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Mark Knight

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VGMO -Video Game Music Online- » Mark Knight Interview: Back in the Composer’s Chair. Mark Knight is an enduring British pioneer in game music and audio. The self-taught composer brought musical innovations to top series such as Duke Nukem, Warhammer, and Dungeon Keeper throughout the 90s. He subsequently transitioned into the role of audio director at Codemasters, where he brought technical mastery to titles such as the F1 and GRID series.

Most recently, he made a welcome return to the composing chair with his debut solo album and the consecutive game releases F1 2015, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, D/Generation HD, and F1 2016. In this incredibly indepth interview, Knight takes his through his career all the way from his demoscene origins and violin performances to his solo album that has brought him round full circle. Interview Credits Interview Subject: Mark KnightInterviewer: Chris GreeningEditor: Chris GreeningCoordination: Chris Greening Interview Content Chris: Mark Knight, many thanks for talking to us today. Mark Knight: You’re welcome!

And Mario. About the Author. Amiga Music Preservation - TDK - Interview. For me, the value was everything, as it was the only thing I paid attention to, hehe. But honestly, the demos that stood out for me, is where the audio and visuals interacted with each other. This happened quite rarely though. In a game, music, or I should really say, audio, is everything. It tells you what is happening, even if you can't see it.For an arcade game, or a racing game, to a lesser extent, tyre screeches can tell you you are losing control of a vehicle, and engine note can tell you when to change gear, but in adventure and 1st person games, the audio is a required "sense" not only for the player to play the game well, but for the designer to incorporate events that are about to happen (around the corner, as it were).

This can be reflected in the music too, and this interaction with music and sound effects, is where a game can score highly on audio. Music can also be used to theme a character, something that is used a lot in films. 8-At present, are you still composing? Mark Knight, Senior Sound Designer, Electronic Arts Inc. Mark Knight, also known as "TDK" (or The Dark Knight) is a well-known Amiga chiptune/demoscene musician, and video game composer/sound designer.

It was on 11th birthday that Mark was given a Commodore 64 computer and quickly took a liking to the music which was being produced by the machine. Although wrote music using the Electrosound software it wasn't until Mark bought a 2nd hand Commodore Amiga A500 in 1989, and was introduced to the Soundtracker music software that started to compose music more seriously. Eventually found that enjoyed writing 'chiptunes' on the Amiga using a technique pioneered by 4-Mat. As a member of Melon Dezign and Anthrox, chip music sounds often appeared in Crystal and Anthrox cracktro's.