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Pariksha Labs offers professional custom application development services for Smart Phone Apps, Web Apps, In Design Plugin, catalogue App and QA Expertise.

Do music apps need a Siri like voice search? April 13th, 2015 Our app “Filmi Filmy” provides users with a fast and simple way to view their favorite Hindi film songs.

Do music apps need a Siri like voice search?

We have observed that YouTube has a big collection of Hindi film song clips but the lack of phonetic search and presence of multiple clips with same title intimidate users. “Filmi FIlmy” provides a friendly Hindi phonetic search so that we can find the songs you want irrespective of how the titles are spelled. Also, since we only pick up a single entry for any song, the user is assured of getting the right song clip without having to sift through multiple of choices. The value of “Filmi Filmy” can be seen in the use-case metrics – over 6.5 minutes per session engagement and over 40% repeat users from all the “Indian diaspora” hot-spots on the globe bear testimony. At Pariksha we are constantly asking ourselves – how can we use technologies and make it easier for the users to do what they want to do. Best Portal to Watch free Bollywood video songs online – FilmiFilmy.

News Aggregation Should Be Processed. Since the initial days of the smartphone/tablet revolution, reading news has been a popular activity via apps, mobile websites, SMS, social media mentions and instant message networks.

News Aggregation Should Be Processed

Most news organizations – both print and broadcast – have built their own apps, mobile websites and a host of aggregators have tried to provide their own abstraction and interpretation of news. Pulse, Flipboard were one of the earliest popular news aggregation apps. Most news aggregators have systems to track and classify news into sources, categories and stories. Users are provided an option to browse across this classification. Some basic cross source, cross category access is provided through “related” article tags.

I have always wondered why the aggegators present news with the source, category and story hierarchy when clearly there is merit in presenting news based on importance of the story/theme that the article covers. This has been bothering me and so we decided to build an app to test this idea. Promote Business Blog online, How to Promote Your Business: 5 Steps only. Your own business: Check Your loyal customers: Check Now, what is missing?

Promote Business Blog online, How to Promote Your Business: 5 Steps only

Umm, aren’t you forgetting your presence on the social media. It is one of the biggest platforms in today’s time to connect with customers.So you created a Facebook Page for your business, what now then? It’s time you get your page in front of your customers, in front of the world. 1- Cash in on your Network People have already joined your your e-mail list, but they don’t check mails on a daily basis. 2- Guide your Customers to you Add various social network sites badges to your website or blog. 3- Share your page link with friends and family There are millions and billions of monthly active users on various networking sites be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Breaking News from India. ParikshaLabs. Overview An iOS app that helps patients manage their medicine prescriptions and supply.


The app lets consumers setup medicine schedule – drug, time, dosage, type etc. It includes a barcode scanning feature and a medicine database. An alarm module displays the notification about a medicine event and lets the user indicate completion or setup reminder etc. A reporting module lets the physician have information on how the consumer is taking his/her medicines.

Solution An iOS native client application to present and maintain a medicine database and alert system to help users remind themselvesVery friendly and simple mechanism to setup even the most complicated of medicine calendars – multiple medicines packaging, dosage, timing etc are supported.Bar code scanner and integration to national medicine databaseA 3D UI to remind users with touch based action completion, alert management, reporting and statisticsSupports ordering of new medicine supply when stocks are low Challenges Innovation. InDesign Plugin development partners, Custom Plugin Development, CEP - InDesign Plugin. In September 2013, Adobe announced that they would be discontinuing the CS Extension Builder and would replace it with a new development framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

InDesign Plugin development partners, Custom Plugin Development, CEP - InDesign Plugin

CEP technology allows developers to build extensions that can run across all Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) platform. Clearly, this is a significant win for plug-in and extension developers as it cuts down on development time and resources. However, as plug-in developers move legacy plug-ins from CS 5.5/CS6 to CC and CC14, they must keep in mind several issues before the plug-ins can be ported to CEP extensions. Last quarter, we have helped our clients to adapt this change by integrating the latest web frameworks like AngularJS with extensions, thereby following a strict MVC driven approach as used to be the case with C++ plug-ins. We have structured the extension in a way that it can be extended to use with multiple apps. Product Outsourcing partner for Mobile Apps, Web Development Services.