud-based environment operated by only the specific client. i2k2 owns data centers in India and Canada to cater to storage, processing, management, networking and data distribution needs of large and small enterprises.

Our clients can have direct control over their stored data without any compromise done with the service delivery standards. Our dedicated Private Cloud servers efficiently manage the high traffic websites and large enterprises. Public Cloud Services Providers India. AWS Relational & Redshift Database Services. AWS Database & Server Migration Service. Zimbra Email Hosting Services in India. i2k2 Networks, with over a decade of expertise in the mailing domain, is one of the most trusted Zimbra email hosting service providers in India.

Zimbra Email Hosting Services in India

We have exceeded the expectations of our clients, spread across multiple industries, day in and out, and continue to deliver high-quality services. i2k2 Networks is a Zimbra BSP-Silver Partner in India and helps enterprises to manage their daily business activities. Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is an enterprise-grade mailing solution with a rich AJAX-based user interface, advanced sharing capabilities, and hassle-free migration/deployment.

It is compatible with all popular web browsers, email clients, and OS devices, thereby helping businesses stay connected with their communication 24x7x365. Zimbra mail server enables the users to integrate or extend third-party communication platforms, customize through Zimlets, and ensure easy administration. Disaster Recovery Service Providers India. Disaster recovery is a process that depicts a complete plan about how a business prepares itself to recover from any negative events such as cyber-attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, or even the equipment failures, which may harm its IT infrastructure and prevent the business from its regular operation.

Disaster Recovery Service Providers India

Part of a Business Continuity Planning or BCP, a comprehensive disaster recovery is needed to help any business recover their hardware, software, and data which is crucial to resume their work. Disaster recovery is a process that depicts a complete plan about how a business prepares itself to recover from any negative events such as cyber-attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, or even the equipment failures, which may harm its IT infrastructure and prevent the business from its regular operation. AWS Cloud Computing Consulting. AWS Media & Video Streaming Services. AWS Relational & Redshift Database Services. Amazon Cloud Support India - i2k2 Networks. Amazon Web Services India - i2k2 Networks. Amazon DevOps Services - DevOps for AWS with i2k2 Network.

The cloud revolution has transformed the way businesses operate.

Amazon DevOps Services - DevOps for AWS with i2k2 Network

Surprisingly, many IT organizations are still operating on conventional infrastructure and development models that are both time- and resource-intensive. The question is – what can such organizations do to mitigate the impediments of conventional models and enhance their agility? To thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive business world, organizations need to ensure that the foundation of their systems and processes is adaptive and innovative, and facilitates continuous communication. In a digital reality, DevOps is the remedy to enhance business operations, increase flexibility, facilitate collaboration, and ensure continuous delivery. 5 Reasons to Consider Azure Cloud for Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure. Hosting Application in AWS. Amazon RDS Service in Noida, India. A Look at the Classification of Data Center Solutions.

An organization that intends to grow and flourish in any industry must appreciate the need to focus a majority of its manpower and resources on its core competencies which generate revenue and help it diversify.

A Look at the Classification of Data Center Solutions

For this to happen, there is a need to make sure that all foundational operational and managerial tasks are properly aligned and executed smoothly. One of the aspects that are of great significance to attain the desired objectives is the storage, management, security, backup and recovery, and movement of data within and outside the company, something which depends entirely on how your organization’s data center works. What is a modern data center and why is it important? A data center, traditionally speaking, is a physical piece of infrastructure used by businesses to manage, store, and secure their data. Types of Data Centers As Information Technology has gone through many cycles of evolution, the infrastructure required to support the innovations has also developed organically. AWS Database Migration Service in India. Know About Top 5 Amazon Cloud Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the widely used cloud-computing platforms today by organizations big and small.

Know About Top 5 Amazon Cloud Services

The range of services on offer under AWS is astonishing to say the least. AWS offerings include cloud migration, web hosting, and much more. Here’s a look at the top 5 AWS services in 2020. 1. Amazon S3. AWS Cloud Computing In India. 5 Key Cloud Computing Tips for Businesses. AWS Cloud Migration Service. AWS Support Services in India. AWS cloud consulting service. AWS Media Services in India. 3 Things to Look for in a Web-Hosting Service Provider.

You’ll come across several Web-hosting service providers in your search for a Windows dedicated server hosting.

3 Things to Look for in a Web-Hosting Service Provider

While the abundance of options seems good, it comes with its fair share of troubles. It becomes essential to know the parameters that are helpful in evaluating a service provider. You should look for features that serve as the benchmark for the whole industry. i2k2 Networks is an established player offering dedicated web server hosting services in India for large enterprises and high-traffic websites. To help you understand the hallmarks of the best quality windows dedicated server hosting services, let’s look at some of the aspects that must be central in your considerations. 1.

You may require a specific type of operating system based on your choices and preferences. 2. Security has paramount importance in the IT industry. 3. An Overview of 3 Popular Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure & GCP. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT or computer system resources like data storage and computing power via the internet, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

An Overview of 3 Popular Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure & GCP

Instead of owning, buying, and maintaining the physical data centers and servers, organizations can access these technology services on an as-needed basis from leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Let’s discuss the three in detail to learn more about them and discover which one is better for your organization. Read on. Amazon Web Services AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and resources to organizations, legal bodies, and individuals. Examining Amazon’s Varied Cloud Computing Models and Deployment Strategies. The Information Age ushered in by the internet boom has created a new digital economy in which data and computing power are the currency.

Examining Amazon’s Varied Cloud Computing Models and Deployment Strategies

As more and more businesses digitise, their data management and processing requirements are also increasing, which brings along the added task of managing and securing all the information. The last decade has witnessed the emergence of Cloud Computing as an ingenious and innovative method of dealing with the vast amounts of digital information, with industry veterans like Amazon providing some of the most popular solutions. What is Cloud Computing and who is using it? Simply put, Cloud Computing is the on-demand availability and delivery of IT services such as data storage, computer processing power, applications, and security working entirely over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. AWS Database Migration Service in India. Top 3 Free Cloud Hosting Solutions For Startups. Around a decade ago, startups used to set aside a portion of their capital for setting up infrastructure.

The practice changed with the spread of cloud technology, as it helps companies save on infrastructure costs and divert the capital into other business aspects, such as hosting. How To Configure The Hosts File On A Windows Server. Every site hosted on a server running an operating system contains a host file that helps in mapping domain names and IP addresses. The hosts file contains IP addresses followed by a domain name (separated by a space). For instance, if you want to reach, the hosts file on Google’s server will contain the IP address followed by the url Whenever there’s mapping of the IP address with the domain name in the hosts file, the computer will not query the DNS server to establish a connection with a remote device, but directly read the IP address from the hosts file to process the request.

Every OS has a hosts file and you can make amendments to allow it to accept more domain name requests. Add the desired mapping entries and the changes will start working without rebooting the server. Top Data center service providers in India. Ideas To Help Secure Your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) - i2k2 Blog. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is one of the major offerings of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allow users to define a logically isolated virtual private network to provision AWS resources. The virtual private network resembles a traditional network that is used by customers in their own data centers along with the additional benefits of the scalable infrastructure of the AWS cloud.

The components of VPC include IP addresses, subnets, network interface, gateways, endpoints, route tables, and more. Although Amazon Web Services has built strong security to a certain extent into its VPC, still it is always recommended to ensure the hosted data, servers and applications as an AWS administrator. This article focus on such 5 tips that helps users make the VPC and the resources reasonably secure. Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs GoDaddy : Unbiased Comparison. Servers - Dedicated or Cloud? Amazon web hosting services provider in Noida. 3 Factors to Consider Before Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider. Busting 4 Common Myths about Amazon Web Services. In the world of cloud computing and web hosting, it is not uncommon to encounter pervasive myths surrounding AWS, one of the world’s biggest providers of cloud computing services. Managed IT services provider in Delhi NCR. All You Need to Know About AWS Security Services.

Distinct Benefits of Managed IT Services. Managed services bring a whole range of benefits for organizations whose IT departments are having a tough time keeping pace with the constantly changing world of technology or simply need help with certain aspects of their infrastructure. 5 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting for Your Business. The value of an online presence holds the key to success for any business today. Many people don’t realize that they are sharing the servers of many other websites with their own company’s website or email. A shared server has its limitations and makes it difficult to cope up with the demands of your growing business needs.

In short, you need dedicated hosting which will level the playing field. It is, therefore, time for you to take your business to the next level and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server; not only for web hosting but also for email hosting as well. Continuing on the subject, we present a simple list of the various advantages of choosing dedicated hosting and how it supplies you more of what you need. AWS Cloud Consulting Service in India - i2k2 Networks.

4 Reasons to Choose AWS Web Hosting for your Business. Best Web Hosting Company Noida. 3 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Linux Server Hosting. Dedicated Linux server hosting is a great choice for companies that want better performance, with uninterrupted bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and data transfer. You have full root access, which gives you administrative control of your Linux server, as opposed to shared hosting which is characterized by sharing server resources with other users. Data Security and Backup from Ransomware - i2k2 Netwroks. Today, ransomware is a common and well-known threat to organizations. The driving factor behind its success is majorly based on its simple yet effective way of making money from the target organizations. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a ransomware attack. The only thing you can do is to be prepared for it by limiting its expected impact. According to CT statistics, around 40% of the victims end up paying the ransom out of which 4% do not get the decryption code even after paying the amount.

4 Reasons to Choose Amazon Web Services. What Amazon Cloud Consultants Can Do For Your Business. Amazon cloud computing services in India. Managed IT services provider in Noida. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Data Center Services in India. Amazon Web Services - An Overview. Email Server Hosting & Solution for Small Business in India - i2k2 Blog. Cloud Computing: Empowering Businesses in Covid- 19. Data Center Service Provider in India. AWS Infrastructure Services & Support in India. Looking for IT Managed Services. Get AWS Web Application Hosting Service.

5 Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Linux Server Hosting. All You Need To Know About IT Managed Services Providers. What Can Amazon Web Services Do For Your Business? How Your Business Can Benefit From Amazon Web Services? 6 Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Linux Dedicated Servers. Understanding the Benefits of Managed IT Services for your Businesses. Everything you need to know about the Hyperscale Data Center services. How To Use Amazon Web Services For Your Business.

Data Center Service & Solutions in India. Get AWS Web Hosting. 5 Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Linux Server Hosting. Zimbra Security Best Practices - Challenges & Preventive Measures. Zimbra Email Hosting Services in India - i2k2 Networks. Zimbra. Zimbra Email Hosting Services in India - i2k2 Networks.