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Raman Raghav

Hi folks, Myself Raman Raghav. I work as a senior executive at Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. ( Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is owned by Shri Sushil Kumar Agarwal. Ultra is India’s Leading film acquisition and distribution company with a library of thousands of entertaining feature films, animation films, TV shows, documentaries and much more catering to various genres from comedy to adventure and children’s films. Apart from that, Ultra digital studio has worked on award-winning film restoration projects.

Types of Content Rights that Most of Us are Unaware About. Reap More Benefits out of Music Rights and Licensing. They say Music and Rhythm are a part of our lives.

Reap More Benefits out of Music Rights and Licensing

From every breath to every step, there is some sort of a rhythm that governs our lives. Music has the power to heal internal wounds, make you happy and evoke many other emotions. That’s the reason why, Cinema has always tried to make the most of this amazing art-form to express the unimaginable. Content distribution through online services is the next big thing. There are only a handful of producers left, who would approach a TV channel to broadcast their content as many of them have changed their path.

Content distribution through online services is the next big thing

Yes, you heard that right. With the emergence of online streaming services, producers have found a new home for content distribution. People have stopped following the quote ‘patience is a virtue’ when it comes to watching television. They get bogged down with the same content being repeated again and again on TV channels. The need to see something authentic is brewing inside the hearts of millions. Buy DVD online to kill piracy and promote good cinema. Piracy is undoubtedly the biggest monster that the entertainment industry has ever witnessed.

Buy DVD online to kill piracy and promote good cinema

The kind of investment that goes into making a movie is tremendous both in terms of money as well as in terms of effort. It has become much more difficult for movies to earn money at box-office because of the various online channels that have become exceedingly popular over the last few years. As everyone is falling short of time, they only want to access content when they are on the go. More and more interesting web-series are available online. Not just that, there are certain movies which are exclusively being released online. However, the situation in rural areas and tier-two or three cities has remained more or less unchanged.

7 Most Effective Film Distribution Tips You Should Know. Filmmakers need to be more than just filmmakers if they want to survive in this competitive market.

7 Most Effective Film Distribution Tips You Should Know

They have to understand the business angle of films even before they set out. There are several directors and producers who think that filmmaking is an art. However, for a filmmaker to keep making more films, he or she needs to find a way in which they can build their trust. Investors have trust in you and trust can only be earned by making profitable films. 5 Film Distribution Myths You Need to Know. When it comes to film distribution, there are so many things that need our attention because even if one faulty move is made, it can prove to be fatal.

5 Film Distribution Myths You Need to Know

Hence, we are here to de-bunk five film distribution myths that you should know. Film-making is a creative process wherein actors, choreographers, producers and various technicians put in their effort to make a film successful. Although, their contribution is vital, but the film can’t make it big until it has a strong film distribution backing. Let’s explore film distribution and the myths surrounding it. 8 Fruitful Ways to Cut Movie Licensing Costs. Are you one of them who takes charge of hosting events and caters to an audience that hails from various walks of life?

8 Fruitful Ways to Cut Movie Licensing Costs

Does your name pop-up in people’s minds when they are hungry for entertainment? If the answer for these two questions is a big YES, then this fruitful information is for you on 8 ways to cut movie licensing costs. Hosting a public event for a high-end audience is a big responsibility, as you know the future of your success depends on the current screen offering. Although, success is measured by hard work, but mostly it depends on what works and what’s fails.

Therefore, we’ll provide you some handy 8 tips that will definitely not hurt your pocket too much. The first step is the toughest but after that the path is smooth and steady. Content distribution through online services is the next big thing. TV Channels play wise and bank on Satellite Rights of Movies. Visiting the theatres is a costly affair; people spend a lot of money to watch recently released movies.

TV Channels play wise and bank on Satellite Rights of Movies

Plus, the additional cost of food in theatres is making life really difficult for some people. However, there is some relief for these people that comes from the Idiot Box that is the only source to watch newly released movies that have spent their time in the theatres. Get a deep insight about film rights and enhance your knowledge. Are you curious to know about film rights?

Get a deep insight about film rights and enhance your knowledge

Do you want to extensively study about why these rights are important and how they function? Calm those nerves down and we’ll explain you everything that’ll help you get a better understanding of movie rights. Film rights are basically rights that a film producer has ownership of and it is completely his decision to sell the movie rights to any medium based on the profit. To gain revenue, the film producer first gets in touch with a film distributor, who can evenly distribute the film through various mediums. A producer makes a deal and gives all the theatrical rights to a distributor. The main concern for the producer is that his film should reach the audience and generate successful revenue. Digital Cinema - a stronger contender than other media platforms. There was a time when everyone in the Indian joint family considered ‘chhayageet’ as a blessing in disguise.

Digital Cinema - a stronger contender than other media platforms

And everyone used to be glued to their TV sets on Thursdays to watch it. During the 1980s, the idiot box content ruled majority of households as people didn’t have any other source of entertainment. In India, content didn’t evolve much during that time as many broadcasters were fearful of showcasing something that would make the audience lose their interest. But revolution had to begin somewhere as content providers realized the need for change. Therefore, the content on TV started being more constructive, which gave room to new movies and TV shows that showcased content that the audience could relate it.

Truly, it is the age of the internet, everyone up to a major extent depends on the internet. A detailed look at the pros and cons of IPTV and OTT. In today’s world, we highly depend on the internet to perform all tasks.

A detailed look at the pros and cons of IPTV and OTT

From communicating to someone to sending an important mail to a client, everything is done with the help of the internet. People are glued to their laptops, PCs and smartphones and are constantly, either watching movies or exchanging crucial data. In the past, the internet connection lacked pace and everything streamed at a tortoise’s pace, but things have drastically changed now. With an amazing broadband connection, media and other related items are transferable within few seconds. Herein, we’ll look at two platforms, OTT and IPTV, which are slowly making its presence felt and delivering a wide variety of content with the help of the internet.

Ultra’s foray into film rights and music rights is remarkable. Everyone is aware of Ultra’s remarkable journey in the film fraternity. Started in 1982, Utra began to buy movie rights of various movies, from Bollywood to regional content. Slowly, the company flourished immensely within few years and became one of the top film acquisition and distribution companies. Within a short span of time, with hard work as the key motivator, Ultra has done significantly well. We have a wide variety of content to offer to our customers, spread across numerous genres. Our collection includes genres such as drama, horror, romance, classics and many more for the entertainment of our viewers. Buy A Gentleman DVD - Hindi Film Online at Best Price in India. Why TV is the boring housewife while SVOD is the best friend forever. There was a time when 3 am was only for booked for lovers, loners, bookworms and foodies, but things are changing now for good as many people are enrolling for svod. Gone are the days when many were dragged through time as they didn’t know how to utilize time.

Suffering was inevitable as TV shows and movies lacked creative content, it was like having the same plain and boring food made from an ordinary housewife that promised extraordinary service. But God certainly does listen to all those silent prayers and promised people to remove all the suffering that TV bestowed upon mankind. This blessing in disguise was the rising of svod services. Benefits of VOD - Video on Demand Services. The control is in the hands of the consumers, with the rise of VOD in India. People no longer have to wait for weeks or months for their favourite movie to be screened. Things are fast evolving for the betterment of the people. They can choose to watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of their home at their own convenient time. Why movie- licensing is important in show business? To showcase a movie to public or a platform, you need to acquire a movie license from the original owner and only after he gives a go-ahead, you can carry the necessary action.

Movie licensing is a process that needs to be followed, otherwise it can have dire consequences. Some people take the art of film-making very casually and underestimate the work, the struggle that everyone puts in to complete a film. After the completion of a movie, the director or the film producer holds a film license that he chooses to give to entities that can publically show the film. Film licensing is really an important factor in the entertainment industry. If the clause of film license didn’t exist, many people would misuse it and that would add a lot of chaos. To gain knowledge about movie licensing in India, you need to get in touch with a lawyer, who is well-versed with all the details about the subject. Producers and A-list actors are calling the shots on satellite rights. In India, movies are like family, you need to see them every day. Some movies inspire you, some disgust you and some scare you, but the main thing is that movies stimulate imagination.

ULTRA @ DISCOP JOHANNESBURG - Booth No: VB11. Home. Ultra @ IBC Expo 2017 Booth No: 9.LP 35, (15-19 September 2017) Amsterdam, Netherlands. Home Help Why we need film distributors to promote a film? Have you guys ever wondered what would the entertainment world look like, without film distributors? Well, film distributors play the role of filtering and refining movies and then bringing it to the audience. Buy Movie DVD Online to Save the Entertainment Industry from Piracy. Everyone needs a medium through which they can cut off from the real world once in a while. How to Buy Film Rights: 5 Simple Steps. Bollywood is getting inspired by new innovative ideas and is trying to weave stories that touch the audiences’ hearts. When these movies gain all the praises and are termed as a success, many sources try to buy movie rights from the original creator that is the producer of the film.

Take a leap of faith and explore the field of content distribution! In India, movies are just as spicy as food, and people can never get enough of it. Bollywood makes 1000 movies a year and some are hits while others are tagged as flops. Film Distribution - Innovative methods to distribute a film - Ultra. Cricket is a religion in India, but movies are like an obsession for the Indian audience.

Why DVDs are never going to fade! Entertainment plays a major role in our lives, it is our pride possession and we thrive on it. DVD Launch of Anil Kapoors 24 Season 2 @ Ultra. Consists of an attractive pack of a 6 DVD’s set which includes all the 24 telecasted episodes of the serial in a lucid, storytelling format. Buy 24 Season 2 DVD Online (Indian TV Series) at Best Price from Ultra. Satellite Rights are Making Waves!

Buy Mahabharat 24 DVD Pack (Hindi) [DVD] Online at Best Price. Understand Audio Rights Before Entering the Music Industry! - Ultra Blog. Understand Audio Rights Before Entering the Music Industry! Ultra Group launched the DVD & VCD pack of Jolly LLB 2. Buy Jolly LLB 2 (Hindi) [DVD] Online at Best Price. Buy Jolly LLB 2 DVD & VCD Rights at Ultra. Buy Force 2 Hindi Movie DVD & VCD Online at Best Price - Ultra. Why Good Films need a Backing of Good Movie Distributors? Ultra Group launched the DVD & VCD pack of action flick “Force 2” How to get copyright permission? – Films & Movies Rights - Ultra Blog.

How to get copyright permission? Why New Age Filmmakers Need to Know Everything About New-Age film distribution. Ultra at CABSAT from 21st to 23rd March 2017. Ultra Blog: How important it is to sell Film Rights the Right Way! Hanuman Chalisa with Lyrics. Ultra Blog: Set Your Content Distribution Strategy Right, from the World Go! Ultra Blog: Understand Movie Licensing, Else Pay the Price! Film Rights of popular bollywood movies available at Ultra. Ultra launched the DVD, VCD and Blu-ray pack of the much awaited blockbuster "M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story" in India. Cracking the Question “How to Buy or Sell Film Rights” - Ultra. How has film distribution evolved? - Explained by Ultra. Film Rights of Bollywood Films - Ultra. Amazon Prime Video partners with Ultra Media and Entertainment. Contact us for Distribution of Film Rights, TV Rights - Ultra.

M S Dhoni: The Untold Story (Hindi) [VCD, DVD, Blu Ray]: Buy Online at Best Price. Film Rights of M S Dhoni: The Untold Story. Ultra Group to Participate in ATF 2016, Singapore - Day 3 Content. Ultra Participates in ATF 2016, Singapore - Day 1. Post Production Studio Services in India - Ultra. Film Production Company in India - Ultra. Buy Online DVD, VCD of Hindi Bollywood Movies - Ultra. Audio Satellite DTH & TV Rights Enquiry at Ultra. Buy Online. Bollywood Film Rights, Audio Rights, Satellite Rights Library - Ultra MEPL. Content Acquisition and Distribution Company. India's Leading Film Acquisition & Distribution Company.