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Movie Quotes and Inside Jokes, 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! Repurpose an Android Phone as a Smart Thermostat. It should be quite doable - but don't think it'll be dirt cheap once you have some time invested.

Repurpose an Android Phone as a Smart Thermostat

To be honest, the Nest is probably more cost effective if you don't like tinkering on this stuff for fun. You'll need the same parts minus the IOIO and phone and replace it with: Arduino (~$10 on eBay for a knockoff), Ethernet or WiFi shield (~$15 Ethernet knockoffs are on eBay rather than the $50+ originals and work fine, WiFi costs more either way) and either a clock module (~$3 on eBay) or set up a time synchronization routine on the Arduino to get clock updates from a time server.

You'll also want a web server somewhere out there to post your settings to for the Arduino to update from (anything that can host a page w/ your settings you parse through via an HTTP get) or figure out how to post directly to your Arduino over the web (harder).


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