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Article Index. About the Mayas Mayan Calendar The Mayan year, beginning always on July 26, called a tun consisting of 360 days (called kin ) and 5 or 6 epagomenals called Vayeb , weeks, called Uinals , are 13 kin long and numbered perpetually over a span of 20 days, named as follows: Imix, Ik, Akbal, Kan, Chicchan, Cimi, Manik, Lamat, Muluc, Oc, Chuen, Eb, Ben, Ix, Men, Cib, Caban, Edznab, Cauac, Ahau.

The months, which are 20 days long, but numbered from 0 to 19 are as follows: Pop, Yax, Vo, Zac, Zip, Ceh, Zotz, Mac, Xec, Kankin, Xul, Muan, Yaxkin, Pax, Mol, Kayab, Ch'en, Cumku. . . and the Vayeb intercalaries. Time is reckoned in units of 20. Thus 20 tun make a katun, 20 katun make a baktun, 20 baktun make a pictun, 20 pictun make a calabtun, 20 calabtun make a kinchiltun, and 20 kinchiltun make an Alautun, which latter amounts to 163,040,000 years. Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar.

By Ian Xel Lungold I have been studying the Mayan calendar since 1996.

Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar

It became evident very quickly that the Mayan calendar is a portal to intuition. The ancient Mayan civilization is revered for the way that its members lived in balance with nature and the cosmos.