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The bridal makeup artist plays a very significant role in creating your bridal look. Until the bridal look is complete, the bride does not feel confident and that would clearly reflect on her face. Now that is something absolutely not intended, unless the bride feels confident she won’t be able to enjoy one of the most important days of her life. And thus, the importance of an efficient bridal makeup artist becomes obvious and evident.

16 Disastrous Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Discard Right Away. In recent times, social media has become a trusted source for bridal makeup tips, but, do you know if the tip is even worth trying?

16 Disastrous Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Discard Right Away

There are high chances of the maximum bridal makeup tips by bridal makeup artists or influencers to turn out absolute myths. Here are 16 eye-opening bridal makeup myths which you need to stop believing right away! #Myth 1: You can avoid washing makeup brushes if you’re the only person using them Picture Courtesy: Haven’t heard of anything weirder than this. #Myth 2: Red lipstick is not for everyone Nonsense! #Myth 3: Regular makeup makes your skin dry Picture Credit: pinterest Hey, that’s not true! Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks. Bengali bridal makeup is generally characterized by dramatic eyes, shimmery eyeshadows, and kohl-lined eyes.

Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks

Bengali weddings are simple and sophisticated. It is quite an easy task to spot a Bengali bride with big bright eyes and red bindi. The signature style of a Bengali bride would be in a red benarasi silk saree with golden thread work adding the required glow to the bride. A Bengali bride has beautiful sharp pictures with perfect skin.

There have been paradigm shifts in the wedding industry bringing about revolutionary changes in the concept ofBengali bridal makeupand clothing as well. 18 Amazing Bridal Hairstyle Tips. Getting wedding-worthy hair is a major requirement for many of us.

18 Amazing Bridal Hairstyle Tips

Taking good care of your hair helps you get more options for your bridal hairstyle, while with damaged hair, you only have the option to stick to classic up-dos. Follow these simple hair care tips to get strong and shiny beautiful hair before your wedding day. Picture Credit-: mentalpreperation Mental preparation is extremely important for any bridal makeup treatment to work. Prepare yourself mentally at least 6 months before your wedding and start using homemade remedies as your wedding date approaches.

Research says, most Indian women are found to undernourished. This is nothing new girl, you know very well how necessary it is to condition your hair after shampooing. You can also apply a mixture of almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil to make your hair shiny and smooth before moving on to your bridal hairstyle. Picture Credit-: hairfallproblems Just like your skin, your hair needs hydration too. Photo Source: salmon. 12 Steps to Choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist. 12 Unbelievably Easy Tips If Doing Indian Bridal Makeup Yourself. Indian bridal makeup is not a cakewalk and believe it or not, most women have dreamt of her wedding day since their childhood.

12 Unbelievably Easy Tips If Doing Indian Bridal Makeup Yourself

After immense planning and re-planning, the day finally comes with a feeling of excitement and nervousness. Bridal Mehndi Designs. “Mehndi hain rachne wali, haathon mein gehri laali”…the mandatory mehndi song automatically gives us the‘dulhan wala swag’.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

A much pertinent ritual of Indian weddings , mehndi along with bridal mehndi designs have got a recent hype around it. Which seems merely a designer application of pasted henna leaves is an arduous task in reality and requires precision for outstanding outcomes. Many times in our lives, we have got our hands designed with mehndi, but the bridal mehndi happens only once, making it totally sensible for brides-to-be go insane in search of the best mehndi design and the best mehndi artist in the town. It is one of the much-awaited pre-wedding functions that the bride and her gang enjoys the most. While prepping for mehndi, you need to keep in mind to arrange floral jewelry, selecting the mehndi outfit, fixing cute photo-booths for you and your tribe and most importantly choosing the best bridal mehndi design for you.

6 Extravagant Bridal Makeup Kits and More. Makeup products are something that is compulsory when it comes to bridal makeup kits.

6 Extravagant Bridal Makeup Kits and More

The world is full of monochrome images, makeup act as a way to your “Glam”. There are people who never use even a single stroke of kohl on their eyes, and also people who cannot move out of the house without making their brows on point or using a full coverage foundation on their face. But, one factor is common among every bride, that is doing a full glam makeup on the wedding day. Now, the basic ingredients are similar to every bride out there, but the style changes from person to person. And there are a lot of women who are in search of that one bridal makeup kit appropriate for them. The leading brand that works in India is Nykaa. Airbrush Makeup and amazing information about it. Airbrush makeup is not something exclusively related to magazines or beauty pageants.

Airbrush Makeup and amazing information about it

It has become a widely used phenomenon in recent years especially in weddings. Yet, it is only a handful of people who know what airbrush makeup actually is. It is a technique where makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush machine. This technique, as opposed to the traditional method of doing makeup, uses a machine for makeup much similar to how spraypaint is applied, typically only on the face, though it can be used over the entire body. Uses : Photo:indianairbrushmakeup Airbrush makeupis widely used by professional makeup artists for weddings, parties, events and other occasions, not only does this result in fantastic wedding photographs but also makes the person look naturally beautiful. Do's and Don'ts of Bridal Makeup. Once you have decided on your wedding attire , it is now time to get your bridal makeup on point.

Do's and Don'ts of Bridal Makeup