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IVOA Recommendation - Units in the VO. Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST ­ Background information. OASIS Quantities and Units of Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS. Developing an ontology for quantities, systems of measurement units, and base dimensions for use across multiple industries Jerry Smith,, Secretary Table of Contents Announcements Participation in the OASIS QUOMOS TC is open to all interested parties, including developers and users of information models or applications (e.g., document markup and data exchange) that require an unambiguous definition of units in digital form.

OASIS Quantities and Units of Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS

Contact for more information on joining the TC. Overview For more information on QUOMOS, see the TC Charter. Subcommittees No subcommittees have been formed for this TC. Technical Work Produced by the Committee (and Wiki) Measurement science and standards - National Research Council Canada. Accurate measurement underpins industrial success across all sectors of the economy.

Measurement science and standards - National Research Council Canada

It is therefore essential to mobilize highly credible metrology infrastructure and intelligence. NRC Measurement Science and Standards meets this demand with world-class facilities, technologies and staff, tackling challenges in innovation and providing first-rate metrology capabilities. What we offer As Canada's national metrology institute, the NRC is universally respected for providing trusted measurement science advice and technical services to government and industrial clients.

In this way, we ensure the basis for fair trade and commerce, enhancing societal well-being and enabling innovation through evolving and emerging technologies that rely on precision measurement. Measurement Science and Standards services benefit scientists and researchers in any industry where high-precision measurement is critical for market success. Why work with us For nearly a century, NRC has led the world in metrology. 52°North - UncertML Forum - UncertML 3.0 - what next?

Hi Dan, What next?

52°North - UncertML Forum - UncertML 3.0 - what next?

Well from my perspective I want to be able to use UncertML in two new areas. First in Pharmacometric modelling. We are developing a standard called PharmML to exchange models which typically use non-linear mixed effect modelling approaches to describe drug metabolism and action in groups of individuals. A typical scenario is modelling a clinical drug trial. UncertML : Exchanging uncertainty since 2006. Citizen Observatory Web (COBWEB) COBWEB will leverage the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).

Citizen Observatory Web (COBWEB)

Concentrating initially on the Welsh Dyfi Biosphere Reserve, we will develop a citizens’ observatory framework, and then validate the work within the context of the UK National Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and internationally, within the WNBR; specifically, within Greek and German Reserves. The infrastructure we develop will exploit technological developments in ubiquitous mobile devices, crowd-sourcing of geographic information and the operationalising of standards based SDI such as the UK Location Information Infrastructure. It will enable citizens living within Biosphere Reserves to collect environmental information on a range of parameters including species distribution, flooding and land cover/use.

Space Assigned Numbers Authority (SANA) - Registries.


SALT - Semantically Annotated LaTeX. sTeX. sTeX is a collection of TeX macro packages that allow to markup TeX/LaTeX documents semantically without leaving the document format, essentially turning TeX/LaTeX into a document format for mathematical knowledge management ... more , project news , documentation , case studies sTeX facilitates a more "object-oriented" way of writing LaTeX by focusing on semantic macros which are inherited by sTeX modules. This leads to an significantly more powerful way of reusing and sharing document fragments. See the best practices for more information. sTeX allows 'semantic preloading', i.e. the embedding of semantic information in the document sources that can be used by sTeX-based semantic services or in the transformation to dedicated XML-based formats like OMDoc .

Such formats allow the generation of flexible web-based derived documents from sTeX sources. sTeX can be installed by downloading the sTeX distribution from the subversion repository. The sTeX format (see outstanding issues ) Michael Kohlhase. Units. Bsc-thesis-mcirlanaru. Advancing the Chemical Sciences : Recomended Symbols for Physical Quantities. McRoberts - Moving technology. The energy expenditure (EE) of a man or woman over a whole day is often divided into different components and can be individually determined.

McRoberts - Moving technology

These are: basal metabolic rate (BMR), diet induced thermo genesis (DIT), and physical activity (PA), see Figure 1. The rates of EE during physical activity vary depending on intensity, duration, the frequency of the activity, and on the body mass and fitness of the person performing the activity. There is currently a trend towards decreased physical activity during work time, which means that physical activity EE during leisure time is becoming more important in determining total EE. Thus, physiology, behavior, and lifestyle play major roles in determining energy expended in activity.

Activity-related energy expenditure (AEE) is difficult to quantify, especially under sedentary conditions. According to Van Hees et al., the type of physical activity improved the prediction of energy expenditure. Weight Loss Equations Formulas Calculator - Lean Body Mass. Change Equation Select an equation to solve for a different unknown Harris-Benedict Katch-McArdle Activity Multiplier Lean Body Mass Body Mass Index Where AJ Design - Online Science Mathematics Engineering Software Programs | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 by Jimmy Raymond Add to circles to follow new app, calculator, bug report and request updates from AJ Design.

Weight Loss Equations Formulas Calculator - Lean Body Mass