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raiseyouriq is a brain training and brain health course

Social Media Marketing Strategy. This is a seven step guide to creating a social media marketing strategy to reach more customers and drive greater on-line awareness for your brand or product.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

For a business to really capitalise from social media, it needs to build a clear strategy that takes into account what are the goals, what are you trying to achieve, who are the target customers are and what is the competition is doing. Social media marketing can be defined as the use of blogs, articles and content marketing, white papers, video and images to share on social networks to raise awareness to pull in the web traffic and prospects 1st Step; Understand your social media goals As with any planning in business, the first thing anyone needs to do when creating a social media marketing strategy is to understand what you want to get from it?.

What are the goals (traffic, leads, likes, buyers, SEO) so you know the purpose of your social media efforts. Raiseyouriq?utm_content=buffer55067&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook. Raiseyouriq?utm_content=buffer0ca49&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.

Brain Health

New online prog 'can raise IQ' New online prog 'can raise IQ' [Posted: Thu 02/05/2013 by Deborah Condon] A new Irish company claims to have developed an online programme that can significantly raise a person's IQ.

New online prog 'can raise IQ'

According to the company, Raise Your IQ, a recent trial of the programme in Irish schools resulted in an average IQ increase of 23 points among students. This brought them from an average IQ of 97 to 120, which is considered ‘superior intellectual functioning'. The SMART (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training) programme ‘equips the user with cognitive skills which lay the foundation for better intelligent reasoning and thinking and increases intelligence levels'. "Unlike ‘brain training' products on the market which merely enhance memory, SMART improves the ability to reason logically and think clearly, so it also leads to improvements in verbal ability, perceptual reasoning and speed of information processing," the company claims.

The programme is available here. - Ireland's premier independent health site. Brain Training Free. Brain training free lessons and exercises that can help improve IQ.

Brain Training Free

At we are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all people so these free brain training teasers are a great introduction for kids or adults to challenging your brain to be smarter and fitter. Download the brain training lesson below, it is completely free, no email or sign up required and we hope these lessons will be useful to teachers, parents, kids, adults, in fact anyone who cares to reach their reaching their intellectual potential. The brain training free lessons is a .pdf file containing a series of brain exercises that you can do at home, while relaxing, in a classroom or maybe even as a team building exercise!

To get started to improving your brain health, simply download the lessons and print it off or view it on your mobile device. The lesson consists of a series of scientifically developed brain-teasers that you can try to solve wherever and whenever it suits. Kudos. sur Twitter : "Daily brain teaser from #RaiseYourIQ Is it Yes or No #brainteaser #braingames #IQ... RaiseYourIQ.

Brain Training Online

So you Think Your Child Has a Learning Difficulty, Top Expert Tips. You’ll always remember the day you brought your bundle of joy home for the first time.

So you Think Your Child Has a Learning Difficulty, Top Expert Tips

Your heart and your head were full of wonderment and delight at this whole new person, all shiny and new and full of the promise of the life he or she would lead and of the person he or she would become. Brain surgeon, lawyer, artist, writer, comedienne, self-help guru extraordinaire. All these things were possibilities for the amazing masterpiece you somehow managed to create. Many parents will remember the first smile, the first step and the first real words uttered as this tiny little person makes his way in life. There are literally thousands of moments that a parent can look back on with pride as their own little creation moves from baby to toddler to child and even on into adulthood.

But what happens when there is a glitch somewhere along the developmental trajectory? 1. Or other relevant family member who has known your child since birth. 2.Talk to your child’s teacher. 3.Talk to the experts. 4. Identifying the Basic Building Blocks of Intelligence. Could We Have Identified the Basic Building Blocks of Intelligence?

Identifying the Basic Building Blocks of Intelligence

Much research has now shown that intelligence levels are malleable and this is covered in this blog (IQ bootcamp) and elsewhere. It has also become the trumpet call of just about every brain health and brain training company on the internet, so it is hardly a novel idea at this stage, even if it remains controversial. What is less well known is that behavioral researchers have hit upon what they believe to be the basic building blocks of intelligence. These are a set of skills, known as relational framing skills (or relational skills for short), that appear to function as behavioral precursors for a wide range of intellectual skills. Is SMART Brain Training for Kids and Adults the same?

Brain Training