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We take care of all your truck upholstery needs from our Melbourne factory

Rae Line Design. Gymnastics Sports Padding - Rae-Line. Gymnasts train hard to perfect the fitness and skills required to perform at their best.

Gymnastics Sports Padding - Rae-Line

It is important that they are supported with the best gymnastics equipment. When things don’t go quite as planned the need for sports padding, be it gymnastics mats, landing mats, crash mats, or foam pits in the right place to the right specification is high. With many projects completed all over the world, the Rae-Line team is well positioned to supply you standard gymnastics mats and padding or help you develop the exact gymnastics padding components you need. Rae-Line’s team of industrial designers, engineers and upholsterers will utilise quality materials like EVA closed cell foam, PE polyethylene, PS (polystyrene), and PU polyurethane open cell foam along with carefully selected and tested fabrics to craft the best gymnastics mats for our valued customers.

Don’t take the risk when it comes to creating a safe and fun training and learning environment. Don’t see what you want here? Where To Find The Best Gymnastics Mats in Australia. Industrial Sewing Services in Melbourne and Brisbane. A Leading Supplier Of Gymnastics Mats In Australia. Get your Ninja Kit - Gymnastics - Rae-Line.

Use of Bouldering Pads. Rae-Line at the Austech Trade Show. Platinum Sponsor – Rae-Line. Company Overview: With over 43 years in business, Rae-Line is the Australian market leader and specialist in the design and manufacture of commercial upholstery for some of the biggest names in the automotive, heavy transport, marine and action sports industries.

Platinum Sponsor – Rae-Line

In line with our customers’ demands we have developed and grown our product base and we have earned a trusted reputation for producing the highest quality products, on time every time, at value for money. Rae-Line is one of the leading commercial upholstery, sports and safety padding specialists in Australia. Main Kinds of Car Seat Upholstery in the Market. The Leading Provider Of Protective Sports Floor Padding In Australia. Factors to Consider Before Buying Bouldering Pads.

In every climber’s life, there will be a time when he/she wakes up in the morning and just wishes to buy a bouldering pad.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bouldering Pads

Brands are aware of this fact and use this information to design as many kinds of bouldering pads as possible. The market is filled with so many options that any decent person can get easily overwhelmed. This dilemma is particularly true for new climbers. However, the search doesn’t have to be so difficult. The needs of every individual are different. Let’s take a look at the common factors that need to be kept in mind before buying the perfect crash mat Australia. Rae Line ACTIVITY centre sports padding solutions. A Brief Guide to Trampoline Pad. Trampolines are great for recreational and sporting activities.

A Brief Guide to Trampoline Pad

Using trampolines can be fun, but without adequate safety measures, users may be at risk of injuries of all kinds- minor or major. It is important to install trampoline safety pads. Perfect Guide for A Perfect Start to Fitness Centre. Top Facts about Commercial Upholstery. Posted by katepring on February 20th, 2020 Upholstery is a special skilled trade that involves the art of creating and restoring furniture using quality details like webbing, padding, coil springs, channels, topstitching, diamond tufting, etc.

Top Facts about Commercial Upholstery

In the case of high-end items, upholsterers may choose leather or designer fabrics. Commercial upholstery is a kind of upholstery work catering to businesses. Their examples are bar stools, dining chairs, and booth seats for restaurants. Main Kinds of Car Seat Upholstery in the Market. Roll out gym mats. Why Should Gymnastic Centres Invest In Roll Out Gym Mats?

Roll out gym mats

The gymnasts train hard for perfecting the skills required for performing the best. Training helps in keeping them fit. It is important for the gymnasts that the best gymnastics equipment supports them. Sports padding such as gymnastic mats, landing mats, crash mats, and foam pits help when things don’t go as planned. Get your Ninja Kit Gymnastics Rae Line. Tips for Safety in Bouldering and Use of Bouldering Pads. One of the primary reasons for injury during climbing walls or bouldering is lack of training.

Tips for Safety in Bouldering and Use of Bouldering Pads

Many kids are eager to begin climbing and cut short their training sessions. At the same time, the training of climbers may not be enough. Even the well-trained climbers are involved in accidents if they do not adhere to rules. The staff of the bouldering facility must closely supervise all climbing activity to ensure enforcing of rules and that climbers are doing safe climbing. Apart from human error, faulty equipment is a safety risk. Following are some basic safety tips for the sport of bouldering: Supervision: All bouldering activities must be supervised by trained and experienced staff at all times.

Training: Before any climbing activity starts, all participants must be trained thoroughly. Know the Limits: Avoid climbing higher than the limit. "Why Should Gymnastic Centres Invest In Roll Out Gym Mats?" What Materials Suit Car Seat Upholstery? The upholstery of car seats makes use of a few fabrics in multiple forms for creating the perfect product.

What Materials Suit Car Seat Upholstery?

Factors like resistance to moisture and temperatures, fabric design, personal taste, and durability are all crucial. Whether for a sleek electric car from Tesla or a renovated Ford Model T, car fabrics are wide in choice. The interior of a car is the next highly attractive part of a car apart from the outer appearance of a car. The elegance of car upholstery contributes to the value of a car, which is why several car owners are interested in the material made use in producing their car seats. 5 Incredible Benefits of Upholstery Vinyl in Melbourne for Commercial Usage. The upholstery has several commercial usages, and it is important to pick the right fabric for upholstery so that the wear and tear can be reduced.

5 Incredible Benefits of Upholstery Vinyl in Melbourne for Commercial Usage

When we say commercial it is obvious that the usage is more. Thus, it is important to protect the upholstery from damage such as spills, cuts, and fading. Vinyl has emerged as one of the best options when it comes to commercial, upholstery. 5 Incredible Benefits of Upholstery Vinyl in Melbourne for Commercial Usage. Types of Sports Padding For Your Sports Centre. If you are an avid sportsperson or gym enthusiast who trains frequently, you must have observed padding either on floors, walls or for divisions.

Types of Sports Padding For Your Sports Centre

During practice, there is a constant risk of getting injured, which is why the padding comes into the picture. It reduces the chances of injury such as knocks, bruises, and even more serious ones like a concussion. Thus, every sports or gym facility needs padded walls and floors. All That You Need To Know About Gymnastics Sports Padding. Uses And Benefits of Customised Car Seat Covers.

Car seat covers are needed for protecting car seats. They are available in multiple sizes and colours to match any make or model of cars. These seat covers not only protect the seats of your car but also provide comfort during travel. Regularly maintaining the car keeps it in tiptop shape. 6 Benefits of Indoor Sports Floor Padding. Sports activities come with their own risks for the athlete.

Whether it is while playing the sport or practicing for the same, they are always vulnerable to getting injured. The indoor sports activities and gymnastic sessions need safe walls and flooring so that the athletes can remain safe and avoid injuries. Injuries can affect the form and game of the athlete, which is not positive for them. Commercial & Industrial Sewing Services Brisbane & Melbourne.

Why Does The Gym Floor Need Padding? Types of Upholstery in Melbourne You Can Get. By definition, the term upholstery refers to the process of giving furniture, springs, webbing and padding with leather covers or durable fabric. It is a skilled and specialized trade that involves the art of restoring or crafting, with high-quality details such as padding, top-stitching, diamond tufting, webbing, channels, coil springs, etc. For high-end items, upholsterers may opt for leather or brands of designer fabric.

In modern times, faux leather, cotton padding, foam, Dacron and other synthetic materials have replaced straw, hair and animal hair. The customers can choose between commercial upholstery Melbourne and residential upholsteries. Attracting a New Market to Your Gymnastics Facility. Our team have recently had a few exciting conversations with venue owners that have managed to add ninja to their program and drawn in a new customer group. Great to hear that the changes have brought in new customers not stolen participants from other programs they were already running. The Rae-Line team have created kits that can be used to quickly bring Ninja into your facility.

The ‘Starter kit’ for the little ones and the ‘Master kit’ for the older and more advanced. The new programs while attractive to both girls and boys has had a significant impact on bringing in the boys. With boys exiting gymnastics earlier than girls this may assist in keeping that market engaged for longer. How effective sports wall padding ensure safety in gymnastics and other hard-core sports? How effective sports wall padding ensure safety in gymnastics and other hard-core sports?

Choosing the perfect fabric for upholstery can be an exciting process. Patterns, colours and textures can add finishing touches and add to the cohesive feeling of a well-designed space. The risks in the upholstery project reduce when you have trusted partners like Rae-Line who specialise in commercial upholstery and industrial sewing Brisbane, designing upholstery projects for office furniture, restaurant furniture, medical furniture and other commercial projects.

The experts help you select the right fabric based on your needs. However, here are a few things to consider before selecting upholstery fabric. Durability:The upholstery you decide on may need an incredible style, but if it is not durable, then you’ll barely get enough out of it. One-Stop Solution for Ensuring Safety in Gymnastics. In sports, safety is a top priority. What Types of Sports Padding Do Gymnasts Need? Here is why Vinyl is Such an Amazing Upholstery Material. Since the vinyl fabric is strong and sturdy, you will generally find it in restaurants and areas that receive high traffic. And there are so many different patterns from which you can choose that you will easily find something to suit your needs. Bouldering Solutions - Rae-Line. Here Are the Benefits You Can Reap by Opting for Gym Floor Padding. If you own a gymnasium facility, then it would be wise of you to get it nicely padded. After all, this is the place where people train.

Top Types of Gym Floor Padding. Gymnasts do hard training to perfect skills and finesse for performing at their best. Commercial Fabric and Foam Cutting - Rae-Line. Rae-Line GYMNASTICS Sports Padding Solutions. Tips to Find Choose the Right Upholstery for Your Office. Finding the right upholstery can be quite a challenging task, especially for your office space. But, there are a few things you need to consider in order to strike the best deal in the market. When you buy upholstery, you will have to keep the fabric in mind. The right material will be inviting and very comfortable in varying degrees of temperatures. Make sure that the fabric you choose also goes with the overall setting of your workplace. Keep the following tips in mind when you are considering the material of your Melbourne upholstery.

Rae-Line Design - Manufacture and Install Commercial Upholstery. Thinking of Getting Your Furniture Re-Upholstered? Here Are some Reasons That Necessitate It. Let’s first understand what’s reupholstering. Reupholstering is basically the process in which furniture, transport seating, lounges and so forth get freshly upholstered. Now, you must be wondering what makes people reupholster items. Actually, there is no single reason behind this; different people go for it for different reasons. So, here we will discuss about the reasons that make people go for re-upholstering. Tips to Find Choose the Right Upholstery for Your Office. Rae-line in Melbourne Upholstery. What upholstery is exactly and what processes are involved if you need Melbourne upholstery? Upholstery is providing seats, with springs, foams, padding, leather covers etc. Rae-Line: The Best Company For Gymnastics Sports Padding.

The Importance of Padding in the Game of Bouldering. Sporting clubs and facilities demand a lot from their padding. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sports Padding. Rae-Line Offering The Best Commercial Upholstery Solutions In Australia. Rae-Line Offering The Best Commercial Upholstery Solutions In Australia. Safety Equipment Employed in Sports. Rae-Line: A Destination for Best Padding Solutions. Avoid Accidental Crash Landing with Bouldering Pads. Why Should You Transition To Machine Cutting Today? How to Choose Commercial Upholstery? Commercial Upholstery Melbourne - Rae Line – Infographic by Rock Ward. Gymnastics Sports Padding. The Importance of Crash Pads while Bouldering – Ray Ban Outlet UK. Give an Excellent & Safe Experience with Qualitative Upholstery – Rae-Line. Here Is Why You Should Go for Corner Safety Padding – Rae-Line. Commercial Upholstery & Re-Upholstery: How to choose the right upholstery for your office?

Use the Key of Upholstery for Better Outcomes. Use the Key of Upholstery for Better Outcomes. Create Safety In Your Space With Rae-Line. Commercial & Industrial Sewing Australia. How to Choose an Efficient Sewing Company for Commercial Purposes. Rae-Line: A Destination For Commercial Upholstery And Safety Padding Solutions. Rae-Line Promises Quality In Commercial Upholstery, Sports And Safety Padding! Never Mess with Upholstery. How to Pick Upholstery for Your Office Room Furniture. Top Options for Flooring of Home Gym. Custom Leather, Vinyl Upholstery in Melbourne. High Quality Upholstery Vinyl in Australia. High Quality Upholstery Vinyl in Australia.

Make You Gym Injury Free By Installing Padded Walls! Commercial Fabric Cutting & Industrial Sewing Services. Christmas Holiday Give Away – Rae-Line. Rae-line Offers Custom Truck Upholstery. Rae-Line Sports Padding at the Fitness Show Sydney 2017. Benefits Of The Services Commercial Upholstery in Melbourne. Discover Dazzling Upholstery in Melbourne. Commercial Upholstery, Re Upholstery in Melbourne. 5 Flooring Materials Used For Fall Protection.

Commercial Upholstery Re Upholstery in Melbourne. 5 Flooring Materials Used For Fall Protection. 5 Flooring Materials Used For Fall Protection. Rae-Line: Providers of the Best Upholstery and Padding Solutions. Important Safety Equipment for Sportsmen. Benefits of Re upholstery: Everything You Ever Wanted to know. Gym Floor Mats, Wall, Corner Padding. Follow Rae-Line on Facebook. Why Do You Need to Invest in Fabric Upholstery in Australia? The Best Quality Floor Mat in Australia. Commercial Upholstery, Re Upholstery in Melbourne. Commercial Upholstery, Re Upholstery in Melbourne.