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Cómo trabajar los sueños desde el Focusing. Constructivismo (pedagogía) LAS VIRTUDES CARDINALES. Las virtudes cardinales y la comunicación afectiva. Las virtudes cardinales y la comunicación afectiva. Nondual Perspectives: Non-dualism and Western Philosophers, by Greg Goode, Ph.D. Discover over 5000 pages on by Googling: google [your choice of keyword(s)] Nonduality by Greg Goode, Ph.D.

Nondual Perspectives: Non-dualism and Western Philosophers, by Greg Goode, Ph.D.

Greg is editor of Nondualism, Yogas and Personality Characteristics, author of Presence, and editor of the Buddhist Numbered Lists page. Contents. Aeon (Gnosticism) - Wikipedia. This source of all being is an Aeon, in which an inner being dwells, known as Ennoea ("thought, intent", Greek ἔννοια), Charis ("grace", Greek χάρις), or Sige ("silence", Greek σιγή).

Aeon (Gnosticism) - Wikipedia

The split perfect being conceives the second Aeon, Nous ("mind", Greek Νους), within itself. Along with male Nous comes female Aeon Aletheia ("truth", Greek Αληθεια). These are the primary roots of Aeons. Complex hierarchies of Aeons are thus produced, sometimes to the number of thirty. These Aeons belong to a purely ideal, noumenal, intelligible, or supersensible world; they are immaterial, they are hypostatic ideas. Personality Growth. Church of the Churchless.

The deeper I dive into atheism, the more blissful those warm waters of faithlessness seem.

Church of the Churchless

Which is a big change from my early non-believing years, when I often felt that something important was missing from my life. That something was a built-in, ready-made, out-there-to-be-discovered meaning of existence. A spiritual shoulder to lean on, a cosmic compass to guide my way, an uplifting understanding of dependable solid ground lying beneath the shifting sands of everyday experience. Even after I'd given up a belief in God or any other obviously supernatural entity, I had a lingering feeling that is difficult to put into words, but was close to the universe has a message for me, and I'm not hearing it.

So I'd fret about whether what I was doing, feeling, and planning was as Absolutely Meaningful as it should be. The Three Faces of Hekate. This article was originally written for 'Pagan Dawn', the magazine of the UK Pagan Federation.It will be published at Samhain in 2002.

The Three Faces of Hekate

Copyright reserved. Who is Hekate? The search for an answer leads us on a strange journey of distortion and mystery that leads into the Underworld and back in search of wisdom. The Three Philosophical Principles. The three philosophical principles of alchemy are considered the working units of this system.

The Three Philosophical Principles

It is the holy trinity of the universe. They are primary organic functions that exist within all of manifest creation- be it material or non-material. Understanding these principles assist in understanding the underlying patterns behind all things. Nondual Perspectives: Non-dualism and Western Philosophers, by Greg Goode, Ph.D. » Virtudes cardinales explicadas: Fortaleza, templanza, prudencia, justicia, virtudes morales - Religion Catolica Romana.

A Greek Alphabet Oracle. Introduction The following is an authentic ancient Greek alphabet oracle, which is from an inscription in Olympos, a city in ancient Lycia.

A Greek Alphabet Oracle

Although many modern Pagans are familiar with rune-casting and similar systems, the divinatory use of the Greek alphabet is less well known. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding oracle, and the first word of the oracle (in Greek) begins with that letter. Roman Board Games. Tali is the Latin name for Knucklebones, which were called Astragaloi or Astragals by the Greeks.

Roman Board Games

The Ancient Greeks originally made the pieces from the knucklebones of sheep or goats, like the ones shown below, but the Romans would also make them from brass, silver, gold, ivory, marble, wood, bone, bronze, glass, terracotta, and precious gems. When tossed, the tali would each fall on one of four sides and the most common form of the game resembled modern dice. Alan Watts - Replace Images In Your Mind With What You Want. Anthropology, esotericism, and notes on the numinous. Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Chinese New Year Of The Rooster 2017. Chinese Horoscope 2017 Predictions For All Zodiac Signs I am alert Ready to take action The first on the scene The last to leave I take chances But I am precise I know where things belong I am orderly and fastidious Nothing escapes me I am always prepared I never give up or in I AM THE ROOSTER Happy New Year!

Chinese Horoscope 2017 - Chinese New Year Of The Rooster 2017

THE TANTRIC PATH. I behold the power of the loving gaze, the touch and presence.


My Tantric path. The sensation in my knee beholding my regret meets my deconstructing of the illusion that I’m missing something. What am I looking for? The Thirteenth Depository - A Wheel of Time Blog: The Refining Principle: Alchemical Symbolism in the Wheel of Time. By Linda As I read A Memory of Light, I became increasingly aware of crucial conjunctions, calcinations and mortifications, operations in alchemy, taking place in the battle of good against evil.

The Thirteenth Depository - A Wheel of Time Blog: The Refining Principle: Alchemical Symbolism in the Wheel of Time

However, it was the culmination of this battle, with conjunction piled on conjunction, and the closing of the Bore with a triple conjunction no less – alchemical symbolism meeting Number Symbolism - that made me certain I was not over-emphasising it. Quest for Abramelin - Iona Miller Home, 2017. Part 4: The Stele of Jeu. Emanation, Self-Actualization, and the Ladder of the Spheres : occult. An Effective Technique for Overcoming Writer’s Block. Peter Elbow’s book Writing With Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process is a fantastic resource for those looking to improve their writing skills. In this article we will outline a very effective writing technique, found in Elbow’s book, which can be used to limit the impact of writer’s block.

While many people desire to write, very few produce much, if any, content. How to Stimulate Creative Breakthroughs: The Unconscious and Creativity. Just as the colors you see in a rainbow are but a narrow segment of a much vaster electromagnetic spectrum, your conscious mind is but a narrow fragment of your much larger unconscious psyche. Highly creative individuals throughout history have understood this, and pinpointed the unconscious as the source of creative breakthroughs which led to personal transformations, as well as great inventions in art, science, and business.

“It is a highly significant, though generally neglected, fact that those creations of the human mind which have borne preeminently the stamp of originality and greatness, have not come from within the region of consciousness. They have come from beyond consciousness, knocking at its door for admittance: they have flowed into it…often with a burst of overwhelming power.”

(George Tyrrell) Lord Ganesh Candle Spell For Success and his Removing Obstacles Mantra. In Syncretist Magic, the attributes of Lord Ganesh as remover of obstacles serve to boost up any kind of spell craft (Wiccan, Pagan, Stragheria, Chaos Magic...) I will share one of my favorite spells that have helped me in many situations in where I found myself with no way to turn and suffocated by situations that seemed not to have a solution at that time, but thanks to this Syncretist Candle Spell To Lord Ganesh I was able not only able to figure out a solution to my problems, but to remove those obstacles that didn't allow me to succeed as a person. What You Will Need: -A picture or statue of Lord Ganesha. You can download pictures of Lord Ganesha over the internet. Hoodoo Rootwork Candle Magic Spells. This article is part of a series of instructional chapters on CANDLE MAGIC IN THE HOODOO ROOTWORK TRADITION Candle burning has roots stretching back to ancient times as a part of both religious ceremonies and magical rites.

Most hoodoo practitioners and rootworkers, like other folk magicians, burn candles for magical effect, spell-casting, and as an adjunct to prayer, but unlike the traditional and conservative craft of making mojo bags, candle burning in the African-American hoodoo tradition has undergone considerable evolution during the 20th century. During the 19th century candles became readily available as a commercial product, sold in general stores, rather than having to be made at home or on the farm or purchased at a special candle-maker's shop.

Probably the two most important influences on the development of African-American candle magic from the 1940s to the present have been the books of Mikhail Strabo and Henri Gamache. Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling Index. Contents Start Reading Page Index Text [Zipped] The Gypsies, who call themselves Rom or Romany, are a nomadic culture which originated in India during the Middle Ages. They migrated widely, particularly to Europe, where they worked as farm laborers, metalworkers, scrapdealers, and horsetraders. They also made a living as entertainers, fortune tellers, and grifters. Persecuted by the Nazis, and discriminated against to this day, the Rom have a long tradition of magic and shamanism. As Leland points out, these practices have parallels with those of other traditional pagan cultures around the world. SELENE - Greek Goddess of the Moon (Roman Luna)

Mystagogue - Wikipedia. Muerte Sagrada: El simbolismo de la muerte: Las Siete Palabras. Las Doce Llaves de Basilio Valentín. Revista La Sabiduría del Ser 30. La Cruz y sus Misterios. La Sabiduría del Ser no. 3.