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Greatest Places to Visit in Agra. India ka talent provide you a free platform. Garhwal Solo Group tours from Gurgaon | Garhwal Adventure Holiday Trip for Singles. Mobile Advertising Trends That Ruled 2017. Mobile Advertising Trends That Ruled 2017. Basics of Advertising That You Must Know-Part 2. We have read how the basics of mobile advertising can affect your whole business. We have discussed in our previous part that how challenging, painful and unpredictable Mobile Advertising is. It is ,so complex that most of the agencies and advertisers are equally hesitant as you.

But, it is inevitable. Welcoming the mobile advertisements in our well-strategized marketing plan is the only way out. Keeping the same in concern we have jotted down some basic guidelines before we step ahead with mobile advertisement for our business. In previous part we covered three points: Mobile Advertising Platforms and Ad Formats Available in MarketThe Currency ModelMobile Advertising Language Let us move on with some more basics of mobile advertising: 4.

Knowing your audience is the most important and the most tedious task that you need to perform. Few key elemental points to keep in mind are: 5. To make a customer happy you need to give them what they need and when they need. 6. Top 5 Hidden Secrets of Ad Networks. Ad Networks are the need of the time. It has become an alternative and even the main income source for many of the bloggers. Sadly, most of the bloggers after getting rejected by Google AdSense and a desperation of making money ASAP join sheep herd and join any random Ad Network. To earn money, it is not mere about getting registered, as you may never know how it affected your business for bad. It may also affect your blogging career and even make you quit. To master the art of optimum utilisation the Ad Networks you must learn a few things. After years of experience of working in Ad Network, I have jotted down some key points about Ad Networks That You Must Know: 1. If you go through your publisher agreement carefully, you’ll see that most of the Ad Networks have a payout threshold, which means you can only withdraw the money if you have already earned a revenue of let’s say $100!!

2. 3. 4. Revenue is the total amount that an advertiser earns via a campaign. 5. ICELAND TRAVEL GUIDE: THINGS TO DO, ATTRACTIONS, SHOPPING. Iceland Overview: Iceland, A land created for the extreme experience. Blessed with abundance of Mountains, Volcanoes, Rivers, Lakes, Caves and picturesque rough terrains that waits for you to be tackled. If you are an outdoor ninja, it’s your paradise! If you are an indoor-snuggly snail, get ready for a never fading warm and welcoming experience of your life. The Iconic Viking ship No matter which part of the world you are from, Iceland will amaze everyone with its spectacular views. Iceland is perfect for your inner adventure ninja. Most of us make a mistake by going to Iceland for nature.

This article will give you an idea on how to complete a joyful circle of the country. Top Attractions: Places To Visit in Iceland Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon: Oh, the most famous thing about Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. Diving the Silfra Fissure: Silfra Fissure is one of the finest diving experiences of the world with water visibility over 100 meters. Ice Trekking Shopping Nightlife Places in Iceland Food 1. 6 Reasons You Should choose Mobile Advertising for Your Start-Up.

Affiliate Programs To Boost Your Bank Account

All the Reasons You Should Consider Digital Marketing Now! You cannot ignore digital marketing anymore if you really intend to remain competitive in your business to guarantee growth, brand reputation and ROI. To remain sustaining in this cut-throat competition, maintaining a balanced digital marketing strategy is as important as water for fish. In this blog, we will discuss the various reasons why you should invest into Digital Marketing: Poor Search Engine Ranking: If your competitors are leaving you behind in terms of SEO ranking, then it is the high time you brace yourself against your business being stalled. Popular search engines rank your website in terms of the keywords used, content quality etc. Inactive Social Media: Social media is platform is strengthening its influence with each passing day.

For survival in this industry it is very important for an organisation to have active pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. Website is Not Mobile Friendly: We all are aware of the growing rage of mobile phones.