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Packaging Labels in Canada. Professional Labels. Needs Waterproof Labels - Jet Label. Who wouldn’t want their labels to last no matter what conditions it endures?

Needs Waterproof Labels - Jet Label

Almost every entrepreneur that aims to succeed is looking into the use of waterproof labels for their products. This is to ensure that their product labels withstand all types of conditions, dry or wet. However, the materials required to waterproof your labels can increase your costs, so if you’re on a budget or if you’re a start-up you may consider forgoing the waterproof labels for your first few label orders. No matter your desire to cut costs, there are still a few products that absolutely need waterproof labels because of the conditions they will be exposed to. In order to know if you will need waterproof labels, you need to think about the entire lifespan of your product.

First, those who produce toiletries such as soap, shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream require waterproof or water-resistant labels. Waterproofing product labels should be considered an investment. Choose the colour that increases your sales - Jet-Label. Colours play a special role in our lives.

Choose the colour that increases your sales - Jet-Label

The way we distinguish or interpret things is often based on colour. Did you know that colours can also influence the purchasing decisions of customers? Western Canada's Largest Label Manufacturer. How to Design Custom Tape for Packaging - Jet-Label. When it comes to branding and marketing, the difference is in the details and custom tape can help you utilize your product shipments for that extra branding and marketing space.

How to Design Custom Tape for Packaging - Jet-Label

Custom Tape is a great branding and marketing tool, if you know how to leverage it well. A meter of custom tape wrapped around your shipping box or container can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of a shipment as well as add a classy, custom touch to your product. Here are some tips to design your custom tape and some ways to use it on your shipment to enhance product shipping. Types of Custom Tape. Choose the colour that increases your sales - Jet-Label. Update your Nutrition Facts Table Sooner, Not Later - Jet-Label. On the 20th of May 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated changes for the Nutrition Facts label for packaged food products.

Update your Nutrition Facts Table Sooner, Not Later - Jet-Label

Let’ stake a look at some of the changes that need to be on the Nutrition Facts Table. Update on the Nutrition Facts Table Information The following is some of the information that needs to be updated on the Table. The ‘Added Sugars’ should be included on the food label in terms of both grams and percent Daily Value. It is important to mention ‘Total Fat’, ‘Saturated Fat’ and ‘Trans Fat’. Professional Labels. What Does Your Wine Label Design Say About Your Wine? - Jet-Label.

Labelling Products & Services. What Does Your Wine Label Design Say About Your Wine? - Jet-Label. Why Fat Isn't So Bad After All - Jet-Label. The old Nutrition Facts Table (left) vs the new (right) A growing trend in health aware marketing informs us that consumers are more particular about their health than before.

Why Fat Isn't So Bad After All - Jet-Label

Advertising from Governments, Foundations, Media, Food Manufacturers and Retailers focuses on people paying special attention to Nutritional Labels. Depending on the message, all of these groups are encouraging a choice away from past purchasing habits to a new direction. What Does Your Wine Label Design Say About Your Wine? - Jet-Label. Designing a Juice Label - Jet-Label. When designing a juice bottle label, you should make several important considerations.

Designing a Juice Label - Jet-Label

First and foremost, you must craft the juice label design depending on who your target audience is. If you have multiple types of juice or beverage, then you should customize each label depending on the consumer and their expectations. A few important factors that need to be considered for a juice bottle label design are explained below. Serving Size Changes and How They Affect You - Jet-Label. Are your food labels in accordance with the new FDA serving size change guidelines?

Serving Size Changes and How They Affect You - Jet-Label

One of the recent changes is that the serving size requirement is to be included in the new Nutrition Facts label. According to the FDA, these changes are mainly going to affect the ice cream and soft drinks manufacturers. Why You Should Know How Much Sugar is in Your Food - Jet-Label. The FDA recently announced the new Nutrition Facts Label for food packages in May 2016 and there were some changes with respect to how much sugar content is in the food.

Why You Should Know How Much Sugar is in Your Food - Jet-Label

So as a packaged food manufacturer, it is important to communicate the amount of sugar in a clear manner on the nutritional label. Updated Information on ‘How Much Sugar’ When sugar has been added to the product, the nutritional label must have”added sugars” in terms of grams as well as percent Daily Value.If the consumer has more than 10 percent of the daily calories from added sugar, it becomes difficult to meet their nutrient needs while staying within the calorie limits. The label must have ‘includes X grams added sugar’ under the title ‘Total Sugar’ so that consumers are aware of the quantity of sugar present in the packaged food.

Why ‘Added Sugars’ are Included on Labels? As a result, the updates to the food labels will make the consumers aware of the quantity of ‘added sugar’ in their food. Call Today. Crafting a Vintage Package and Label - Jet-Label. Packaging is the first point of contact between the customer and product, so an appealing packaging label is certain to influence the customer to buy your product.

Crafting a Vintage Package and Label - Jet-Label

Marketers, therefore, try and create the perfect packaging label that goes with the product they are trying to sell. Some have luxurious labelling with high-quality print and designs, while others may have specific colour labels especially for ‘impulse buys’ like snack products. Vintage labelling is one other type of label used by companies in the past few years. Such labels give a vintage look to your products. Paper Material The content can be printed on any paper material but a craft paper is a common choice. Printed “Aged” Look. 4 Ways Labels Can Impact Your Marketing.

What is marketing?

4 Ways Labels Can Impact Your Marketing

Marketing is the ability for your business to promote your product so that it can be sold. You can do it through advertising, promotion campaigns, social media activities and a whole host of other activities. Good marketing ensures that your customers are aware that your product exists and that they pick it. Why Isn't Your Tape Sticking. When you need to transport your products to other places, it is essential that you have a proper packing. This ensures that the goods are not damaged in transit. If the packing is faulty then you at the risk of suffering losses. One of the problems you face while packing the materials is that your tape may not stick. Why won’t your tape stick? Unclean Surface Ensure that the surface is clean from dust or any oily substance. Temperature. Professional Labels. Label Printing Services in Canada. Industrial Printers In Western Canada. How to Make Appealing Wine Labels.

In our previous post, ‘What goes into making a wine label’, we discussed the basic of making a wine label. 24 Hour Printer Repair Servce — Jet Marking. Tips To Choose Right Label Material. Jet Marking Systems is authorized & certified to service your thermal printers. Our team of in-house service technicians pride themselves on fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.We stock accessories from printer-heads to platen rollers to belts and much more to eliminate your downtime.We offer annual preventative maintenance to keep your production line running smoothly.When emergency service is needed we will repair on-site with a response time of 4 - 48 hours.

The JMS Story It started in 2005; Jet Label was busy trying to sell thermal printers locally but didn’t realize that it will need support when these printers break down. At first, our main objective was to support and repair what we have sold in the marketplace but soon some of our major customers have asked and requested us to look into supporting their other production equipment such as labellers and inkjet coding machines. Because there was a niche in the market, Jet Marking Systems was established. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Label Material - Custom Labels. One of THE most important aspects when creating custom labels is to pick the right material. Why is this important? Two reasons. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Label Material. Custom Tickets and Tags. Custom Tickets and Tags. Custom Packing Tape Edmonton. Label Printing Services in Edmonton.

Custom Label Printing.