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Lecturer of Plant biology at University of Antananarivo


Gymnospermes. Botanical Nomenclature. Nomenclature Nomenclature refers to the naming of things.

Botanical Nomenclature

Botanical nomenclature is (surprise) about naming plants. Bear in mind that plant names refer to abstract entities - the collection of all plants (past, present, and future) that belong to the same group. As you will recall, taxonomy is about grouping. Botanical nomenclature is about applying names to taxonomic groups. Géologie. Beccariophoenix fenestralis.

Phytogéographie. Monocots. Angiospermes (pdf) Classification APG III. Flowering plant. The ancestors of flowering plants diverged from gymnosperms around 245–202 million years ago, and the first flowering plants known to exist are from 160 million years ago.

Flowering plant

They diversified enormously during the Lower Cretaceous and became widespread around 120 million years ago, but replaced conifers as the dominant trees only around 60–100 million years ago. Angiosperm derived characteristics[edit] Flowers The flowers, which are the reproductive organs of flowering plants, are the most remarkable feature distinguishing them from the other seed plants. Flowers aid angiosperms by enabling a wider range of adaptability and broadening the ecological niches open to them.