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Raghu Raji

I am a digital marketing veteran having more than 3+ years of experience in the client project management. During my early age, I have the passion for researching more about the digital trends and acquired more knowledge on digital marketing development.

Top 100+ Blockchain Development Companies in India & USA. Smart Contracts, Customized Cryptocurrency Applications, Multi Chain Developer & Blockchain Developer.

Top 100+ Blockchain Development Companies in India & USA

ICOCLONE is a famous ICO and blockchain development company and have practical experience in giving speedy and solid solutions for raise crowdfunding for your business. We have multiyear of involvement in blockchain technology, making tokens, conveying on ERC20 and propelling it effectively with an appropriate web based advertising procedure on spot. We construct secure, adaptable, easy to use and quicker design that drives steady ROI to your business once the tokens are sold out. In view of your item thought and conceptualization, our master group will think of solid undertaking plan for the advancement stage to start.

We help you in the organizing of the Initial Coin Offering from the structure stage to finishing. ICO Development, STO Development, Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Development, Token Development, Pre ICO Launch Services. Services Provided by Intellectsoft. Top .Net Development Companies in India & USA. Since the development of getting your-own-gadget strategies in the corporate world, venture application development is currently at a record-breaking high.

Top .Net Development Companies in India & USA

This system will chips away at question situated programming which disposes of superfluous codes and includes less coding for the developers. There are various contemplations to make inside any development venture, including which factor will be utilized. .NET comprises of re-useable code and numerous re-useable components. Various developers have been hiring the platform of Top Dot Net Development Companies because of the tremendous advantages it can offer. This converts into less time and subsequently less expense to develop applications. Top 10 Java Development Companies in India & USA. Hiring the top 10 Java Web & Mobile App development companies is a way to get the best range of web development and app development services at extremely affordable rates.

Top 10 Java Development Companies in India & USA

It is undeniable fact that the Java is considered as the most popular programming language to build the extensive application, website or the software. Many numbers of large-scale enterprises have been trusting the Java Development as it is most secured, reliable as well as fast programming language of all. Top 10 Big Data Consulting Services Companies & Developers in India. If you are looking for top 10 big data consulting services companies, you are at right place.

Top 10 Big Data Consulting Services Companies & Developers in India

These days, the big data consulting services are largely used because it let the customers utilize foremost solution and carry out new trends for coming up with right features. Moreover, the methods are adapting towards the smooth fashion and thus utilize the professional companies to manage the solutions in fine way. The best big data consulting services companies are operating largely in India and thus many developers are helping. It urges to win the respective field and make challenges in following scenario. Required Things for Top Big Data Consulting Services Companies • ISO certified company • Professional and skilled workers • Good customer support • Have vast work experience • Maintain smooth client relationship. Top 10 Augmented Reality Companies in India & USA.

List of Best AR & VR Mobile (iOS, iPhone & Android App Development Companies | Hire Augmented & Virtual Reality Developers in India, USA & UK – 2019.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Companies in India & USA

Top 10 Web Design & Development Companies in India & USA. Top Software & Mobile App Testing Companies & Developers. Both the mobile application and software is the spirit of great digital evolution.

Top Software & Mobile App Testing Companies & Developers

Unfortunately, if your app is slow and not user-friendly, the users simply go for another app. Many companies offer software testing, so you can choose the best one from the list of software testing companies in usa. The smart pick helps you to get your software tested completely by professional service providers. The list of software testing companies in India will ensure that your application and software brings awesome user experience. Required Facilities for Best Software Application Testing Companies 1. 1. Bitbar Testing, the qa testing companies present a mobile gadget cloud with 1000s of genuine iOS and Android gadgets for mobile groups with special flavors to accomplish constant testing and lift testing proficiency, helped by Artificial Intelligence Testbot.

Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies in USA. Healthcare has been undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation.

Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies in USA

Increase in the demands of globalization along with healthcare costs, there is an excellent physician shortage and increased in competition. Healthcare sector requires finding suitable ways for bringing better quality outcome with value. Based on a recent report by the Zion Market Research, mHealth, or global mobile health market size has marked as $11.47 billion during the year 2014. But there could be a significant progress by 2022 with about $102.43 billion showing the CAGR of 32.5%.

With the introduction of communication technologies, there is an excellent increase in providing high-quality medical services. 1. A Leading Healthcare Software Consultant Firm. Top 10 DevOps Consulting/Services Companies - 2020. Due to the market as well as market development, the DevOPs market size is estimated to development around USD 10.31 Billion within the year 2023 and as per the Compound annual rate is between 24.7% at the time of forecasting period.

Top 10 DevOps Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

On the other hand, DevSecOP started to an extent around 60% of the new application automatically within the year 2024. Each application gets completed security and gets a compliance assessment added in the part of the delivery pipeline as per the community of the IDC. By the year 2025, the Devops market level is expected to reach up to USD 12. 85 billion and this report are given by the Gran view research and CAGR getting 18.60% at the time of forecast time. As per the new survey found that there is lack of security involvement in the various DevOps project and it is create cyber risk up to 74 % of IT leaders.

Top 10 Android & iOS App Development Companies in India - 2020. Listing Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies & Developers in India, USA & UK (iPhone, Android & Cross Mobile App Platforms) iPhone & Android is the advanced Operating System that gets more recognition suitable for the modern business with the high-end user-friendly applications, versatility, and flexibility.

Top 10 Android & iOS App Development Companies in India - 2020

Check out the top mobile app companies who are skilled mobile app developers experts in developing the Android app is much more mobile-friendly features. With the web app already written, it is much more efficient to create the API to the excellence. C # +.Net and Ruby + Ruby on Rails is also much more effectively used for highly advanced web app back-end developments to the maximum. Below are the top 10 Android, iOS & Cross Platform Mobile App development companies. Phones, Tablets and other Smart Devices have become more popular these days.