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STEFANOTSAI 3D/2D Conceptual Art. Subversive Girl. Drawthrough BLOG - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso. Welcome DVDs Bio Contact drawthrough BLOG Here are some selections from my blog, drawthrough jr.

drawthrough BLOG - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso

Art of Francis Tsai » environment design. Space opera: Galactic Imperium Orbital Station N-128 A finalized design, finally.

Art of Francis Tsai » environment design

Well, probably still time for some tweakage. Wanted to get some of that 70s era, Joe Johnston/Nilo Rodis-Jamero practical model feel for some of these ships and outer space locations. The earlier concept sketch is at the bottom.

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Vision Afar - Illustration. Feng Zhu Design. Jonny Duddle. Untitled Document. Donato Giancola - Gallery Realism. Chris thunig - matte painting & concept art. Jason Chan Art. George Hull - Krop Creative Database. BOOK Eric Tranchefeux; Nourritures, objets&Evironements, personnages, animaux, mascottes, cartoon, dessin concept, illustrations, peintures, photos, retouches photos. Foods, objets&Evironements, characters, animals, mascots, cartoon, drawing concept, illu. D U S S O. Children's Book and Fantasy Illustration Chris Beatrice. George Hull - Krop Creative Database.

Congrats NB and the folks at Image Engine VFX- & Thanks for asking me to contribute!

george Hull - Krop Creative Database

Take 1 sketches for the deportation hanger on Elysium based on NB notes. I roughed out a quick set and explored compositions. All deportation sketches were done in just one pass then given to VFX to evolve. Wish I'd had time to design +paint properly! Imagining border control like security while giant hoses fuel ships prepping for take off. Idea sketch: Delivery of ships from storage via massive robotic cranes. Initial sketches for the underside/ sub strata of Elysium. Due to timing I was tasked with mostly layout work for VFX. Imagining monolithic generators repeating into the BG to enhance scale. Designing a suspended gantry layout for the final battle between Max an Kruger. Take 1 concept sketches for a massive droid factory and cargo hangar.

Actors could travel on a 2 stage 45 degree elevators while crates of droids are being transported via crane arms. 45 Degree Elevator rising up to meet foreground set. Erik Tiemens Fine Art Landscapes - portfolio. Concept Designer. The Art of Jake Parker. JAKKAS' ART. Welcome to Dylan Cole Studio. Concept Designer. Home. DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso.

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Freelance Artist Portfolio, Nate Van Dyke

Vic Is Dead The Many Things The Beast In Me Skull Hawk Reign Pool Hall Brawl Clint Eastwood Pleasure and Pain Laid Back Lobo Just a Hunch Jaguar Climbing Into the Light Holla Fate Maker Devil Daycare Chimp Kiss Abraham Lincoln Nun Fuck I Await You Thigh High Approach I See Dead People Sunday School Teacher Tulip Giraffes Recline My Skin Itches At Hells Helm A Mothers Touch Bank Robber Built Lottery Nightmare. Morgan Yon / CONCEPT ART . VISUAL DEVELOPMENT. Untitled Document.

Caroline Delen. The Art of Mike Corriero. The art of michael tassie. Arnaud Valette - concept artist/ visual development/ painting. Cesar Eiji. MaxIsland' Blog. The art of Matt Dixon - 2D 3D Low poly / High poly. Jeudi 22 mai 4 22 /05 /Mai 01:04 Dimanche 27 avril 7 27 /04 /Avr 04:43 more quickies....

2D 3D Low poly / High poly

Mardi 22 avril 2 22 /04 /Avr 06:20 I'm trying to learn how to paint in Photoshop I did this quick study from a photo of adriana lima :) and an atempt at adrian brody Jeudi 17 avril 4 17 /04 /Avr 04:19 Samedi 15 mars 6 15 /03 /Mars 01:23 still the horns, ears.... missing Vray : colormap, specmap by hand no SSS check out my Thread on zbrushsentral here.

Peter Popken - concept art for films. Maciej Kuciara // Concept art for film and video games. Untitled. Gallery. Maciej Kuciara // Concept art for film and video games. OSOKARO. Hola, amiguitos, bienvenidos a mi blog.


Me ha costado un poco, pero por fin lo he hecho. Como a casi nadie le ha gustado mi obra conceptual, "Oscuridad Adyacente", he decidido poner cosas más convencionales, como estas piratillas, diseños realizados para que unos colegas los modelaran, pero que todavía no han terminado. ¡Os odio, David y Jose Antonio! Y perdona, Rancio, por tener que aguantar los comentarios de la gente rajando de mi blog.Nos vemos.

Peter Popken - online portfolio. Portfolio This page displays a small collection of images I producedduring the pre-production for several films and computergames.

Peter Popken - online portfolio

The pictures do not always represent my own ideasbut rather the needs for a certain production purpose.Almost every picture on this page was entirely created digital.I hardly use pencil and paper these days. Instead I try to takeadvantage of the possibilities of the computer and it's toolsto speed up the process. The Art of Lawrence Mai. Portfolio : Kieran Yanner – Concept Art & Illustration. Portfolio Below is a body of work that represents a range of style, subject matter and type of art produced for a variety of clientele.

Portfolio : Kieran Yanner – Concept Art & Illustration

Kolby Jukes - Character Artist. Pene Menn - Home. Concepts 1. Kemp Remillard Concept Art and d-sign. Hub. Illustrations. Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist. Jon Foster Studios - sculpture. PSG 7. Pene Menn - Concept Illustration - 20080411#4. The Official Website of Chad Michael Ward. Art. Rasyidxtreme. UNEARTHEDART.COM - The Art Of Gary Newman. - A P O L I T E W I N T E R - .: :. Gallery Home - Gallery. Tor Frick - 3D artist.

The OLIJOSMAN Gallery. The Art of Nicolette Newman. Steven Giesler. Concept design by Niklas Frostgård - Digital Paintings Gallery. - The Online Operations of Paul Richards. Ben Regimbal. Home - REDWHIRLPOOL - Nicolas Ferrand Concept Design Inc. UBISOFT - REDWHIRLPOOL - Nicolas Ferrand Concept Design Inc. 300 - Gallery. NoXizMaD >>> 2D digital freelance artist (Paris) Sketches. JZ Concepts: Concept Artist James Zhang. Gallery - Portfolio.