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Rahul Vyas

Rahul Vyas is workaholic programmers at Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS), an India based software, web and mobile apps programming services company offer customized solutions to businesses.

FieldOne Acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continues its Legacy. Microsoft furthered their Dynamics CRM services.

FieldOne Acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continues its Legacy

They reached an agreement to acquire field services solutions provider FieldOne Systems LLC, the cloud based field service management solutions, that are designed for enterprise and midmarket segments. As we all Microsoft Dynamics, the customer relationship management (CRM) software, has helped organization and businesses manage their businesses processes, comprehensively. Apart from customer support, it also provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), through Certified MS Dynamics partners. iPad Application Development for Lamp Audit. CMS Website Development for Children Summer Camp. Copyright © Crispy Codes - All Rights Reserved |Email: Crispy Codes 401, Hi-Tech House, Gurukul, Ahmedabad - 380052, Gujarat, India.

CMS Website Development for Children Summer Camp

Email: Voice (India): +91-794-000-3266. Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal – The "Top Three" Are Getting More Similar. Are you looking out to select a Content Management System?

Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal – The "Top Three" Are Getting More Similar

You might come across thousands of options to choose from, but consider only the Top three – Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, though selecting any one of it – tends to be really difficult. The “Top Three” are getting more similar The reason for all of us to rejoice is that these top three have evolved over several years, facilitating developers to learn and unlearn things from and about each other’s expertise. If we consider everything, these top three systems are growing similar to each other, than different. Social – Next Big Thing for eCommerce. Social channels were not a meaningful source of direct traffic and sales.

Social – Next Big Thing for eCommerce

Till 2013, social channels contributed only 1.55% of all traffic to some of the top eCommerce sites on the web. They were commonly regarded as a means of promoting products, but not necessarily the force that drives conversions and sales.But believe me, this is all set to change, and change for good. Ecommerce is evolving big time and empowering brands and businesses to generate that awareness, invite and engage customers, and also facilitate purchases conveniently through social channels. So let’s call is social commerce, as it is an approach that is fast being adopted and has made its place in strategies that are discussed and decided upon in board rooms.

Social commerce has been really a success when it comes to taking several forms, with all of them having a different impact on conversions and sales for online stores. Peer to Peer Marketplaces Group Buying Platforms Peer Recommendations. 3 Major Challenges in Mobile Apps Development. Mobiles or smartphones are increasingly becoming main devices for business use.

3 Major Challenges in Mobile Apps Development

The usage is prominently increasing and they are here to stay for a long-long time for sure. If we talk about enterprise level mobile usage, it is likely to grow above 40% by the dawn of 2018. Companies are spending hefty revenues on mobility services and are expected to do so until next few years. Enterprise business owners have tasted the success of mobile technology and are sure that it can add more flavors in terms of advancements to their business and also can make it grow to the best. Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

Both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are designed to specifically to provide you with full functionalities and integrated ERP systems.

Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

Equipped to perform in a single plant or across various functions – they also support multiple languages and multiple currencies for operations across geographies. With explicit network of ISVs to offer complimentary functionalities; the product extends its services for specific industries. Also both the technologies are a masterpiece with convenient scalability from a few to thousands – in just no time. So then if both of them have all the plus point what is it that the organizations/businesses should opt for and why? The difference between both the technologies is not “Whether” it performs a particular functionality or not….it is “HOW” it performs a particular function.

Ecommerce Companies Should Outsource Data Related Tasks. MS Dynamics CRM – Does it really help Turbo Charge Your Salesforce and Marketing? Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips. 30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : Part – 1. Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application…!!! - Mobile Apps Development. Mobile Centric Strategy for your Digital Enterprise. Fast paced work and personal life compels a lot of your employees to multitask and hence they are not at their desks most of the time.

Mobile Centric Strategy for your Digital Enterprise

So businesses, opting for Enterprise Mobile Solutions to digitize their workplace, should consider improving the speed and flow of their core business activities – and not merely increasing the productivity. Why does your Enterprise need Mobility solution? Businesses extend enterprise systems to mobility, so as to enhance and upgrade core business processes, reduce invisibility, moderate process steps or enable new processes, which can yield them concrete and viable business benefits.

A classy example would be of a retail environment. Enterprise Mobility Services are Growing Slowly – but Gradually…!! Internet of Things, Business Intelligence & retail sector - awesome threesome... Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips. Businesses and organizations have started allocating budgets especially for web design and development tasks.

Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips

Expectations here, from developers and designers is to come up with exclusive and explicit results in form of ultimate traffic and potential customers. Designers and developers are supposed to make efforts to include the finest themes – color combinations – sliders – banners and many more. However; we have here top three features that they need to refer: Unambiguous About Products and Services Offered: Being a business owner you should be well aware of the needs – requirements and expectations of your customers or the targeted audience.

I have the idea but I don’t know coding, how to hire a great programmer & how to build a website? The world of internet knows no limits, giving really out of the blue ideas to individuals about Travel websites, Real Estate / property websites, shopping sites, online retail multivendor websites, online retail marketplaces and portals such as Airbnb,, Vimeo, Etsy, eBay, FlipKart, SnapDeal, Yelp, Groupon,, ZocDoc, GrubHub,,, FoodPanda,, UrbanSpoon,,,, Nuvango.

I have the idea but I don’t know coding, how to hire a great programmer & how to build a website?

So now you have the idea about building a website, your new startup. But you don’t know how to code? Facebook Groups for WooCommerce & WordPress Users. WordPress developers, bloggers, designers, and WooCommerce eCommerce store owners nowadays are using Facebook in a professional manner.

Facebook Groups for WooCommerce & WordPress Users

They share WordPress and WooCommerce insights, seek assistance, learn new stuff, and stay abreast the updates, increase sales for their eCommerce store, and offer resolutions to challenges through appropriate discussion and a lot more. Participating in a WordPress development Facebook community actively takes them long way towards professional growth.

Are you the one who is interested in WooCommerce and WordPress development? Are you looking out for WooCommerce and WordPress groups on Facebook? Get connected to other people who share your interests; join enlisted WooCommerce and WordPress groups on Facebook to enlighten yourself. What, how and why you need Android for sustainable business growth? Fortunes of Android mobile OS have never looked back since its introduction in Sept 2008; instead it has witnessed tremendous growth... Some interesting numbers from sources: Last quarter of 2014 - Android OS market share 81.5% First quarter of 2015 - Android OS market share 78.0% Android OS dominated global smart phone market in 2014 with 1.3 billion plus units If you know this industry you will agree to the fact that, corresponding mobile units equipped with Android OS also would have grown simultaneously.

Android plus Open Source - what else you need? We all know that Android has been built with help of contributors from several other sources, which include 300 carrier, software and hardware partners and of course the open source Linux community. All this has added up to make it one of those fastest-growing mobile OS these days. Android apps - but why? After an uphill drive in the launch year of 2007, Android since then has continuously pushed the boundaries. Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth. Over the years, India has become an increasingly favored destination for customized software outsourcing.

However, with several other countries following the Indian software outsourcing model, the competition is getting stiff. In this scenario, there are several speculations regarding the position of India as the best destination for outsourcing. While some experts feel that India will retain its position, some say it will evolve and grow as an outsourcing hub. There is also an extremely contradictory view of some experts who think that the country is losing its sheen as a software outsourcing destination. However, the global spotlight still lies on India. Changing landscapes and evolution of Indian Software development outsourcing service providers Evolved Software Development Outsourcing Business Model Earlier companies across the globe turned to offshore service providers like India, for the low cost services.

Comparing Top 4 Mobile Operating System. Are you planning to purchase a new mobile phone? The market is flooded with sleek models working on different operating systems; it can be very confusing to choose one. You always want to make the right decision, for this it is imperative to understand what different mobile operating systems provide and choose according to your requirements. Windows OS, Android OS, Blackberry OS and iPhone OS are key players in the mobile operating systems market. Enterprise Development Solutions and Landscapes of Digital Revolution. For some years down the line, a typical enterprise has seen a major revolution, where paper files were replaced by digitized files, the conventional mail was replaced by emails and gradually real time communication became the norm with availability of phone calls, faxes, and online conference meetings. Image Credit: The Digital Revolution – also called the third industrial revolution started spreading roots in the late 1970’s.

Grow Your Business with ERP Solutions. Streamlined, leaner and more focused enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is what is in demand in digital and mobile world. ERP integration provide an efficient way of modernizing business management solutions quickly and economically. Enterprise Resource Planning helps build a strong foundation for your business. How being into Dramatics helped to become a good Web designer..!! Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: March 24th, 2015 The title does sound a little bit offbeat or should I say out of place! Enterprise Resource Planning - Reshape Your Business Future. Why Develop Custom Mobile Applications? CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology. All set to Launch your Mobile App – Ask the Following Question before Launch…!!!

Mobile apps have literally brought the entire world on your fingertips! Why do you need a Mobile Website and Mobile Application for your Business? Importance of ERP in Large Organization. Mobile App Development; Avoid these silly Mistakes…!!! I was just going through a recent research that portrayed that mobile users are spending a lot more than anticipated time on their hand held devices, or so called mobile devices. The interesting part is that over one million individual application sessions against more than 1500 users were assessed to reach a conclusion. So this brings about an end to the nail biting thought process of what kind of app to create. The chart below smartly depicts what apps people are using… Image Courtesy: Exposing 4 Myths about Offshore Mobile Application Development. 7 Features That Will Get Your Website Labeled Mobile Friendly. 6 Mobile Shopping Apps which Changed the Concept of Online Shopping.

Life has taken a dramatic turn of events with the advents of Smart technology! 3 Mobile App development mistakes you should always avoid!!! Hire PrestaShop Developer India. Hire Game Developer / Programmer India. Expert SharePoint Development Services. Outsource Web Development Services in India - Hire Web Developers. Magento Customization Services from India. Implement Intelligence & Not Just a System. Year 2015 is certainly going to be a big year of ERP…!!!

Enterprise solutions become more Communication-Centric with the onset of 2015…!!! Points to check when Outsourcing ipad Application Development Project. Common Mistakes that have Huge Impact on Software Development Consulting Projects. How to Design & Develop Website with Joomla.