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The most intricate mixed media sculptures you will ever see. Kris Kuksi is known as a modern Rococo Master, he creates modern sculptures in the highly decorative Rococo style.

The most intricate mixed media sculptures you will ever see

Instead of using Marbles and other stones he uses a large variety of objects like broken toys, machine parts, figurines or parts of furniture. He assembles these objects and covers them in paint to create a dramatic sculptural scene. Viewers often get so overwhelmed by Kuksi's sculptures that they often get lost in them. more details on Realistic birds made from paper by Johan scherft. Incredibly realistic Clay sculptures by Ron Mueck. Ornate and detailed illustrations with dip pen by Alex Konahin.

Disturbing hyper realistic ceramic sculptures by Tip Toland. Colorful Designer chocolate bars by Unelefante. Now you can draw sculptures in the air using a 3D Printer Pen. Huge 3 feet wide paper flowers by Tiffanie Turner. Shadow Art composed with some really weird objects by Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Beautifully carved 300 years old antique Tibetan Skull. Giant living plant sculptures - the epitome of horticulture arts. Elaborate Insect and Animal sculptures created with Old bike parts by Edouard Martinet. Ha-Gassen - A Japanese Art scroll from Edo period shows people farting at each other. Magnificent metal sculptures created using layers of steel by Park Chan-girl. Breathtaking devil sand sculpture.

Photographs of exploding flowers by Martin Klimas. Beautiful dolls showcased at the Toronto doll meet. Illustrations created with various kinds of wires by Charis Tsevis. Hyperrealistic wood sculptures by Tom Eckert. Carpenter creates functioning watches carved completely out of wood. Intricately carved egg shells by Piotr Bockenheim. Beautiful watercolor paintings of famous bridges by Maja Wronska. Hyperrealistic paintings of boxes covered in wrapping paper by Yrjo Edelmann. Jackie Chan portrait created with 64000 chopsticks by Hong Yi. Captivating Cityscapes oil paintings by Jeremy Mann. Stunning Driftwood sculptures by Jeffro Uitto. 36 feet tall astronaut sculpture installed at coachella by Poetic Kinetics. Insect sculptures created from discarded watch parts and other scrap objects. Photographer captures adorable friendship between a farmer and his pigs.

Animal sculptures created using automobile scraps by Ilyas Ahmed. Anatomy revealing street art by Nychos. Lorenzo Duran cuts beautiful patterns and images into leaf; creating intricate leaf cut sculptures. Historical photos show weird hair style trends prevalent in Nigeria during 60s and 70s. Okhai Ojeikere died in February 2014 leaving behind 1000s of photographs of hairstyles prevalent in Nigeria taken during the period of 1968 and onwards.

Historical photos show weird hair style trends prevalent in Nigeria during 60s and 70s

He worked as a studio photographer where he took most of these photos he also documented these complicated hairdos at weddings and on the street. Its really astonishing how creative these women were. These intricate hairdos would have required lot of skill, i think it would be fit to call them hair sculptures.. source: gallery51. Pick your nose party cups gives you a humorous nose job as you drink. Creative photographs of kids playing underwater by Alix Martinez. These beautiful looking dresses are actually sculptures made from marbles. Unbelievable sculptures on the ocean floor in Mexico. Absolutely beautiful photographs of Colorful ink mixing in water by Alberto Seveso. Microscopic images etched on a grain of Sand. Captivating macro photographs of butterfly and moth wings by Linden Gledhill. The Nasir al-Molk is by far the most beautiful mosque that i have come across. As the sun rises every morning something magical awaits to happen at the Nasir al-Molk mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

The Nasir al-Molk is by far the most beautiful mosque that i have come across

The Morning light filters through heavily decorated stained glass windows filling the mosque with vivid rainbow colors. The walls and ceilings have intricate patterns painted onto them, and the floor is covered in beautiful Persian carpets. As the colorful light fills the room, these patterns come to their full glory. The mosque is also known as the Pink mosque due to the pink hue created by the sunlight. Captivating handcut paper sculptures lit using LEDs by artist duo Deepti and Hari. Underwater photography of adorable babies swimming. Whole evening captured in a single photograph using a technique called 'Time stacking' Art | Blogging | Friendship Superstars Whole evening captured in a single photograph using a technique called 'Time stacking' You will have to typically spend a few hours to watch a sunset in its entirety, but photographer Matt Molloy uses time lapse photography taking multiple shots of a sunset then layering them on top of each other to create this effect.

Whole evening captured in a single photograph using a technique called 'Time stacking'

A picture is typically taken every 3 to 4 seconds. Street artist Jana and JS portray hopelessness of people through their art. A wall filled with chewing gums in California, people have been sticking gums here since 1950s. Nobody knows for sure how or why people first started sticking chewed gums here, but today it has become a popular tourist attraction.

A wall filled with chewing gums in California, people have been sticking gums here since 1950s

The alley now known as bubblegum alley has its 70 feet long and 15 feet high wall filled with used gums of all types. The trend of sticking gums on this wall began in the 1950s. After complaints from the local business association the wall was cleaned twice in 1970s, but people continued to stick gums with renewed vigor before it was finally decided to leave it as it is. some people now consider it as Art. Artistically it all looks quiet pleasing, people don't just stick gums randomly, they try to create shapes and patterns from these gums, some stick wrappers, coins and other objects making it sort of a collective art project.

Magnificent portraits created by wrapping a single thread around thousands of Nails. Kumi Yamashita is a New york based artist of Japanese Origin.

Magnificent portraits created by wrapping a single thread around thousands of Nails

In the series titled 'Constellation' she uses a single unbroken thread which is wrapped around hundreds of nails to form a portrait. For creating these wonderful images she uses just a really long thread, nails and a board. Below is how it looks from a close distance. source: Dream like photography of women by Oleg Oprisco. Beautiful photorealistic portraits on wood by Jantina Peperkamp. Implausible fantasy filled paintings by Caleb Brown. Couples are getting creative with their engagement photography, you wont believe what this couple did. Hair blows by wind in billboard when subway arrives, Interactive billboard in Stockholm. Paintings created using vibrations from a speaker by Martin Klimas. A high tech vault deep in the mountains of Norway stores seeds of all kinds for the doomsday. Svalbard Global Seed Vault on an island in Norway near to North pole safely stores backup seeds of every plant variety.

A high tech vault deep in the mountains of Norway stores seeds of all kinds for the doomsday

This is humanity's ultimate insurance just incase earth is struck with some kind of natural or man made disaster. The vault has been built with the highest safety standards, so its pretty much sure that even if the world gets flooded due to global warming, or the world gets into a nuclear war, this vault is going to stay as it is, with the seeds safely inside. The site has been chosen by taking all considerations in mind. The actual vault is deep inside the chest of the mountain, a 300 feet long tunnel leads to the vault.

The vault is so deep inside the mountain that any change to climate of the region caused by global warming will not affect the seeds. Brick sculptures by American artist Brad Spencer. Colorful X-ray style Murals by Street Artist SHOK-1. Photographs of faces distorted by Wind. Photorealistic paintings of beautiful women by Yigal Ozeri. Ultra modern Gandhi sculptures that blurs time. Photographs from the top of Shanghai Tower - World's second largest Building. Artistic figurative wood sculpture by the very talented Villy Verginer. Climbable string grid inside an huge inflatable cube by Numen/ForUse. Anonymous photographs of Neighbours taken secretly through windows. Photographer Arne Svenson in his photo series titled 'Neighbors', takes photographs of strangers going about their daily lives through their windows.

Anonymous photographs of Neighbours taken secretly through windows

The photographer makes sure that their identity is not revealed in his pictures. Arne Svenson tries to give the viewers a glimpse into the lives of strangers performing mundane activities completely unaware of being watched by someone. Incredible Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore. 625 cc Hero Hastur from Hero Moto Corp. Construction of FIFA World Cup Stadium in Natal, Brazil is completed. Built at the cost of more than 100 million pounds the stadium called is named 'Arena das Dunas'.

Construction of FIFA World Cup Stadium in Natal, Brazil is completed

The name and design of the stadium has been derived from the sand dunes which are common at the nearby coast. The building had been in construction since 2011. The design of the stadium has been done by famous stadium designing firm populous Arena Das Dunas is built in the small town of Natal, the huge stadium has a capacity to hold 42000 people. Hyperrealistic sculpture of semi naked sleepwalking man scares student on wellesley campus. Sculpture 'Sleepwalking' by artist Tony Matelli was installed on the campus of Wellesley college as part on an Exhibition at the college museum.

Hyperrealistic sculpture of semi naked sleepwalking man scares student on wellesley campus

Unsuspecting students were freaked out thinking the sculpture for a real sleepwalking man. Many of the students have asked for removal of this realistic sculpture from their campus they say it makes them frightened and uncomfortable. Artist Tony matelli has been defending his work claiming that the sculpture was created to evoke empathy towards the character. Tata Star Bus Urban 9/18 articulated. Photographer clicks beautiful pictures of Siamese Fighting Fish.

How city skylines would look during blackouts. Giant 100 ft tall metal horse sculptures in Scotland by Andy scott. High speed photography of balloons covered with paint exploding by Fabian Oefner. Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner is know for his High speed photography of everyday objects to reveal beautiful imagery. In his photo-series known as 'Liquid Jewels', Oefner takes high speed photographs of balloons covered with paint exploding when pricked with a pin. The exploding balloon throws the paint creating beautiful patterns in mid air which is captured using high speed photography. Green Hotel in Singapore with amazing sky garden. Hauntingly beautiful installation art of black webs by Chiharu Shiota. Student doodles intricate portraits on her thigh during class. The glowing beach in Maldives caused by organisms called phytoplankton. These beautiful pictures were taken by photographer Will Ho when he was at a beach in Maldives celebrating his honeymoon, the blue light is caused by Phytoplanktons that radiate light as a defensive mechanism when their environmnet is disturbed.

Finding this intense bioluminescence is believed to be extremely rare. When he walked on the beach the steps began illuminating because of the planktons present in the sand. These phytoplanktons are called Lingulodinium polyedrum. Cute and creepy handmade fantasy dolls by 23 year old russian girl. These realistic pokemon style dolls are created by Russian artist Santani, these are all handmade by the artist using a variety of fabrics and materials.

These dolls are available for sale but due to huge demand you will have to wait for a while before you can lay your hands on one of these cute puppets. more puppets on deviantart. Secret paintings at the edge of 19th century books found. Breathtaking Architecture of Infosys Buildings and Campuses. Infosys is India's most loved IT company, its the 3rd largest Indian IT services company. Narayanmurthy and the other founders started infosys in a one room building. Narayan murthy believes that the workplace should not only be interesting but also inspirational for the workers thus Infosys has created buildings and campuses that are architectural marvels. All the buildings at infosys are green buildings designed to impact the environmnet in the least possible way, some of the buildings have platinum LEED ratings for environmnet friendliness.

The company commemorates the visit by leading personalities by making them plant a sapling Bill gates, Michael Dell and other famous people have planted a sapling at Infosys. Check out some of the best buildings of Infosys below. A room filled with LED lights and mirror gives you the effect of being in space. This device solves the problem for women who walk miles carrying water on their head. Many women and girls in Rural India especially in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan walk long distance carrying water from distant sources.

They balance plastic or earthen vessels on their head and walk many times each day carrying water. After learning about the hardships faced by such women, New york based social entrepreneur Cynthia Koenig designed a device that could easily transport water, thus the WaterWheel was born. Typically women now carry water in vessels that could carry on average 19 liters of water, but with Waterwheel a women can easily carry upto 50 liters with considerably less physical hardship. This device not only saves time by reducing the number of trips but also relieves women from the physical strain of carrying all this water on their head. Koenig has founded a company called Wello that will be building the Waterwheel, it is planning to start production from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Portraits created by meticulously cutting into layers of wire mesh.


Metal sculptures that appear to disintegrate. Photorealistic paintings of city landscape. No girlfriend no tension. Artist sews portraits into the palm of his hands. Nature. Hot girls.