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Senor badfunk. Human anatomy 4 by ivany86 on deviantART. Greg Broadmore - Galleries. DINO-ART. PORTFOLIO – Hans Kleinenberg – Portfolio. Paul Tobin Art and Design. Monsters and Stuff. Personal Work 2 - Christian Pearce. More Like The Farmbot by AndreeWallin. More Like robot.W.I.P by SaeedRamez. Harness by NOMANSNODEAD on deviantART. SaeedRamez's deviantART Gallery. Lessons -> 3D Studio Max -> The Lesson. The Rendering of the Car. An Approaches to a Creation of Studio. The Style. This lesson requires the following software: 3ds Max, VRay, Photoshop.

Lessons -> 3D Studio Max -> The Lesson. The Rendering of the Car. An Approaches to a Creation of Studio. The Style.

Hello. RENDERU.COM -> Information resource on computer graphics and animation. FUTURISTIC MODEL KIT. Femmes divers - Page 2. Centerblog Créer un blog Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Connexion Ajouter en ami Accueil.

femmes divers - Page 2

Got Wires? - A Subdivision Modeling Blog on Bloglovin. Artsammich's deviantART Gallery. c0de517e. The tech of Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome. When Microsoft announced the Xbox One in May 2013, Ryse: Son of Rome was confirmed to be one of the first titles available for the next-gen console.

The tech of Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome

For Crytek, that provided a chance to develop a game with characters and environments seen in a level of fidelity they had not previously tackled. “In the past,” Crytek art technical director Christopher Evans told fxguide, “we had really focused on a polished experienced for the main character and then good looking characters for two, three or four main helpers to the protagonist. The protagonist on the Crysis franchise always had a mask and it was a first person game. The State of Rendering – Part 1. Part 1 of 2.

The State of Rendering – Part 1

This part deals with the rendering trends in the VFX industry today. The State of Rendering – Part 2. In Part 1 of The State of Rendering, we looked at the latest trends in the visual effects industry including the move to physically plausible shading and lighting.

The State of Rendering – Part 2

Part 2 explores the major players in the current VFX and animation rendering markets and also looks at the future of rendering tech. There is more about rendering at this term. There are many renderers, of course, but we have focused below on the primary renderers that have come up during the last 18 months of writing fxguide stories. It is not an exact science but fxguide has a ring side seat on the industry and the list below covers the majority of key visual effects and non-exclusive in house animation renderers.

We have excluded gaming engines and many fine non-vfx applications. The order is not in terms of market share – in reality the 3ds Max default renderer or Mental Ray would swamp many others due to the market share of Autodesk with Max, Maya and XSI. The Art of Rendering (updated) All posts and recent updates. This blog aim to provide articles related to graphics in game.

All posts and recent updates

Their purposes are to be use as references by myself and any other people interested. To facilitate the navigation in this blog I will use this site map page. Unlike traditional blog I would like to keep the articles up to date when this have interest. Thus every post have a version number. When I add an information to an article I increment the version and add a comment at its end with some details on what have changes. Last update articles: 4 May 2014: Weathering and aging effects in the hand of artists: v1.1 15 April 2014 : Dontnod physically based rendering chart for Unreal Engine 4. Amazingly Realistic Drawings Created with Ballpoint Pens. When we first saw Portugal-based artist Samuel Silva's portrait, Redhead Girl, most of us were completely in awe of how Silva (aka VianaArts) could achieve such amazing details with just a handful of everyday pens.

Amazingly Realistic Drawings Created with Ballpoint Pens

Since that time, the patient and skilled artist has developed an extensive collection of more wildly realistic creations featuring the crisp details, fine strands of hair, and textured fur of all kinds of people and animals. Created with colored and black Bic ballpoint pens, the impressively realistic drawings are filled with such energy and life that it's still hard to believe the images are not actually photographs! Silva's passionate dedication to his pieces can range anywhere from a number of hours to a number of weeks. For example, his Angry Tiger (top photo) took approximately 50 hours to complete while his Afghan Girl (second photo) took much longer, 120 hours across 40 days. "It takes me forever to do my works," Silva says. More Like Unique Animal Anatomy: Spotted Hyena by FOERVRAENGD. Lammergeier by PineRain on deviantART. Unique Animal Anatomy: Spotted Hyena by FOERVRAENGD on deviantART. More Like lion anatomy by DirkTraufelder. 365 Days... Mindful Meditation of Daily Drawings by techgnotic on deviantART.

Imaginism - The Future Of Art Is Here Now by techgnotic on deviantART. 10 Steps to Getting Your Sh*t Together ¦ GYST-ink Blog. By Karen Atkinson Making things happen for you is an important part of being an artist who is interested in participating in the art world.

10 Steps to Getting Your Sh*t Together ¦ GYST-ink Blog

Sitting in your studio and waiting to be discovered is NOT a strategy. Here are ten basic steps to Getting Your Sh*t Together in order to position yourself to make your work, get the work out and get organized. Be prepared in order to take advantage of opportunities and jump starting your art career. Whether you are a gallery-driven or artist-driven artist (a DIY kind of artist), these steps will go a long way to solving some key issues for getting organized. We believe the best place to start on the road to getting your shit together is to check out the GYST-Ink software. STEP ONE: Plan Ahead Life Goals: Know what you want to do with your life. Being an artist is a lot of work, so planning ahead is important. STEP TWO: Make the Work Make sure that you schedule time for: Art sites for freelancing or inspiration by FriendlyHand on deviantART.

Art sites for freelancing or inspiration by FriendlyHand on deviantART.