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Ultrasonic 3D fingerprint sensor to bring truly secure biometrics to smartphones. It’s no dramatic hyperbole to suggest that the automotive industry is destined to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 100.

Ultrasonic 3D fingerprint sensor to bring truly secure biometrics to smartphones

For a century, cars have consisted of a reasonably simple combination of four wheels, engine, steering system and pilot. Human and mechanics. But the introduction of GPS technology alongside infrared and radar scanning, high definition cameras and, most importantly, the processing tech to stitch it all together has resulted in a truly disruptive game changer: the autonomous car. Google, for instance, has chalked up over 700,000 autonomous miles in their (totally coincidentally) smiley faced, unthreatening driverless car, and this January Audi made a big fuss about driving the 569 miles from San Francisco to this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas in an autonomous A7.

Volvo are running a scheme where 100 new owners will drive 50km of roads around Gothenburg autonomously in their new XC90s. Unexpected dangers of a driverless world.


News from India on Technology, Electronics, Computers, Open Source & more: EFYTIMES.COM. Hacking - Beginning txt. PASSWORD HACKING. Need to hack someone’s Facebook password?


Well, you’re at the right place! In this post I’ll show you some of the possible ways to hack Facebook password. Also, at the end of this post, I will be discussing Read More This post will show you how to hack Windows administrator password at times when you forget it or when you want to gain access to a computer for which you do not know the password. Read More. Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects. MajorGeeks.Com - MajorGeeks. Computer Hacking. How to Hide Files in JPEG Pictures. If you’re looking to hide files on your PC hard drive, you may have read about ways to encrypt folders or change the attributes on a file so that they cannot be accessed by prying eyes.

How to Hide Files in JPEG Pictures

However, a lot of times hiding files or folders in that way requires that you install some sort of software on your computer, which could then be spotted by someone else. I’ve actually written quite a few articles on how you can hide files and folders in Windows XP and Vista before, but here I’m going to show you a new way to hide files that is very counter-intuitive and therefore pretty safe! Using a simple trick in Windows, you can actually hide a file inside of the JPG picture file! Ophcrack. MightyOhm. The Dino-Lite Pro AM4113T 1.3MP Handheld Digital Microscope is a surprisingly handy tool for inspecting all sorts of fine details at home and on the road.


The small size and light weight are ideal for travel. I keep this microscope along with several other tools in my “go box” of electronics supplies for overseas travel. Dino-Lite offers a wide variety of digital microscopes with a similar basic design to the AM4113T but varying resolution and other features. This particular model is not cheap ($399), but the extra resolution and features of the “Premier” series scopes are handy. (which I have not used myself but gets generally positive reviews). CRN. Free IT Community, Help Desk, and Network Monitoring - Spiceworks. How to Supercharge Your Router with DD-WRT. Community.spiceworks. Neetecno. Neoteo » Tecnología, todos los días.

All the demoscene on a web TV ! Own3d – Video game ownage. Free Android apps & games download. Android Apps, Download APK, Android Applications, Android APK. MultiROM - How to Install Multiple ROMS on Nexus 5! - Dual Boot ~ Android Rootz. Check out the video below!

MultiROM - How to Install Multiple ROMS on Nexus 5! - Dual Boot ~ Android Rootz

Follow the video guide above to learn how to install multiple ROMS on the Nexus 5! Note: Your Nexus 5 needs to be rooted, follow this guide.MultiROM Manager app for the Nexus 5 allows you to easily install multiple custom ROMS on your device. The only requirement is that your Nexus 5 needs to be rooted and the application will take care of the other work to get it all up and running. Once the installation is complete you can go into TWRP > Advanced > MultiROM to go ahead and add, remove, rename, and mess with other options for the ROMS. Having the ability to install multiple custom ROMS on your Nexus 5 has a lot of benefits, but also some drawbacks.

Download MultiROM Manager app from the Playstore using the link below. Regency Technologies – Asset Management, Recycling and Sales. El androide libre: Aplicaciones Android, juegos, noticias sobre el SO móvil de Google, Nexus, Samsung, root y mucho más. [Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.0 [Updated 12/26/13] Unlocking, rooting, relocking and unrooting simplified!

[Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.0 [Updated 12/26/13]

(and much more!) VERSION 2.1.4 - This program will automatically bring together all the files you need to unlock and root your device in a few clicks, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. The best tech products, smartphone reviews, and other tech reviews. Techcitement* Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET. - Fast, Friendly, Free Computer Help and Support; Trusted. Free Downloads.

Kotaku - The Gamer's Guide. CIO. Computerworld - IT news, features, blogs, tech reviews, career advice. TechRepublic - A Resource for IT Professionals. 24/7 Tech Commentary & Analysis. New and Emerging Technology News. AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter. How-To Geek - For Geeks, By Geeks. Icrontic. Technology News And Reviews. Elementary OS: Linux para usuarios con buen gusto. Aunque la gran variedad de opciones, es precisamente una de las ventajas de la libertad del software libre, no puede negarse, que a veces una selección tan grande puede resultar abrumadora.

elementary OS: Linux para usuarios con buen gusto

Una costumbre bastante arraigada entre los usuarios de Linux, es la de cambiar de distro como de ropa interior. Puede que muchos estén contentos con su sistema actual, pero aparece un nuevo plato en el menú y todos quieren probarlo. Algunos con el sincero objetivo de contribuir con su feedback a un nuevo proyecto; otros solo por curiosidad y entusiasmo.

Y, otros menos sensatos solo para terminar diciendo "mi distro es mejor". Tal vez este tipo de cosas fragmenten el estado de Linux más y más, y por la falta de una experiencia unificada, el sistema nunca ha terminado de despegar por completo. Un Linux vanidoso Comencé a usar elementary OS por pura "vanidad digital". Aunque a simple vista a muchos puede parecerles que elementary OS "copia" todo su diseño de OS X. No se puede complacer a todo el mundo. MakeUseOf. Neowin - Where unprofessional journalism looks better. Android News & Rumors. Books News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - io9. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

How to find someones IP address. Ver información de mi IP: - Geo IP Tool. What Is My IP Address At - Whois, My IP, & Free Tools! Game system requirements. - Best Software, eBooks and Tutorial Portal.