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H&W. IPO comms. FB Live. Entrepreneurs. Useful online tools. PICFONT - Add text to picture. TriF blog ideas. Costation blog. - biz/licencing.html. GATE Embedded and GATE Developer are licenced under the GNU Library General Public License, version 2 of June 1991 (referred to as "The GNU License" below). - biz/licencing.html

(We also use lots of 3rd-party tools which are licenced separately, but these licences are compatible with the discussion below.) To cut a long story short, you can use our code freely in commercial systems, and many people do. A longer version follows: Under the terms of the GNU License, the source code of a system that uses GATE as a library consitutes "a work that uses the library" and is therefore exempt from the terms of the license. Executables of embedding systems (that are linked with GATE code) constitute "an executable that is derivative of the library" and are subject to the terms of clause 6 of the GNU License.

If you modify GATE code, you must: clearly mark what modifications you made (e.g. in the headers of the files you changed), and you must make those modifications available free to anyone who wants them.


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Customer satisfaction. Recruitment & HR. Sentiment Analysis & Text Mining. Qualitative Data Analysis Software. Nvivo10-feature-list.pdf.


Software for content analysis and text analysis: Qualitative analysis. Annotations for Mac Mac software to analyse documents by adding and organising highlights, tags or notes on text passages.

Software for content analysis and text analysis: Qualitative analysis

ATLAS.ti Computer software for the support of text interpretation, text management and the extraction of conceptual knowledge from documents (theory building); supports the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. Application areas include social sciences, economics, educational sciences, criminology, market research, quality management, knowledge acquisition, and theology. A demo version is provided via download. CAQDAS Comparison A comparative overview of the most important computer-assisted qualitative data analyses software packages, ordered by product functions. CDC EZ-Text The software to assist researchers create, manage, and analyze semi-structured qualitative databases is available free of charge. Choosing a CAQDAS Package. News analysis - trends tools online. I need to do a rough and ready news analysis.

News analysis - trends tools online

I want to go to a specific news site and see the frequency of certain words and phrases before and after a certain date. Ideally, I'd be able to do this in a slightly more complex way, with combinations of words and phrases. I want to do this for free. Does such a tool exist? Say a particular politician was always considered a bit of a clown.

Is this something that exists? What are the most powerful open-source sentiment-analysis tools? I took a stab at a Quora question, What are the most powerful open-source sentiment-analysis tools?.

What are the most powerful open-source sentiment-analysis tools?

Here’s my response: I know of no open-source (software) tools dedicated to sentiment analysis. Instead, a variety of open-source text-analytics tools — natural-language processing for information extraction and classification — can be applied for sentiment analysis. They include – - Python NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), but see also - R, TM (text mining) module, including tm.plugin.sentiment.

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Characteristics of B2B unicorn ideas. Varying characteristics There are also many non-essential characteristics that vary among the sample group: Market Dynamics: Attacking a new market (or overlooked market)Market Dynamics: Entering a highly competitive marketEnabled by a trend/changeFocusing on tech “invention”Obvious value propositionClear path to marketNo strong buyer powerNo strong supplier powerUnfair advantageMixed models (B2C2B, B2B2C) These characteristics vary between the companies so it seems that none are necessary characteristics.

Characteristics of B2B unicorn ideas

Some of the surprising and interesting ones might be nr 4, 7, 10 and 11. Market Dynamics/Competition.

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