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Possessive adjectives. Exercises - Possessive Adjectives. APRENDETE LOS ADJETIVOS MÁS USADOS EN INGLÉS. Adjectives (English/Spanish) PICTURE DICTIONARY. Adjectives: Identify the Adjective - An English-Zone.Com Quiz. Adjective Order. Basic English Adjectives. Adjective Lesson Plan,English Adjectives Activity,Order Exercises,Examples,Lessons.

English Adjectives for Describing Physical Appearance - Vocabulary for Talking About How People Look. Attractive - a person who is very good looking. (men and women). Attractive is a word you might use to describe someone who is very nice to look at, but who is not stunningly beautiful or strikingly handsome. Example sentence: - "Princess Diana was a very attractive woman.

" bald - As soon as possible. A.S.A.P. is an informal expression that is used to indicate when things need to be done really quickly. In England, people sometimes use the shortened version of the expression to make requests in face-to-face situations as well. Example sentence: - "Could you finish that report for me today, please? Beautiful - abbreviation for the English preposition 'before'. Online chat abbreviation for the English word 'before', a word we often use to talk about things that happened earlier than other events. We also use the word 'before' to talk about things we expect to happen sooner than other future events that are likely.

Blonde - textspeak for the expression 'bye for now'. Curvy - by the way. Personality adjectives. Exercise on English Adjectives. Likes and dislikes.