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Party Blog › valentine gumball necklaces. Wednesday, January 19, 2011 We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but how about gumballs this year?

Party Blog › valentine gumball necklaces

A new take on the candy necklace, this easy gumball craft is sure to get you some hugs and kisses. 25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas. By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Want to plan a memorable party but don’t want to spend a ton of money or time?

25 Totally Clever Summer Party Ideas

Focus on unexpected items, like the punch bowl, and use a watermelon instead. Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune because there are plenty of money saving ways to put scrap fabrics and paper to use to make stunning backdrops. Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday Party. Pearls, Tiffany blue, and a whole lotta sparkle… Cristen from T & C Event Design channeled some serious style for her daughter’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired birthday celebration! (Side note – there’s great inspiration to be found here for Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal showers too.)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Highlights In addition to an array of pretty baked goods topped with baubles and white “Tiffany” bows, party guests were treated to playful “Dress Up” and “Hair-do” stations – where they were given costume jewelry and the signature “Audrey” up do from the movie… tiara and all! Read on for more sparkly photos & creative details, including the sweet “Cat Adoption” station – also inspired by the movie – which was such a sweet touch…

Paper Dots Garland. Apr 10 Here is a little fun party garland made out of my favorite material: crepe paper. I was playing around with it for a different project and loved how these looked like kind of like candy, or else like little polka dots or beads. ♥ Freebie Image: Multicolor Retro Lady Tag. Happy Monday Everybody!

♥ Freebie Image: Multicolor Retro Lady Tag

This post is a little late today, but better late than never, right? Vintage Paper Placemats {Printable. It seems Pretty Blog readers just can’t get enough of their high teas these days!

Vintage Paper Placemats {Printable

In honour of this truly wonderful tradition making a comeback into weddings and everyday life I’ve created a set of 3 vintage-inspired placemats – each a sweet and simple backdrop for your finest cake plates and tea sets. While I’ve used crisp white paper for my placemats these vintage illustrations will also look great on other soft hues like pale blue, blush and ivory. And if you’re feeling really crafty why not print these in reverse onto transfer paper and iron them onto plain cloth placemats! Happy Crafting! Bianca, Lucky No. 9. 20 Rainbow-riffic Party Ideas! Skittles marshmallow pops. You know how I pulverized a whole bunch of Skittles that Wrigley sent me to make straws?

Skittles marshmallow pops

Well, I had tons left over, so naturally I had to turn to marshmallows and lollipop sticks. Because it’s necessary to coat candy with more candy. To make Skittles-coated marshmallow pops…. First, separate and grind your Skittles (find those instructions HERE). Then skewer a marshmallow, dip in a bowl of water, dab the marshmallow on a paper towel, hold the marshmallow over a bowl and sprinkle the ground Skittles over the marshmallow to generously coat. Feel free to share (nicely)! Oh-So-Creative “Picasso Art” Birthday Party. We are seriously over the rainbow for this sweet, colorful, and amazingly creative “Picasso Art” Birthday Party that Brandy of Simply Creative Insanity created for her daughter! Between the happy array of vibrant colors and the oh-so-clever art-inspired details, what’s not to love?! Paint palette placemats and cookies, layered rainbow cake push pops, “starving artist” lunch boxes, themed activities like sand art bottles and make-your-own {very colorful} lollipops, the most ridiculously cool ruffled rainbow table skirt… I could go on and on, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so taking you straight to the GALLERY of fabulous party images is probably even better!

Here goes: PARTY DETAILS, as told by Brandy… Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party. UM…ya. I am pretty my dying over this ridiculously adorable Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party! Created by talented interior designer/graphic designer Paige of Paiges of Style – in celebration of her daughter Quinne’s first birthday – the level of creativity here is just above and beyond! The bright, happy colors, the way-too-cute treats (every single one is so creative and can you even believe the level of detail on those cake pops?!)

, the oodles of DIY details – including a fabulous ruffled burlap backdrop, colorful rainbow ribbon garland, homemade “hot air balloon” table centerpieces, & more – the In-N-Out Burger menu, the matching ruffled rainbow bloomer on the birthday girl … what’s not to love?! As always, Paige tied everything together with coordinating paper details that adorned everything from the french fries to the crayon containers. Read on for more happy, colorful photos + all the creative details, vendor resources/credits, & links to DIY tutorials… Zig Zag Accordion Streamers DIY. Mar 23.

Zig Zag Accordion Streamers DIY

DIY Record Sleeve Bunting. Aug 17 This post is by Rebecca Wright of Animal Head Vintage.

DIY Record Sleeve Bunting

All photos by Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day. Stay tuned for a second DIY later today! I run an online vintage store, which doesn’t usually leave the confines of the internet, but a few weeks ago I participated in my first pop-up shop. In-person you have to think much more about decor and presentation, so I came up with a few vintage-inspired pieces of decor to liven my space up, but I think they would also work if you were throwing a vintage or music themed party as well. Materials Needed: Pile of vintage 45′s with colorful sleeves String Two sided tape Scissors Step One: Take the records out of the sleeves and iron the sleeves flat if they are wrinkled or torn Step Two: Fold all of the sleeves in half so that a colorful side of the sleeve is showing Step Three: Cut your string the the appropriate hanging party length.

Step Four: Repeat this process until you have a bunting banner of the desired length. Paper punch heart garland in Crafts for babies, kids and adults parties. DIY Project #15: Bride to Be Bangle Game. My best friend is getting married soon and as her bridesmaid I wanted to do something super special for her on her Hen’s night.

DIY Project #15: Bride to Be Bangle Game

Where I live you often see a gaggle of girls out on the town on Saturday night with an embarrassed Bride-To-Be in tow wearing a giant veil or a big sash announcing her soon to be wed status on it. I knew my super stylish friend would rather die than be seen wearing tulle in public, so I had to think of a way to get her to wear something for the night to make her feel special, but also feel comfortable.