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Lucien Rocault Burgundy Climate Change. French Wine Producer Celine Barbaud. The Barbaud family feel a sense of relief and happiness but know they are only half way!

French Wine Producer Celine Barbaud

“Currently we are in the middle of harvest. We know that this year the Syrah has suffered due to dry conditions and we are excited to see how these vines mature and evolve following irrigation. We know that this sustainable approach to farming will yield wines of sophisticated quality with peak clarity, freshness and brilliance”, exudes Celine. Like all good winemakers Celine tastes for ripeness of acidity as well as the ripeness of skin texture, seeds, color and flesh.

“It is important to, as we always do, taste the grapes right throughout veraison. 10 years after taking over Domaine des Favards from her father, Celine is quietly working on secret projects that we can’t wait to share. Celine Barbaud at the Domaine des Favards, Rhone. Shop Spirits Flavored Rum. Join Amelie Wine Bar. Shop French Wine ONE65.

Best French Wines Producers. Sanitation In Brewing Your Own. If you’re ready to start creating your very own homemade beer or cider, you’ll quickly learn that one of the most important aspects of the home brewing process is sanitation.

Sanitation In Brewing Your Own

Contamination can come from various sources and hurt how your final product tastes. That’s why all brewers take pride in sanitizing tools and equipment such as hoses, fermenters, and anything else that is used in the process on the cold side. Here are some important tips you should consider to ensure your home brewing kit is free of unwanted bacteria: Don’t Forget to Clean One common mistake first time brewers make is not understanding the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.

Have a Sanitation Plan Having a clear idea of what needs to be sanitized before brewing will save you time, money, and heartache from a potentially spoiled brew. Sanitize Your Work Surfaces It’s important to remember that contamination can happen through virtually any point of contact with an unsanitized object or surface. Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 & Isopropyl Alcohol for Growing.

If you’re a new hydroponic gardener it’s important to know how using hydrogen peroxide can help supercharge your crops and give you a bigger, better harvest.

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 & Isopropyl Alcohol for Growing

Learning to grow a hydroponic garden can be interesting and fruitful! RainMakers is a leading hydroponic supplier and can help you get started. What is Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2? Hydrogen peroxide, commonly referred to as just “peroxide”, is water with another oxygen atom attached to it. Why Use Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 & Isopropyl Alcohol for Growing? How Important Is Sanitation In Brewing Your Own? Rainmakers Supply - Get In Touch.

Best Partner Grow - Rainmakers Supply. Home Winemaking and Hydroponic Supplies. Using Scoby to Make Your Own Kombucha - Rainmakers Supply - Home Brewing. If you’re familiar with the term “kombucha” it’s probably because you’ve heard how this fermented tea drink is creating a serious commotion in the world of home brewing.

Using Scoby to Make Your Own Kombucha - Rainmakers Supply - Home Brewing

This is in large part because apart from a nice buzz, kombucha also provides some amazing health benefits. It contains a variety of antioxidants that help keep your cells healthy and probiotics which also aid in digestion. A lot of kombucha lovers choose to make their own because it can get pretty pricey when buying it at a store. Why RainMakers’ Tea is Great for All of Your Plants - Rainmakers Supply. We often think of a warm, soothing cup of tea as a remedy for a cold, or the perfect way to get our daily dose of antioxidants.

Why RainMakers’ Tea is Great for All of Your Plants - Rainmakers Supply

But did you know that this herbal beverage is also a great way to keep your plants healthy and blossoming? That’s because tea contains some of the same beneficial compounds found in fertilizers, and in the case of some of these compounds, even higher quantities. We’ve put this theory to practice using our homebrewed Rainmakers Tea, and the results have been amazing. It’s brewed fresh weekly by Jason at the store! Between the propagation of bacteria, root cleanliness, and beneficial microbes, they are good for ALL plants. Compost Tea – Good Bacteria for Plants. Beer Brewing Classes in Midlothian IL. Grow Your Own Garden- RainMakers. Our Partners - Rainmakers Supply. Save $$ By Propagating Your Own Yeast - Rainmakers Supply - %beer making kit% If you’re in the brewing mood this summer and want to create your very own homemade beer, one really good idea to help you save money on your beer making kit is to propagate your own yeast.

Save $$ By Propagating Your Own Yeast - Rainmakers Supply - %beer making kit%

The end-goal here is to end up with a large amount of yeast for fermentation, in the shortest amount of time possible. Brewers typically perform this propagation process by using a batch system, they start with a tiny amount of stock culture and scale it higher and higher until the amount of yeast produced is enough to start a commercial-sized brew. The entire process is divided into the following phases: Laboratory Phase Culture is removed from the main (a.k.a. master) culture and fermentations are then grown progressively bigger. Plant Phase First, you will need to thoroughly clean the vessel in which the yeast will be propagated. Set Your Perfect Propagation Temperature Propagation Plants These plants normally involve one or more closed vessels made of stainless steel. How To Clone a Cannabis Plant : rainmaker_S.