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Northburn Statio. A Lonely River at Sunse. Beautiful Cinderella's Castle at Sunse. Marrakech, Morocco at Sunse. Looking Across the Lak. A One-Man Roadtri. Ducks and Tree and Sno. Approaching London The afternoon yesterday had a typical London rainshower. But it cleared up just before sunset to reveal magnificent clouds. I crisscrossed the Thames River many times to find the right light. After the sun dipped below the horizon, the. Merry Christmas from the Ratcliff Family. The Private Pool at Hearst This is the second photo of this pool I have published. It’s from the other side — the wider side. How cool would it be to have a little party in here. Let’s set that up!- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at. The Circular Walkway in Brisban. Waterfall over the Grave in Milfor. Inside The Hobbit Hole Of Bilbo Baggin. Reflections in Milford Soun. View from the Google Offices in Downtown Tokyo It was a great event at Google that day and night! After my tech talk, we stayed up in their skyscraper till dark, drinking and eating and taking photos. Luckily, the office windows aim in directly the right.

The Skeletons at Sunrise At one point when driving through Yellowstone a few weeks ago, I got out of the car and started walking right into the forest on the edge of the road. There was a thick fog and the morning sun was low, creating an unexpected box o. The River That Ran Through Lyon at Midnight I walked around Lyon at midnight with a Russian friend. We were so busy at the conference most of the time that the first chance we had to shoot together was when the streets were almost empty and the river was. The Rocks Near and FarA few nights ago I went for a walk along the water’s edge here in Queenstown. About one out of ten nights (or, as far as I have measured), there is a clear night with a bright pink light that shoots up from behind those mountains. It.

The Beautiful Space Shuttle Blooms Inside a Cloud As soon as the Endeavour worm-holed into the cloud layer, the strange staccato-bass of torn air came skipping across the water into the press area. The sound was not at all what I expected, but it was awes. Swallowing the Ruins - Trey Ratcliff I made it to the heart of Ta Prohm, an undisturbed Bayon ruin out the outskirts of Angkor Wat. It was late in the day and there was a break in the afternoon summer showers.To me, the best thing about these temples and.

Evening on the blue Lake Tekapo Yes, these blues are real!I’ve gotten tens of thousands of messages from people that say that New Zealand is in their plans to visit in the near future, and when you visit this area, you’ll see how crazy the colors really a. The Mysterious Places of Paris Isn’t this room amazing? It’s not in the main part of the Paris Opera House, but it had the most ornate and Inception-esque room I’ve seen in a while. I took this photo while in the middle of experimenting with the Nikon fis. A View With my Coffee Thank God McDonald's opened around 5 AM!I woke up just before to put on my photo-ninja outfit to be sure to get the sunrise in Yellowstone. Once you are in the park, there’s not a lot of food or drink options, and it’s not a good ide.

Great Wall in Evening Light When I was at the Great Wall that evening, I kept hiking along the old wall as the sun set. I also had a zoom lens (28-300mm) with me, so I was able to get in tight on far away structures and shapes. Not too long after I took t. Float Awa. Patagonia Alive While walking across this open field in the Andes, I stopped countless times to open up my tripod. I'd only walk a short distance before looking around again and seeing everything anew. I'd like to go back here on another epic hike. Perhap.

Sunset in Milford Sound I slept in my sleeping bag under the stars this night. It was very peaceful after seeing the pink milky sound under Mitre Peak.I took this right before I left New Zealand down in Milford Sound. I was in a bit of a hurry (you know h. An Amazing City Of Blu. An Awesome Place In Morocc. Bilbo's Hobbit Hole in Bag En. Say Hello to my Little Frien. The Movie Set of New York City I shot this from the Google offices in Manhattan a few weeks ago. Luke and I ended up staying up late at the offices, and we wanted to wait until the sunset rolled through… and when sunset finally came, we discovered that we. In the Rain in Tokyo Most of my walks around the city streets had me carrying two cameras. I keep the D3X on my tripod, and have that ready to go for serious HDR work. But over my right shoulder, I carry the D3S with a fast lens. In this case, I was using.

Crossing the Bridge into Old Lyon This was a pretty tough shot to get! This was a little pedestrian bridge that crossed from the new part of Lyon, France, into the older part. It swayed and buckled in the breeze. Plus, it was night, so you kind of have to. The Chinese Mothership Look at this magical place in Beijing... it's on the edge of belief.I could hardly fathom the nature of this place. I expected the lights to appear on the grid with melodic tones a mystical, alien language, like in Close Encounters. The Little Country Stone Cottage This is where Marie Antoinette headed when she wanted to get away from it all, that is, while she was still headed. This location is out in the gardens around Versailles. And it’s not just a little short walk to the main p.

So I decided to fight this robo. Sunflowers at Sunset This photo was much harder to take than it might seem!First of all, these sunflowers are tall - and I mean tall! They must be between 6 and 7 feet in the air. I was on the ground with them, so, of course, I was looking UP at them. No. Trees on the Pon. A Soft Evening on the Lake Don't you hate/love that pressure-zone of the sunset? Well which one? I of course love it... but the pressure to move around and get as many good shots as possible is pretty hardcore. I plan it all out like I'm playing an RTS ga. The Morning Fisherman Now, getting to this place was not easy!I arrived about 1 AM at a tiny family-run inn by the river. I was meeting a local guide at 5 AM, so I didn't get a lot of what I would call "quality sleep". Anyway, I got up very early and went.

The Beginning of Time I spent most of a weekend working on this photo. One common question is, "How long do these photos take?" They take me anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. It's not contiguous work, of course, but some are so challenging that I. The Morning Steam Through the Forest in Yellowstone I woke up just before 5 AM today so I could get out there and do some sunrise shooting. It was a great morning and I found all kinds of interesting spots. I drove by a bank of trees that had some steam f. The Skies of Sydney Sydney? Check. Sunset? Check. Easy photo? Check!Man, this was such a lay up… I can’t claim much credit for it. I just kinda walked up and it was like this. Good sunset shots are not always easy, but this one was… I admit it! :) Now, it. The Orsay One of my favorite museums! I'm a huge fan of Impressionism, and this museum has an amazing collection. It also houses one of the most famous paintings by Manet - Le dejeuner sur l'herbe (Wikipedia). I've always heard about and studied this pain.

The Magical CaveThe Baths on Virgin Gorda are filled with many tiny little caves here and there. For some, you have to crawl through sand or swim to get there. This one was one of the tightest and one of the most awesome! I thought it would be a great pla. More Beijing at Night This was another one of those cases where I was not quite used to the 10-18mm lens. I normally walk RIGHT to the spot I want to be in then pop the 14-24 on my Nikon and fire away. But now, I’m always off by a few steps with the NEX-7. Solar Flower - The Giant Robot of Buenos Aires This thing is enormous. In grinds and churns as it follows the sun. The metallic petals flex and bend with the light as the sun sweeps across the sky. I had never seen anything like it in my life. It sits in.

Footprints in the SandMy RRS Tripod: “You promised you would walk beside me forever, and I would always see our footprints together in the sand.”Me: “During your times of trial and suffering, when you only see one set of footprints, that is when I carried. A Small Carousel in France If you want to see how I made this (and how you can too!), visit my HDR Tutorial. I hope it gives you some new tricks!It was just past 10 PM on the wet streets of Paris as I was getting lost on purpose around the streets near th. Two Dolphins in Love in Milford Sound While we took the boat out of Milford towards the Tasman Sea, a pod of bottle-nose dolphins came to visit. They turned and jumped and spiraled in a double helix, twisting endlessly like a playful cyclone.- Trey Ratcli.

Epic Iceland I have many things in common with Tom. One of them is the love of “Epic” scenes. These mostly come from movies, but it spans many different pursuits. He’s the only other guy I met that can also quote scenes from Lawrence of Arabia.So, obvious. The Endless Alley The dirt and grit and color that comes with European alleys make for great subjects for dynamic night photography. Usually I only stay out for about an hour after it gets dark, but it's hard to stop with this kind of scenery... I mean, y.

Entering the Forbidden City The Forbidden City sits in the middle of Beijing along an imaginary line called "The Central Axis". Many of the important buildings, temples, and monuments are along this line. It might seem convenient just to walk along this l. The Long Road Home I took this on perhaps one of my best days in Iceland. I woke up around 5 PM at Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdal. Many of you already know I was sleeping days and staying up all night to take photos. This was my last day/night cycle in. Ancient Feng Huang Cheng As many cities in China quickly leapfrog American cities into one technopolis after another, there are still many old, ancient places across the countryside. So, in an effort to find some of the more unique and classical Chinese p.

The Window of Life The beautiful Bacelona is home for fanciful masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi. I thought I'd had pretty good grasp on the architectures of Gaudi's but I didn't anticipate the subtle interior design when I get into some of his buildings.This. The Cathedral Under the Cathedral What an awesome place this is… This is the cathedral that is on the bottom level of Sainte-Chapelle. I did my best to capture the feeling of this place, and I hope I did an adequate job.This is a handheld HDR taken with 5.

The Alien Surfac. Exploring South America This is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I knew it was going to be pretty beforehand, but I wasn’t really prepared for the non-stop grandeur of the landscapes. We chose the perfect time to go, right in the. Rainbow over the London Eye Today's shot is of the newly famous London Eye. It's more than just a ferris wheel. I can understand why it was so controversial when it was being built. What proper city would want a carnival-esque attraction right in the midd. Windows in Paris – The Saint Chapelle I wish I could find a good wide-angle lens like this Nikon 14-24 for my Sony NEX-7. I think one is coming out in a month or so… and I’m thinking of trying out the Olympus 7-14mm (Adorama link). The NEX-7 has served me.

Anyone Want to Join Me at the Beach for a Good Conversation? I’ll take the seat on the left… no… okay, the one on the right. It’s alright… sit in whichever one you like. Where should we put our drinks? Ahhh the grass will be fine… okay, now, what to discu. The Golden Valleys I’ve taken to going out on random drives around New Zealand. I put on music and just follow the sun around. It ducks behind and beyond mountains and valleys, so I turn this way and that, and often get out to hike around inaccessible are. The Temple of Heaven One too-early morning brought me to this very important place for the Chinese called The Temple of Heaven. It's the most important Taoist structure in all of China and millions flock to it every year, especially during the National Ho.

Exploring the Peninsula at Sunrise I weaved in and out of these little roads as the sun was coming up in Iceland. I was trying to find a certain rock formation off in the ocean, which I never found. But that's okay. These roads are very windy, and that ma. The Louvre Ahhh... the Louvre! It's one of the greatest in the world and always fun to explore. You gotta be kind of into museums, I suppose... the vastness of it is beyond words. You really don't get it until you've spent several hours inside.- Trey Ratc. Fourth on Lake Austin It was a tough night because I was on the edge of a bridge that was rumbling as cars went across. The evening was very windy, and there was a light driving rain right into my lens. I had to wipe down the lens after every few exposure.

Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gulfoss After two weeks of being alone I was getting a bit, shall we say, lonely. I was getting in the habit of waking up around 4 or 5 PM, having a leisurely dinner, and then jumping in the car to explore new parts of Ice. The Timeless Tomb The Taj Mahal is an awesome place. I spent the day taking photos of the place, and I was dog-tired when it was all done. Plus, my feet were hella dirty. You have to take off your shoes there. It turned out, actually, to keep me pretty co. The Gentle Rays On my first evening in Yosemite, the sun did some amazing things. There as a big group of Google+ people converging on Yosemite, but I arrived a day early for a little "me" time. Nature must have felt my mojo because it all conspired to cr.

Beautiful San Francisco I just got back from a crazy three days in San Francisco. The trip included everything from visits to Google, YouTube, Facebook, breakfast with Scoble, Smugmug, Microsoft at a Calacanis event (where the upcoming app WON Audience Ch. Beihei Park Island in Beijing It was a beautiful and still night when we arrived. This park is quite huge and it can take well over an hour to walk around the whole island, so there wasn’t a lot of time to catch a good location for the setting sun. Luckil.

Spiralstorm There are secret vortexes everywhere, no? I think we all find our own, and we keep them secret. No one would ever talk about the best ones. I'm not exactly sure what happens in them. Perhaps there is something where the right and left brain sw. Adventuring in the Valley Argentina is gorgeous. Have I said that before? Doesn't it go without saying by now?You really get to know a set of mountains when you have to hike around them. Fortunately, in the middle of these death marches, I was able to sto. The Light La Sainte-Chapelle is really an amazing place. I can't believe it took me so many trips to Paris to finally see it. It wasn't exactly a blind-spot, but I knew it was some place that I had to visit at some point, and I finally got there. Tripods.

Bustling Beijing Getting this photo was not easy at all!I knew of this area of Beijing called the CBD, or Central Business District. I notice that they have all these catchy names here, much like the building I took this photo from: "China Merchants Build. Forbidden Corner Two of the corners around the moat around the Forbidden City are exactly the same. The only difference is the direction they face. And, with bad luck, I started on the wrong corner, so that meant a not-so-short-runwalk to the other corner. The Lost Cliffs of Oahu This is a very very very rare re-processing of a photo! I usually never go back to a work.. so, this is more the exception than the rule.But I started trying a few different things with Photomatix (that you can see in the Photomati.

Fun with the Fisheye in Paris This is a close up of one of the two chandeliers in the entry way of my hotel in Paris. I was still getting used to the fisheye at this point, so it took me about five shots to get this exact one I wanted.By the way, I like h. Country Home in French Meadow This beautiful little country home sits in the meadows and gardens of Versailles. I've taken a few photos around this estate, and I really like this arch with the ivy. It made me want to have an arch with ivy at my own house!

Great Night in Toronto After a super-long day, I decided to make it super-longer by joining all the TBEX crew over at a party on Centre Island. I’m not a total expert of the-best-places-to-shoot-Toronto, but this area seems good enough!This was a three-ph. The Sydney Opera House I’ve waited a very long time to see this famous building in Sydney! I’ve been meaning to come to Australia for a very long time, but this whole plan was delayed because of my move to New Zealand. Since I knew that I would be moving. Floating Through the Temple While in the north of India, I visited this Hindu temple. It was beautiful and decadent inside. I can't even imagine what it used to look like back in the day. The walls supposedly had inlaid jewels and other precious stones. D.