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Windows phone and xbox live indie games development. How to Virtualize OS X Lion on Windows. Update: Fixed down hard drive files (February 8, 2012).

How to Virtualize OS X Lion on Windows

Sorry about the delay guys, this page has been updated so that Xcode 4.1 does not crash anymore. (August 17, 2011). If you've tried to virtualize previous versions of OS X, you know that it is a very tedious and time consuming process. This new guide works by giving you a simple VMWare Image. This means that the OS has already been pre-configured on a hard drive. This guide will show how to setup a fully working OS X Lion 10.7 on a Windows machine. Requirements A laptop or desktop computer that supports virtualization (most newer computers do). An updated video has been made of all the new steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The simple image sharer. Search engine optimization SEO Company Promotion ranking Services internet marketing placement.

Web Apps. Facebook trapped in MySQL 'fate worse than death' Templates. Overloading operators Classes, essentially, define new types to be used in C++ code.


And types in C++ not only interact with code by means of constructions and assignments. They also interact by means of operators. For example, take the following operation on fundamental types: Here, different variables of a fundamental type (int) are applied the addition operator, and then the assignment operator. Here, it is not obvious what the result of the addition operation on b and c does. Operators are overloaded by means of operator functions, which are regular functions with special names: their name begins by the operator keyword followed by the operator sign that is overloaded.

Type operator sign (parameters) { /*... body ...*/ } For example, cartesian vectors are sets of two coordinates: x and y. The function operator+ of class CVector overloads the addition operator (+) for that type. Both expressions are equivalent. For example: The keyword this Static members Const member functions. C Programming/Pointers and arrays. Pointer a pointing variable b.

C Programming/Pointers and arrays

Note that b stores number, whereas a stores address of b in memory (1462) How to declare themHow to assign to themHow to reference the value to which the pointer points (known as dereferencing) andHow they relate to arrays We'll also discuss the relationship of pointers with text strings and the more advanced concept of function pointers. Pointers are variables that hold a memory location. One can access the value of the variable pointed to using the dereferencing operator '*'. The vast majority of arrays in C are simple lists, also called "1 dimensional arrays". Declaring pointers[edit] Consider the following snippet of code which declares two pointers: struct MyStruct { int m_aNumber; float num2; }; int * pJ2; struct MyStruct * pAnItem; Lines 1-4 define a structure.

In the following, line 1 declares var1 as a pointer to a long and var2 as a long and not a pointer to a long. Long * var1, var2; int ** p3; int MyFunction( struct MyStruct *pStruct ); sizeof[edit] Angry Birds Chrome. eBooks. Wikileaks.